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中考对冠词的考查主要集中在以下几点: 1.不定冠词 a, an 的用法区别。 2.定冠词 the 的用法。 3.不用冠词的情况。 4.习惯用语中冠词的用法。 考查冠词的形式一般为单项选择,有时也会在完形填空、完成句子等题中出现。

不定冠词:a 、an强调一个 冠词分类 定冠词:the,强调“那个” 零冠词:不用冠词

不定冠词a 、an的用法
1、泛指,强调“一个” 例 Look,there is a bird in the tree. 2、a / an +名次单数:表示一类人或事物 例 A horse eats grass. 注:The horse eats grass. Horses eat grass. 3 、用于抽象名次或物质名次前,
a strong wind a success /failure 4、固定搭配 in a hurry have a rest/break make a telephone call come to an end(结束 ) give sb a hand= do sb a favor (帮某人一个忙) 例

l)表示特指或上文已提到过的人或物。 eg:The book on the desk is mine. eg: Look,there is a man standing at the gate. Do you know the man? 2)指双方都知道的人或事物。 eg: Did they catch the thief at last? 3)用在世上独一无二的事物名词前。 eg:the sun, the moon, the earth, 特别提示:a full moon

4)用在形容词最高级前。 如:the most beautiful girl. 特别提示:副词最高级前常把the省略 write most carefully 5)用在序数词前,表示“第几” 如:the first lesson 特别提示:the +序数词,表示“第几” a/an+序数词,表示“再一,又一” 如:--I hear Tom is coming.Is it the first time for him to come here? --Yes,and he will come for a second time.

6)用在山脉、江河、海洋、岛等名词前。 如:the Himalaya Mountains, the Yellow River, the Red Sea,etc. 7)用在某些建筑物名词前。 如:the White House, the Great Hall of the People 8) the+姓氏复数,表示“某某一家”或“某某夫妇”。 如:the Greens, the Blacks, 9)用在西洋乐器名词或方位名次前。 如:in the south of China play the piano, play the violin, 特别提示:中国民族乐器,如 Dizi , Erhu前不加the

10)the +形容词,表示一类人, eg, the young, the old 11)In the 1990s 在20世纪90年代 12)The more,the better. The +比较级,the+比较级。越....越.. 13)用于固定词组中:(略)

1) 复数名词或不可数名次前 如:Light travels faster than sound 2)球类棋类活动、学科名词、一日三餐前 如:play soccer/chess , My favorite subject is English. have breakfast/lunch/dinner 特别提示:have a big lunch,have a fast dinner 3) 节日,星期,月份,季节前 如:Mother’s Day In sping/summer.... 特别提示:in the summer of 2012

4)by bus /car/taxi/plane 特别提示 on the bus ,in a car 5)表示独一无二的头衔,职务等名次前 如:He was made president of the USA. 6) 固定搭配 in trouble/dang

er on duty/watch in the habit of

辨析:有无冠词的区别 1)in hospital生病住院 in the hospital在医院 2)go to school go to the school at table at the table in prison in the prison go to church go to the church

go to bed go to the bed

3) in future(从今以后)----------in the future(在将来) 4) in front of---------in the front of

5) next year(明年) the next year(第二年) 6) on earth(究竟) on the earth(在地球上) 7) by sea(乘船) by the sea(在海边) 8) by day(在白天) by the day(按天计算) eg, I get paid by the day 9) out of question 不成问题 out of the question 不可能

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