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人教版九年级英语Unit6Self check1-2

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Unit 6 . I like music that I can dance to.
Self check

What kind of music do you like?

I like music __________ that I can dance to. __________ I like music
that I can sing ___________________

along with. ——————————

能跟 着唱

Section 1 :
Before We Read

A:What kind of friends do you prefer to have?

B:I prefer to have a friend who…
These words may help you:

outgoing , listen carefully, like music, like sports , wear cool clothes, knowledgeable , warm-hearted ,confident ,honest...

While we read

Step 1:Read the e-mail quickly and answer
these questions:

1.What is the subject of this email? ________________. Hong Kong 2. Where is Lingling now? _______________________ . Hong Kong 3. Who wrote the email? Lingling ________________.
Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Step 2 Write the questions that
Lingling asks in the email

What language would you like to learn?

What kinds a TV playdo you like? This is of music that …

Question3:______________ What kinds of food do you prefer? ______________ ? Question4:______________an Have you ever seen Indian film? ______________ ? Question5:______________ What kinds of films do you prefer? ______________ ?

Step 3 Answer the following questions about lingling to see if you have understood the email. Homework:

(1)What language might lingling like to learn some? ___________________. English and French (2)Why is Lingling in Hong Kong now?

Because she has six__________________________. month English course in Hong Kong

(3) Which city does Lingling prefer, Hong Kong or Shanghai? Shanghai ____________________. (4) What did she do last night? She went to a ____________________ Chinese music concert. . (5) What kind of music does she prefer? She prefers quiet, ________________________.

traditional music.

Section 3 After We Read

Dear pen pal, I’m having a great time in Hong Kong, although I have to be honest and say that I prefer Shanghai. Still, it’s a great place to visit and I’m lucky to be here for my six-month English course. 我在香港过得很愉快,尽管这样我必须成实 地说我更喜欢上海。但它仍然是一个非常好 地参观的地方并且我很幸运在这儿进行我的 六个月的英语课程。

Some other students are learning French. I might like to learn some too. What languages would you like to learn?
一些学生正在学习法语。我可能也喜欢学一 些。你喜欢学习什么语言?

There’s just so much to see and do here. Last night I went to a Chinese music concert. Most of my friends like loud music that they can dance to. I prefer quiet, traditional music so the concert suited me just fine. What kinds of music do you like?

这儿有很多要看和要做的,昨天我去了中国 音乐会,大多数我的朋友喜欢可以跟着跳舞 的震撼音乐,我更喜欢安静的,传统音乐。 所以这个音乐会较适合我。你喜欢哪种?

Before the concert we we

nt for Italian food. Do you like it? There’re lots of different kinds of food here. I don’t know what to try next. What kinds of food do you prefer?
在音乐会之前我们去吃意大利餐。这儿有很 多不同种类的食物。我不知道下一步 要去吃 什么。你更喜欢哪种事物啊?

My host family is taking me over to an Indian film festival next weekend. I’m not sure what to expect because I’ve never seen an Indian film。

我的寄宿家庭下周将带我去一个印度电影节。 我还没确定要去期待什么因为我从来就没看 过一个印度电影。

Have you? Some people say they’re boring, others say they’re great. What kinds of films do you prefer? Yours, Lingling
你看过吗?一些人说他们很无聊,另外一些 人说他们很棒。你更喜欢哪种电影?

Suppose you are Lingling’s pen pal, please write a reply to her. Your e-mail should include the following six questions.

1. What language would you like to learn? 2. What kinds of music do you like? 3. Do you like Italian food?
4. What kinds of food do you prefer?

5. Have you ever seen an Indian film?
6. What kinds of films do you prefer?

Dear Lingling, I’m glad to hear from you. I went to Hong Kong when I was eleven. It’s a beautiful place. And people there speak Chinese and English. Also, I’d like to learn Chinese and English. Chinese is my mother tongue and English is important in our daily life. You like quiet,traditional music. So do I. I love classical music, too. But I also like pop music. They often make

me happy. I like Italian food, because it’s delicious. But my favorite is Chinese food because it’s not only delicious but also good for our health. I’ve never seen an Indian film. I think it might be interesting I like action movies, because they’re exciting. How about you? Do you enjoy watching action movies? Please write to me soon. Yours, Lucy

Self check

1.I________ classical prefer music to pop music. reminds 2.That man_______ me of my English teacher. They wear the same clothes.

Fill in the blanks with the words given remind can’t stand look for prefer love

3.We are ________ a looking for quiet place to go on vacation.Do you know a good place? 4.I_____ eating ice cream love on a hot day. There’s nothing better. 5.Ican’t stand hamburgers. ______ They make me feel sick.

prefer v. 更喜爱,更喜欢 choose sth rather than sth else; like sth better. (1)prefer + n. e.g. I prefer groups that play quiet and gentle songs. 我更喜欢演唱轻柔音乐的组合。 Jennifer prefers musicians who write their own lyrics.

(2) prefer sth to sth 比…更喜欢… e.g. Which would you prefer, coffee or milk? 咖啡和牛奶,你喜欢哪一个? I prefer milk to coffee. 与咖啡相比,我 更喜欢牛奶。 I prefer walking to cycling. 我喜欢步行, 不喜欢骑自行车。 (3)prefer to do sth 宁愿做某事 e.g. She prefers to be alone at home. 她 宁愿独自


单项选择 (B) 1. I like music that I can dance______. A. with B. toC. along D. on (D) 2. I _____ singing to dancing. A. like B. Enjoy C. love D. prefer (C) 3. He has a friend who ______the piano very well. A. play B. playing C. plays D. played26

(D)4. Though it was late, ______ he went on with his work. A.butB. andC. soD. \ (B)5. We will have a___ holiday after the exam. A.two month B. two - month C. two-months D. two months

1.I can’t stand waiting for you so long __________________ . (等你那么久) 2.My mother is taking me ________________ to Beijing. (将带我去)

3.If you’re __________ looking for entertainment, stay at home and watch.(寻找) 4.That song reminds me of ________ my childhood. (想起了) prefer 5.I ________writing to him _____calling to him.(宁愿而不愿)


1.They had a good time last week. They enjoyed _________ _______ themselves last week. 2.I like singing better than dancing. prefer I________singing ______ to dancing.

3.I like music. The music has great lyrics. I like music that has _____ lyrics ____ ____ great ______. 4. He loves eating food.The food tastes good. He loves eating food that tastes _______. _____ ______ good

5.We will have 5 days’ holiday. a _______ We will have __ five-day holiday. 6.I really don’t know which film I should choose. I really don’t know which film __ _________. to choose

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