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1.My father’s father is my g.




(去看看)who it is


( )6.It’s a my family.

A.in B.of C.at D. on

( you soon.

A.Meet B.Look C.See D. Look at

( )8. your letter

A.at B. in C. of D. for

( )9.Lucy,you late.

A.is B.am C.are D.be

( )10.---What’s that? --- a car.

A.That’s B.It’s C.Its D. This is

( )11. uncle and aunt.

A.a,an B.a,a C. an, a D. an, an

( )12.This is my father’s brother, A. Uncle John B. uncle john C.John Uncle D.John uncle

( )13.Look! That pear looks A. after B. like C. at D./

( )14.boys are Li Lei and Li Ping.

A.This two B.Two this c.These two D.Two these

( am in Row 6 and is in Row 5.

A. Jim, I B. I, Jim C. He, she D. I, her

( ) 16. That is mother.

A.my a B. a my C. my D. it

( is your pen.Here you are.

A.this B.This C.that D. That

( is my family photo

A.she B.They C.Her D. Here

( these his A.Are,watch B.Is,watches C.Are,watches D.Is, watch

( name is Mary,what’s name?

A.I,your B.My, you C. My, your D. your, I

( ) 21.Mary is Tom’s sister and Tom is Mary’s A.mother B.father C.brother D. grandfather

( )22.---What’s four and five? ---It’s A.five B.four C.one D. nine

( )23.I 10.She A.is,are B. is, is C. am, is D. is, am

( )24.---Your picture is very nice. --- .

A.You’re right B. Thank you C. No, it isn’t D. Yes, it is

( )25.Are Mr Green and Mrs Green in ?

A.England,Chinese B.England,China C.English,Chinese D.English,China


Ⅲ.完形填空(共10小题,每小题1分,计10分) .the picture, too. She is Jim’s sister.mother. They are English.

( )26.A.be B.am C.is D. are

( )27.A./ B.at C.of D.from

( )28.A.father B.mother C.brother D.son

( )29.A.boy B.man C.girl D.woman

( )30.A.he B.she C.his D.her

( )31.A.He’s B.She’s C.You’re D.They’re

( )32.A.in B.on C.under D.at

( )33.A.She’s B.Her C.His D.The

( )34.A.team B.grade C.class D.school

( )35.A.his B.her C.their D.our



Jim is an English boy. He is a good student. He is in a white coat. Kate is a girl. She is Jim’s sister. She is a very nice girl. She is in a green sweater.

Lucy and Lily are American. They are sisters. They like the same color. They are in red sweaters. They are students, too.

Jim, Kate and the sisters are good friends. Jim and the sisters are in the same schoo1, but Kate isn’t a student.She is only five years old.She is at home.

( ) 36. Jim is A. English B. American C. Chinese D. Japanese

( )37.Kate is .

A.Lucy’s sister B.Lily’s sister C.Jim’s sister D. a student

( )38.What color is Kate’s sweater?

A.It’s red. B.It’s green. C.It’s white.D.it’s yellow

( )39.Jim,Kate,Lucy and Lily are .

A. in the same school B. good students C. good friends D. brothers and sisters

( ) 40.Which of the following is right?

A. Jim has two sisters.B.Lucy and Lily like different colors.

C.Lucy is an English girl.D.Jim is Kate’s brother.


My name is Jim Green. I’m English. I’m in Class One, Grade Two. Tom Is in my class. He is fourteen, too.Alice is my sister.She’s 13.She’s in Class Two, Grade one. We go to school at seven in the morning and go home at four in the afternoon. Miss Yang is our teacher.She’s 25.She’s .Its name is Mimi.

( ) 41.Jim and Tom are A. English students B. in Grade One C. Alice’s brothers D.in Grade Two

( ) 42.Jim and Alice are .

A. friends B. brother and sister C. brothers D. sisters

( ) 43.Jim is A. Chinese B.14 C.13 D.American

( ) 44..

A. Alice B. Tom C. Miss Yang D.Jim

( ) 45.“Young”means(意思是.


A.年轻的 B.美丽的 C.和蔼的 D.严厉的


This is a photo of Mr. Black’s family. The man with glasses(眼镜)is Mr.B1ack, the father. The woman is the mother. They have a son and a daughter. The son is behind Mr. Black.His name is Jack.He’s 14.Kate is Jack’s sister. She is 12. Jack and Kate are in the same school, but they are in different grades. Jack is in Grade Three and Kate is in Grade One. They are good students.

( ) 46.Mr. and Mrs. B1ack have A. a son and a daughter B. Jack and Kate’s sister

C. three children(孩子) D. a family of five

( ) 47..

A.Kate’s B.Jack’s C.Kate’s and Jack’s D.Kate and Jack’s

( ) 48.Jack and Kate are in the same .

A.class B.grade C.school D.year

( ) 49.Black is the name.

A.man’s B.woman’s C.boy’s D.family

( ) 50.Jack and Kate are .

A.good friends B.good students C.in different schools


D.in the same grade

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