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九年级英语上册 Unit 2 Saving the earth.Topic 1 Pollution causes too many problems Section A讲学稿

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Unit 2 Saving the earth.Topic 1 Pollution causes too many problems

Section A讲学稿(无答案)


模块二:自主学习 (独立进行)预时20分钟(Self-study & Self-exploration)


模块三:交流研讨 (小组交流、合作、展示)预时35分钟 (Cooperation ,Exploration &Show)






1.The fish smells terrible. It has g__________ bad. 2. We call a small narrow river a s_____________.

3.We have a lot of work to do every day. We are as busy as a b__________..

4.Please b__________ deeply if you feel nervous.

5.The river isn’t clear now because the factory has p___________ much w_________ water into it.

6.Playing computer games too much can i_________ your study.


( ) 1. Reading in bed is harmful ______ our eyes. A. at B. to C. in D. on

( ) 2.Kangkang said he _______ bees dancing here in the future.

A. will see B. see C. sees D. would see ( ) 3. We _____ it with our noses. A. smell B. look C. sound D. taste

( ) 4. ______ pollution can cause trouble. A. Much too B. Too much C. Few D. Too many

( ) 5. Oh, ______! You’ve made so many mistakes.

A. bad luck B. my goodness C. I hope not D. of course

( ) 6. Time is knowledge, and time is money; don’t _____ it, please.

A. influence B. influences C. wasted D. waste ( ) 7. We’re too tired. Let’s go out and _____ the fresh air. A. breathe B. breath C. to breathe D. to breath

( ) 8.The government has done ____ to stop the pollution, so the air becomes fresh again.

A. useful something B. nothing C. something useful D. anything useful

( ) 9.Don’t let me _____ your decision. You should make it all by yourself.

A. cause B. reach C. influence D. get

( ) 10. Too much sweet food is ______ to your health. You’d better have more vegetables and fruits.

A. friendly B. harmful C. useful D. important

( ) 11. –The teacher asked me to hand in our exercise books to her after class.

-- ______ I left mine at home.

A. Forget it! B. Oh, my goodness! C. Don’t mention it! D. Good luck!

( ) 12. He says he _______ Shanghai twice.

A. have been to B. has been in C. have been in D. has been to

( ) 13. I saw Jack ____ soccer there when I walked past the playground. A. to play B. playing C. played D. play


When you go shopping ,people in the shop give you at least one plastic bag to carry what you’ve bought. They are so common that we don’t often give them a second thought. There may come a time when plastic shopping bags are no longer used.

A small town called Coles Bay, in Tasmania, an island off the south coast of mainland Australia, is making itself an environmental role model by becoming the country’s first plastic bag-free town.

Every year Australians use more than 6 billion plastic bags. More than a half of these come from supermarkets. Since it takes years for the bags to biodegrade(生物分解),tens of millions of them end up pollution the environment. They kill about 100 000 sea-birds and animals every year, because the sea-birds and animals mistake the bags for food.

Pollution caused by plastic bags is a big headache for countries all over the world. In China’s capital alone, an average(平均的)of 6 billion plastic bags are used every single day.

( )1. When you go shopping in a store, you can often get _______.

A. free food B. free drink C. plastic bags to carry things D. bags of goods

( )2. Coles Bay is becoming an environmental role model town because _______.

A. it is very beautiful B. it lies on a beautiful island

C. people can go there freely D. people there refuse to use plastic bags to protect the environment

( )3. Every year over ______ plastic bags are used in Australia.

A. 60 000 B. 600 000 C. 6 000 000 D. 6 000 000 000

( )4. Many sea-birds and animals are killed by plastic bags every year because _______.

A. they have nothing to eat but plastic bags B. they eat plastic bags by mistake

C. people feed them plastic bags D. there’s something smelly inside them

( )5. Which of the following is TRUE according to this passage ?


A.Plastic bag pollution is a big problem only in Australia and China.

B.Only in small towns should plastic bags be stopped from using.

C.It will take many years for the plastic bags to biodegrade. D.Every year China uses as many plastic bags as Australia.


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