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Read and choose:(把正确的编号写在括号里。)

( ) 1. Who _____I?

A. am B. is C. are

( ) 2.Is it a big apple? _______.

A. Yes, it is small. B. Yes, it is.

C. No, it is.

( ) 3. You’re not short. You’re _______.

A. short B. small C. tall

( ) 4. I _____a boy. You _____a girl.

A. am; are B. are; am C. am; am

( ) 5. Who _____ you? I’m Peter.

A. am B. is C. are

( ) 6. I see _____ apple. It’s ______ big apple.

A. a…an B. an… a C. an…an

Read and choose: (情景选句)

( ) 1. 你向别人介绍自己长得又高又瘦:

A. I’m tall and thin. B. I’m short and thin.

( ) 2. 你觉得你比你的朋友胖:

A. I’m fat. You’re thin. B. I’m thin. You’re fat.

( ) 3. 你问别人能否看见一只狗:

A. Can you see a dog? B. I can see a dog.

( ) 4. 放学回家,你向老师告别:

A. Goodbye. B. Good evening.

( ) 5. 你问对方是谁:

A. Who am I? B. Who are you?

Read and choose: (读一读,把正确标号,填入横线上)

A. rabbit B. apple C. cat D. elephant E. bag

1. It is an animal. It goes’ miao-miao’. It is a______.

2. I can jump. I like carrots. My eyes are red. I’m a _____.

3. I’m big. I’m grey.(灰色)My nose is long. I’m an ______.

4. It is red. It’s round. It is sweet. It is an ______.

5. I put some books in it. It is a ______.

Read and judge: (阅读短文,判断下列句子与短文内容是否一致,一致用T表示,不一致用F表示)

I’m Linda. I am a girl. I am tall. I am thin. I can sing and dance. This is Danny. He’s my classmate. He is seven. He is fat. He can read books. He likes cakes.

( )1. Linda is a fat girl.

( )2. Linda is short.

( )3. Linda can sing and dance.

( )4. Danny can read books.

( )5. Danny is a tall and thin boy.

Read and choose: (选出正确的答案填入题前的括号内)

( )1. How many _______? Ten.

A. cat B. a cat C. cats

( )2. I’m not small. I’m ________.

A. small B. big C. new

( )3. I ______ Tom. You _______ Alice.

A. am…is B. are…am C. am…are

( )4. This is _______ big apple.

A. a B. an C. /

( )5. Are you _____ boy? Are you ____ seven?

A. /…/ B. a…a C. a…/

( )6. Is it a cat? _____________________.

A. Yes, it’s a dog. B. No, it’s a cat. C. No, it’s a dog.

( )7. ______ are you? I’m Eddie.

A. How B. Who C. What

( )8. An elephant has two _______ ears.

A. small B. big C. long

VI. Read and match: (阅读后配对)8%

( )1. Who am I? A. It’s sunny.

( )2. Are you fat? B. I’m seven.

( )3. How are you? C. It’s a kite.

( )4. What colour is it? D. It’s red.

( )5. What’s this? E. Seven sticks.

( )6. How old are you? F. Yes, I am.

( )7. How’s the weather? G. Very well, thank you.

( )8. How many sticks? H. You’re Kitty.

VII. Think, read and choose: (阅读后选词填空,把编号填入横线上) 6%

A. a bag B. a banana C. a rabbit D. night E. an apple F. a frog G. afternoon

1. I’m white. My eyes are red. I like carrots. I’m _________.

2. The sun is high in the sky(天空). It is __________.

3. It is long. It is sweet. It is yellow. It is ___________.

4. It’s small. Some books are in it. A pencil-box is in it. It is ____________.

5. I can see the yellow moon in the sky. It is ______________.

6. I’m round. I’m sweet. I’m red. I’m __________.

VIII. Read and judge: (阅读短文,判断下列句子与短文内容是否一致,一致的用T表示,不一致的用F表示) 5%

This is Peter. He is my new classmate. He’s tall and thin. He’s ten. He can ride a bicycle very well. But he can’t draw an elephant. He likes kites. He can fly a kite. He doesn’t like dolls. He thinks(认为) dolls are for girls.

( ) 1. Peter is my new classmate.

( ) 2. Peter is nine years old.

( ) 3. Peter is tall and fat.

( ) 4. Peter can ride a bicyle but he can’t draw an elephant.

( ) 5. Peter likes kites and dolls.

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