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九年级英语上册 Unit 1 The changing world.Topic 3 The world has changed for the better(第2课时)

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Unit1 Topic 3 The world has changed for the better. . Section B P19-20



1.进一步学习现在完成时中延续性动词与for及since 引导的时间状语的搭配使用。 2. 讨论社会福利措施,反映社会正在日益进步。

模块一:温故知新 模块二:自主学习 (独立进行)预时20分钟(Self-study & Self-exploration)


模块三:交流研讨 (小组交流、合作、展示)预时35分钟 (Cooperation ,Exploration &Show) 模块四:教师精讲(预时7分钟,认真听讲并记录要点)


模块五:当堂训练(预时20分钟) 一、根据首字母或汉语提示完成句子。

1. If a girl works in an office, working for another person, answering telephones, typing and so

on, we call her s__________.

2. The boy is badly hurt. A nurse is cleaning the w____________. 3. When a f___________ breaks out, we should call 119 at once.

4. We try our best to help the students _________ __________ (在贫困之中).

5. All the farmers are pleased with the ____________ ____________ (医疗) in China.


1. ---He is a ________(秘书) of this big company.

--Great! He has been away from the ______(军队)only for one year.

2.Our government is trying his best to help those people ____ ____ (处于困境之中)to make them live better.

3.There is a girl waiting _________ (在楼下) in the hall.

4. Most animals are afraid of _________(火).

5.He has stayed at home for a week because of his leg ___________(伤口).

6. He remembered passing her on the ____________(楼梯).

7. The exam results went up on the ____________(公告).

8. He is a son of a __________(渔夫),and he is also an ______________(工程师) in an excellent computer company.


( ) 1. The film ____ for fifteen minutes when I get to the cinema.

A. started B. has started C. start D. has been on

( ) 2.My father ___ the Party since we came here.

A. has been a member of B. joined C .has joined D. join

( ) 3. ---Do you remember when flood ___ in her hometown? ---Yes, last summer?

A. carried out B. worked out C. broke out D. took out

( ) 4. The school _____ the students ____ delicious food .The students feel very happy.

A. provide; to B. provides; of C. provides; with D. provides;


( ) 5. Thought he ___ for many years, I can’t forget the first time we met.

A. died B. has died C. has been dead D. is dead

( ) 6.The boy always feels good about _____.

A. he B. his C. him D. himself

( ) 7. ---Oh, you’re late again. The film _____ for twenty minutes. ---What a pity! A. has begun B. began C. has been on D. have been on

( ) 8.The old photo makes me _____ my childhood.

A. think of B. think over C. thinking of D. thinking over

( )9.I must go home now. I have been away from home____.

A. since 9 o’clock B. for two hours ago C. for 9 o’clock D. at 9 o’clock

( ) 10.I think _____ is necessary _____him the news.

A. that; to tell B. this; telling C. it; to tell D. it; tell

( ) 11.The government helped the _____ people build the house.

A. disable B. disabled C. homely D. homeless


Each nation has many people who help to take care of others. For example, some high school and


college students in the U.S.A. often spend many hours as volunteers in the hospitals, orphanages (孤儿院) or rest homes. They read books to the people in these places, or they just visit them and play games with them or listen to their problems.

Other young volunteers go and work in the homes of people who are sick or old. They paint, clean up or repair their houses, do their shopping or mow (割,修剪) their lawns. For boys who no longer have fathers, there is an organization called Big Brothers. College students and some other men take these boys to baseball games or fishing trips and help them get to know things that boys usually learn from their fathers.

Each city has a number of clubs where boys and girls can go to play games. Some of these clubs show films or organize short trips to the mountains or some places of interest. Most of these clubs use a lot of high school and college students as volunteers because they are young enough to know the problems and needs of young boys and girls.

Volunteers believe that some of the happiest people in the world are those who help to bring happiness to others.

根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F)。 ( )1.In America, it takes most of high school and college students little time to be volunteers

in hospitals, orphanages or rest homes.

( )2 .Some young volunteers can go and play in the homes of people who are sick or old.

( )3.If a boy has no father, he can get to know things that boys usually learn from their fathers

in an organization called Big Brothers.

( )4.Most of the clubs don’t like to use the high school and college students as volunteers because

they’re too young to remember anything.

( )5.If you bring happiness to others, you will feel happy too.


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