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Unit 12

What did you do last weekend?
Section B

Let’s chant!
Do, did! What did you do last weekend? Go, went! I went to the beach.

Stay, stayed! He stayed at home.
Practice, practiced! We practiced English.

What did you do last weekend? I played soccer. / We went to the beach. What did she do last weekend? She did her homework. What did he do last weekend? He went to the movies. What did they do last weekend? They played tennis. How was your weekend? It was great./It was OK./It wasn’t very good.

What did you do last weekend? I studied geography. How was your weekend? It wasn’t very good.

What did you do last weekend? We had a picnic. How was your weekend?

It was wonderful.

What did you do last weekend? We had a birthday party . How was your weekend? It was excellent.

What did you do last weekend? We played basketball. How was your weekend?

It was exciting.

What did you do last weekend? I played pingpong. How was your weekend?

It was great.

What did you do last weekend? I cleaned the classroom. How was your weekend?

It was good.

1a. Here are some things that Sally and Jim did yesterday. Match the activities with the pictures.

1.____ sang and played the guitar d 2.____ studied for a test c 3.____ had dinner with friends f 4.____ went to the library e 5.____ flew a kite a 6.____ swam in a swimming pool b

1b. Are these activities fun or not fun? Draw a happy face ? or an unhappy ? under each picture.
had dinner with friends

flew a kite






studied for a test

went to the library

swam in a swimming pool

sang and played the guitar

1c. Listen. What did Sally and Jim do last weekend? Complete the chart.

did her homework sang and played the guitar ___________________ __________________________

flew a kite in the park studied for a test ___________________ _________________________
went to the library had dinner with his friends ___________________ ___________________________

1d. Make a conversation with a partner. Talk about what Sally and Jim did last weekend.

1e. Make a conversation . Ask what your partner did last weekend.

2a. What kinds of animals are people sometimes afraid of? Why? Make a list. Example:
1. I think spiders are scary_______ some of because them are poisonous. 2. Well, I think sharks are scary_______ they because can bite and kill people. 3. I think spiders are scary_______ they look because horrible.

2b. Read about Lisa’s weekend and answer the questions.
1. How was Lisa’s last weekend? 2. Where did Lisa and her family go last weekend? 3. How did Lisa feel when she saw the snake? 4. What did Lisa and her sister do? 5. What did their parents do? Why did they do that? 6. What lesson did Lisa learn from the weekend?

A Weekend to Remember
My sister finished high school two weeks ago. As a special gift, our parents took us to India. Last weekend was interesting but scary. We went camping in a small village in India. First, we took a long bus rid

e to a lake in the countryside. There we put up our tents and made a fire to keep us warm and cook food on. On the first night, we just sat under the moon and told each other stories. But I was so tired that I went

to sleep early. The next morning, my sister and I got a terrible surprise. When we looked out of our tent, we saw a big snake sleeping near the fire. I was so scared that I couldn’t move. We shouted to our parents to let them know about the danger. My dad started to jump up and down in their tent. This woke the snake up and it moved into the forest near the lake. My dad told me later that snakes don’t have ears but can feel things moving. He also told me it was important not to go near a snake. This was a very useful lesson for me.

1. It was interesting but scary. 2. They went to a small village in India. 3. She was so scared that she couldn’t move. 4. They shouted to their parents. 5. Her father jumped up and down to scare the snake. 6. Don’t go near snakes./ Snakes can’t hear but can feel movements.

2c. Put the phrases in order according to the passage. Then use them to retell the story.
____ snake went into the forest 6 ____ put up our tents and cooked food 2

____ learned a useful lesson 8
____ saw a snake and shouted to parents for help 4

____ snakes can’t hear but can feel things moving 7

5 ____ my dad jump up and down in his tent
____ took a bus to a small village in India 1

3 ____ told stories under the moon, then went to sleep

3a. Look at the picture and complete the passage.

I had a busy weekend. On Saturday morning, l _________________. In the afternoon, I _______ cleaned my room did (my) _________ homework . It was a little different. On Saturday night, I stayed at home and_______________ cook helped my mom dinner. On Sunday morning, I went to the library ________________. I read a book about history. Then in the afternoon, played soccer I ____________ with my friends. On Sunday night, I ___________. I saw an interesting talk show. watched TV

3b. Write about what you did last weekend.
_________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________


Language Points
1. visit my sister 拜访我的姐姐 visit 参观(某地), 拜访(某人) e.g. I visited the factory over the weekend. 在周末我去参观了这家工厂。

2. There we put up tents and made a fire to keep us warm and cook food on. 在那里我们架起帐篷,生火取暖并做饭。 注意固定搭配的用法: put up tents 搭帐篷 made a fire 生火 keep us warm 取暖 cook food on fire 在火上做饭

3. But I was so tired that I went to sleep early. 但是我太累了,所以就早早睡了。 I was so scared that I couldn’t move. 我太害怕了,以至于一动都不敢动。 “ so+形容词+that 句子”,表示“太…以至 于…”如: The soup w

as so delicious that he drank it up. 这汤太美味了,以至于他喝了个精光。

4. It was a little difficult. 那有一点难。 a little “一点儿”, 常用来修饰形容词。 e.g. I was a little late this morning 我今天早上迟了一点。 That was a little dangerous. 那有一点危险。 a little也可用来修饰不可数名词。 e.g. a little cheese 一点奶酪 a little juice 一点儿果汁

little, a little, few, a few little和few表示否定, 意思为 “很少”或“几乎 没有”; a little和a few则表示肯定, 意思为 “有一点, 有一些”。 不过需要注意区别的是: little和 a little修饰不可数名词, few和a few修饰 可数名词。例如:

