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Module 1 How to learn English

Words and expressions
send language improve basic watch guess just 发送;寄 语言 提高 主要的;最重要的 v.看;注视;观察n.手表 猜,猜测 (引起注意、表示允 许等)请,就

Words and expressions
yourself enjoy yourself shy conversation deep 你自己 过得快乐 害羞的 谈话 深的

smile 微笑 remember 记住;想起;记着

Words and expressions
forget 忘记 (forgot/forgotten) piece 一张(或则、件等) place 放置

Work in pairs. What questions do you have about? (Activity 1) ①…understanding English? ②…speaking English?

③…learning vocabulary?

Read the passage and find out what questions other people ask. (Activity 2) 1.Li Hao enjoys watching films and listening to songs in English but it takes a long time. 2.Wang Fan has a foreign teacher at school but he is shy to speak to her. 3.Zhang Lei wants to know how to remember new vocabulary.

Read again and complete the sentences.

1. Li Hao takes a long time to watch films and listen to songs in English because she tries to understand all the new words __________________________________. 2. To learn English, The Language Doctor thinks Li Hao should ________________ talk about the film ___________________________________ or song with her friends and try to guess __________________________. the meaning of the new words

3. Wang Fan is often shy when he has to speak to the foreign teacher _____________ 4. The Language Doctor advises him to smile at her before _______________________________ he starts a conversation ____________.

5. Zhang Lei forgets his new vocabulary because________________________ he tries to remember all the ___________. new words 6. The best way to learn vocabulary is to_________________________________ try to remember four or five words _____. a day

1. What are the three basic questions about learning English? 2. Do you find it easy to have a conversation in English? 3. Can you count the number of English words you know?

5. Do you forget new vocabulary quickly or do you remember it? 6. What makes you shy? 7. How do you feel when you smile? 8. What’s the best piece of advice in the passage to help you improve your English?

Make a list of things you’re good at in English. (Activity 5) Listening I understand my teacher. Speaking I speak English all the time in class. Reading Writing Grammar Vocabulary Pronunciation Translation

Now make a list of things you’re not good at. Write a letter to the Language Doctor and ask for advice. Dear Language Doctor, I understand my English teacher, but it’s sometimes hard to understand American and British people. Can you help me? Best wishes, Lingling

Work in pairs. Write a letter to each other and then give the good advice to each other. (Activity 6) Student A: Read your letter to Student B. Student B: Listen to Student A’s message and give advice. Dear Lingling, You should watch films and TV programmes in English…

1. Ma

ny students ask for advice about how to improve their English. 许多学生寻求提高英语成绩的建议 (1)ask for要?? ①ask sb. for…要求某人给某物 He asked his teacher for help. 他向老师寻求帮助。

②ask sb. to do sth要求某人做某事 The teacher asks Tom to come earlier. 老师让汤姆早点来。 (2)advice n. “建议”,是不可数名词。 a piece of advice 一条建议 two pieces of advice 两条建议 some advice 一些建议

ask sb. for advice
give sb. some advice


take sb’s advice
refuse sb’s advice advice on/about sth.

不听某人的劝告 有关??的建议

2. But it takes a long time. 但是它花费很长时间。 本句是一个省略句,其完整的表达是: But it takes a long time to watch English films and listen to real English songs. it是形式主语,to watch…songs是真正的 主语,take在此处意为“花费”。 常用句型: It takes sb. some time to do sth. 某人花多长时间做某事。

3. Smiling always helps. 微笑永远有帮助。 动词在句子里作主语时,要用-ing形式。 动名词作主语时,谓语动词用单数,表 示抽象动作或一件已知的事或经验。 Running is good for you. 跑步对你有好处。

一、根据句意完成句子。 1 Do you know how to _______ my English? improve

guess 3 Try to _____ the meaning of the new words. f oreign 4 Our school has a _______ teacher. Remember 5 __________ to lock the door when you leave the house.

二、用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1 I enjoy reading (read) English in the _______ morning. 2 My friends ask for advice about __________ (improve) their English. improving 3 It takes me a long time _______ (watch) to watch the TV play. to learn 4 It’s a good way _______ (learn) English. 5 Try to remember (remember) these ___________ words, please.

三、找朋友。 ( C )1. three basic questions A.深呼吸 ( D )2. make a list ( B )3. all the time ( A )4. a deep breath B.一直,总是 C.三个基本问题 D.列表,列清单

( E )5. enjoy oneself


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