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概念:1.在句子中修饰名词或代词,定语从 句 在句中充当定语. 2.定语从句必须有先行词,并尽量靠近先行 词. 3.在定语从句中,关系词在从句中充当成分. 关系代词与关系副词 关系代词:指人:who(主格),whom(宾 格),whose(所有格) 指物:which(主格,宾格),whose(所有格) 指人或物:that 关系副词:when,where,why

关系代词所代替的先行词是人或物的名词或代词,并在句中充当主 语、宾语、定语等成分。关系代词在定语从句中作主语时,从句谓 语动词的人称和数要和先行词保持一致。 1)who, whom, that Is he the man who/that wants to see you? 他就是你想见的人吗?(who/that在从句中作主语) He is the man whom/ that I saw yesterday. 他就是我昨天见的那个人。(whom/that在从句中作宾语) 2) Whose 用来指人或物,(只用作定语, 若指物,它还可以同of which互换), 例如: They rushed over to help the man whose car had broken down. 那人车坏了,大家都跑过去帮忙。 Please pass me the book whose (of which) cover is green. 请 递给我那本绿皮的书。 3)which, that The package (which / that) you are carrying is about to come unwrapped. 你拿的包快散了。(which / that在句中作宾语)

关系副词可代替的先行词是时间、地点或理由的名词,在从句中作 状语。 when, where, why 关系副词when, where, why的含义相当于"介词+ which"结构, 因此常常和"介词+ which"结构交替使用,例如: Beijing is the place where (in which) I was born. 北京是我的出 生地。 Is this the reason why (for which) he refused our offer? 这就 是他拒绝我们帮助他的理由吗? 准确判断先行词在定语从句中的成分(主、谓、宾、定、状),也能 正确选择出关系代词/关系副词。 1. Is this museum ___ you visited a few days age? A. where B. that C. on which D. the one 2. Is this the museum ____ the exhibition was held. A. where B. that C. on which D. the one

不用that的情况 介词后不能用。 We depend on the land from which we get our food. We depend on the land that/which we get our food from. 只能用that作为定语从句的关系代词的情况 a) 在there be 句型中,只用that,不用which。 b) 在不定代词,如:anything, nothing, the one, all, much, few, any, little等作先行词时,只用that,不用which。 c) 先行词有the only, the very修饰时,只用that。 d) 先行词为序数词、数词、形容词最高级时,只用that。. e) 先行词既有人,又有物时。

? 1.This is the story____ you are interested in. ? 2.The boy ____ lost his bike is very sad . ? 3.The room _____ we stayed in last time was much worse than this one . ? 4.My aunt works in a university ____ has over five thousand students. ? 5.Lucy can’t eat food ____ has chocolate in it .

6.He remembered everything ____ his m

other said . 7.Who is the man ____ is reading the newspaper. 8.Do you know the girl ____hair is red ? 9.All ____ you have done has nothing to do with your lessons. 10.He lives in the village in front of ____ there is a river.

? 11.Lucy is the most beautiful girl ____I have ever seen . ? 12.I can remember the people and some pictures ____I saw in the room. ? 13.The one ___ cost a thousand dollars is lost . ? 14.This is the place ___he works . ? 15.This is the place ____ we visited.

?16.I was the only person in my office ___ was invited. ?17.This is the room in ____ Lu Xun lived. ?18.He has a daughter , ____works in a hospital . ?19.The clock is the one _____ tells the time. ?20.Look at these flowers .You can see the two___ you gave me.

? 8. 单项选择。 ? 1.The silk ___ is made in Hangzhou sells well. A. that B. who C. what D. / ? 2.The man ____ today left this message for you . A. called B. has called C. whom called D. who called ? 3.Do you live near the building ___ color is yellow? A. that B. which C. Whose D. its ? 4.He helped his father on the farm ____ they lived. A. which B. that C. when D. where ? 5.I’m one of the boys _____ never late for school . A. that is B. who is C. who are D. who am

6.He came into the classroom ___ he would give a speech. A. which B. where C. when D. that 7.We shall always remember these days ____ we live in the country with the farmers , ___has a great effect. A. that ,which B. When ,which C. which ,that D. When ,who 8.Hangzhou , ___ is famous for the West Lake is a beautiful city . A. who B. which C. where D. that 9.In our college ,you can find one of old buildings _____ built in 1966 . A. which B. that C. which was D. that were 10.He found a place ____ he used as his first lab . A. the same B. where C. which D. such


is 1.The boy who ____ (be) wearing the blue coat is very clever . has 2. He hates to drink coffee that _____ (have) milk in it. likes 3.We are looking for a thief who _____ (like) stealing parrots. cost 4.The necklace that ____ (cost) a thousand dollars is lost . moves 5.I’ll shoot anyone who ____ (move) ! 6.The students who are (be) singing ____ are from Class 2.

? 11.合并为含有定语从句的句子。

? 1.The game shows were very interesting . We saw them the night before . ? 2.The plane was late .It was going to Hainan . ? 3.She is the film star . I know her. ? 4.The letter is from my uncle .I received it two hours ago. ? 5.The woman in red is our English teacher . You saw her a moment ago .

? 6.The boy is Jim .The boy is sitting next to Mr Zhao. ? 7.Yesterday I saw a film .The film was directed by Chen Kaige . ? 8.The watch is a birthday present .The watch cost about two hundred yuan . ? 9.Have you finished the homework ? Miss Liu gave us the homework the day before yesterday. ? 10.I still remember the person .The person helped me mend my bike last week.

? 11.Do you know th

e man ?The man is picking up the waste paper. ? 12.Do you like the animal ?The animal looks like a big mouse. ? 13.The girl is very beautiful .The girl is wearing red skirt . ? 14.The book is called “The Great Escape” .My friend gave it to me yesterday. ? 15.The man stole my necklace .He had short hair .

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