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外研版 九年级英语上

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1. Listen to the tape and use these words in the box to finish sentences.

great influence play poem respect story thinker thought wise writer

Confucius: He was a ______ ______in China. He is known for his _____ _____. We are still ______by his thought. He is ________by us..

Shakespeare: He was a _____of _____and______. Some of his most famous plays are Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet.

Mark Twain:He was a famous American_____. He wrote a lot of______. His books are still popular.

2. Translation:



3.Listen and underline the sentences about present simple passive (被动时态) in the passage

4. Find out the language points during the conversations.

5 Choose the correct answers.

? 1).Beijing is known ___ the capital of China.

? A. with B. for C. as D.in

? 2).People in the world _____ by Confucius’ thoughts.

? A. have influenced B.has been influenced C.influenced D. are influenced

? 3).---How far do they live ?

? ---____ I know, they live in the same town.

? A.As far as B.As long as C.So far D.As long

? 4).I have five _______ books at home.

? A. hundred B. hundreds C. hundreds of D. hundred of

6. Read and practice the conversations in groups.

7. Seatwork:Make a survey about your friends’ favourite writers.

8 Review-- what we have learnt today.

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