There is little ink in my bottle, can you give me a little ink? 我的瓶子里没有墨水了, 你能给我点儿 墨水吗? (不可数名词) He has few friends here, he feels lonely. 他这里没朋友,他感觉寂寞。(可数名词) There are a few eggs in the basket. 篮子里有几个鸡蛋。(可数名词)

Write down what Jay Zhou did last month. The beginning is done for you.
Jay Zhou was really busy last month… _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________

The following phrases will help you: acted in a film/held an individual concert did an ad/wrote a new song practiced the piano/made an MTV

Task : Make a Survey
Who had a great weekend?

I think … had a great weekend. Because

on Sunday morning, he …. On Sunday
afternoon, he ….


Ⅰ. 用所给动词的正确形式填空
is 1. Now he _____ (be) in Beijing. But last week he _____ (be) in the USA. was were 2. Tina and Judy _____ (be) happy last weekend. Now they _____ (be) at school. are likes 3. She _____ (like) dogs very much. And she gives it things to eat. did 4. I _____ (do) my homework last Friday. 5. He often ________ (watch) TV at home. watches Of course he ________ (watch) TV last night. watched

Ⅱ. 单项选择
1. --What did they do over the weekend?

--They _________ to a movie. A
A. went A. do, did B. go B. did, did C. gone C. did, do

C 2. What ______ he _____ over the weekend?
3. --How ____ your weekend? A --Not too bad. I stayed home and watched TV. A. was B. were C. is

4. I don’t have _____ bread, but I’d like ____. C A. any, few B. any, few C. any, a little 5. --Can’t you hear ______? A --No, I can hear _______. A. anything, nothing B. anything, something C. something, something A 6. -- How _____ your weekend? -- It ______ great. But I ______ tired (累)now. A. was, was, am B. is, was, was C. is, is, am D. is, is, was

7. --What did you do? B -- I __________. A. play tennis B. played tennis C. study science D. studyed science B 8. I think everyone _____ their weekends. A. enjoy B. enjoys C. like D. liking 9. It is time ______ to school. A A. to go B. go C. goes D. went

D 10. Please don’t ______ your pencil in class. A. play B. played C. played with D. play with 11. --What is your father? C -- He’s a teacher. ______ your father? A. How is B. Where is C. What about D. What D 12. Old Henry watched Wang _______ near his house. A. walked B. walks C. walking D. walk

13. Last month I _____ a new song. C A. write B. writes C. wrote D. to write 14. -- Where _____ you _____ last Monday? B -- I went to the library. A. do; go B. did; go C. does; go D. did; went 15. -- Did you eat _____ in the morning? B -- No, I didn’t eat _____. A. something; anything B. anything; anything C. something; something D. anything; something

16. —I'm going to play basketball after school. What about you? B —________. A. Yes, basketball is very popular. B. Are you? It's so hot! C. I like basketball very much. D. So am I.

17.—Ben, would you like to play football with us? — ________, but I have to wash the dishes D first. (2008重庆市) A. No, I can’t B. I don’t want to C. Yes, please D. I’d like to 18. There’s _____ with my bike, I hurt myself. B (2006河南) A. wrong something B. something wrong C. anything wrong D. wrong anything

C 19. Do you have ______ to tell us? ( 2004哈尔滨) A. something new B. new something C. anything new D. new anything? B 20. I used to earn _________ than a pound a week when I first started work. (2006年陕西) A. Less B. fewer C. a few D. a little

B 21.—When ___ Jessie____ to New York? —Yesterday. A. does; get B. did; get C. has; got D .had; got (2009年湖北省武汉市) 22. —How was your trip to the ancient village? —Fantastic! We____ to a natural museum of strange stones. B A. go B. went C. are going D. will go (2009年湖北省宜昌市)

23. —Have you read a book called Jane Eyre? D —Who________ it? A. writes B. has written C.was writing D. wrote (2009年江苏省苏州市)

1. Tom listened to CDs yesterday.(变否定句) Tom ______ ______ to CDs yesterday. didn’t listen 2. Father slept all day last Monday. (改一般疑问句) Did sleep ______ father ______ all day last Monday? 3. I was very busy last week. (改否定句和一般疑问句) I _______ very busy last week. wasn’t _______ you very busy last week? Were

4. She took the wallet away from the table. (对划线部分提问) Where ___ take _______ did she _____ the wallet away from? 5. Last weekend, she got up very early. (对划线部分提问) When did get ______ ______ she _____ up very early? 6. Jimmy read a book about history yesterday. (对划线部分提问) ______ ______ Jimmy ______ yesterday? What did do

It’s important to arrange weekend reasonably and meaningfully. Everyone should learn how to make full use of time.

1. Write down the healthy and great

weekend you had.

2. Make a plan for your coming weekend.
Let it be healthy!

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