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九年级英语上册 Unit 1 The changing world.Topic 3 The world has changed for the better Section C

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课题 Unit1 Topic3 The world has changed for the better. Section C 21-22






1. If we have some s__________ after graduation, we can find jobs easily.

2. Everybody mustn’t take d____________, or he will lose his friends, his family and even his life. 3. --Do you know what the p___________ of learning English is? ---Sorry, I can’t say anything for sure.


4. If that street boy wants to live a happy life like other kids, he shouldn’t s___________ things. He should try to learn skills.


( ) 1. My parents are very_____ me _____ my study.

A. strict in; with B. strict with; in C. strict at; in D. strict on; with

( ) 2.You’d better speak aloud _____ we can hear you.

A. so that B. as C. as if D. since

( ) 3.Sorry, you have to leave our factory because you _______ our rules.

A. obeyed B. disobeyed C. have obeyed D. have disobeyed ( ) 4.We have been in the school ______ three years ago and Mrs. Lee has taught us English ___ three years. A. since; since B. for; since C. since; for D. for; for

( )5.Were you _____ the task?

A. success in finishing B. successful in finishing C. successful to finish D. succeeded in finishing

( ) 6. ---Have you ever _____ anything? ---No, never.

A. stolen B. stole C. steals D. steal

( ) 7.If _____disobeys the school rules, he will be punished(惩罚).

A. all B. both C. anybody D. somebody


1. 当我培训结束的时候,我的能力将会有很大提高。

When I ________ my _______, my ability will improve a lot.

2. 这个计划给了他们一个学习的好机会。

The project gives them _______ ________ _______ ______ study.

3. 它很有名,是因为它在为人们提供良好的医疗方面做得很成功。

It’s famous for its success in ________ _________ _________ _________ for people.


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