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八年级(上)Unit 7 –Unit 9

Baiyang Middle School Sunny

Christmas Father can make many things, like milk shakes, fruit salad,sandwiches. Hey,let’s make something together.
Let’s go!

How do you make a banana milk shake?
(首先 ) Peel the bananas.

(然后) Cut up the bananas. Put the bananas and ice cream in the blender (接下来) blender. Pour the milk into the

Turn on the blender.

(最后) Drink the milk shake

How do you make a banana milk shake?
First, the bananas. the

Then, the bananas. the bananas and ice cream blender Next, the milk the blender.
Finally, the milk shake

the blender.

Key Phrases
? ? ? ? ? ? ? 打开(电器) 切碎 把…倒入 混合 水果沙拉 三片面包 一份鸡肉三明 治 ? 把…放在…上 ? 在…顶部 ? 一份…的食谱 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? turn on cut up pour…into mix up fruit salad three slices of bread a chicken sandwich

? put…on ? on the top ? a recipe for…

What did you do on Christmas Day? did some cleaning

went shopping
cooked dinner babysat my sister

read a book

What did Tom do on Christmas Day?

took photos

bought a gift

ate ice cream

swam in the sea

saw some sharks

went to the zoo

saw some seals

had pizza

bought souvenirs

hung out with friends

The rules of the past form



work ed

want ed needed decide d live d improve d



carry--carr ied study—studied worry—worr ied stop- stop ped shop- shop ped plan- planped go— went have-- had see-- saw eat— ate buy– bought take– took win— won hang-- hung

What did Christmas father on Christmas Eve? He gave different gifts to kids. He had fun last night. He is so kind that we all like him.

But did you have fun yesterday? How about your last day off? What did you do on your last day off?

Talk about your last day off.
watched DVDs played computer games

stayed in the house



Visited my cousins

had a yard sale


Fill in the blanks.

Dear Nick, Thanks for your letter. I’m sorry you didn’t have fun on your day off. My day off was interesting . I went

to Xiangyang and I visited , the old city . It was great . We saw the old walls . I bought a souvenir you soon. . It was a really wonderful day. See


Christmas father is happy to know that you had a meaningful day off.



Who’s that?
When was he born?

? When were you born? 你是什么时候出生的? I was born in 1999. I was born on Oct.11th,1999. (注意:介词 in 和 on 的区别) ? When was he/she born? 他/她是什么时候出生的? He was born on the morning of May 2nd.

artist doctor engineer actor pilot teacher reporter pianist violinist gymnast golfer basketball player


画家,艺术家 医生 工程师 演员 飞行员 教师 记者 钢琴家 小提琴家 体操运动员 高尔夫球手 篮球运动员

It’s not easy to ahieve (实现) your dr

eam. But you are never too youny to start doing things.

Let’s talk about these people. Achievement
Tiger Woods Shirley Temple Mozart golfing movie star writing music performing Beijing Opera playing for national team World Championships gold medal

ten months old three years old four years old ten years old seventeen years old seventeen years old

Mei Lanfang Ronaldo
Liu Xuan

You know , Christmas Father is also an unusual person. let’s write something about him.

圣诞老人的名字是圣-尼古拉斯Santa Claus,他 生于公元280年(in 280 A.D) 。他是个和蔼、 慈善的人。他非常富有但喜欢帮助其它人。现 在我们每年过圣诞节是为了记住他的慷慨his generosity 。我们要爱孩子,爱所有的人。

? Christmas father’s name is … He was born … He was a …man. He was …and he liked to… Now we celebrate (庆祝)… because we want to remember…We should … We love Christmas father and we enjoy having Christmas Day.

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