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人教版初中英语 上册 第一模块Unit 3

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Unit 3 Language in use

A:Hello! _____________________? What’s your name B:My name is Jack. A:Nice to meet you! B: I’m eleven. B:______________________ ! Nice to meet you, too A:__________________? How old are you _______3 words______? What about you A:I’m eleven, too.

Where are you from B:I’m Chinese. ____________________?
A:I’m from England. Do you have a friend? B:Yes. His name is Jack.

Goodbye A:____________ ! B: Bye!

1.Is e_______ here today? veryone
everyone 每人,人人;单数,意指全体; 后加动词第三人称单数形式。 2. We are a__ here today. ll

句中all为代词,意思“每个,全体”; 作主语时,be动词用are。
All the students are here today.所有的学 生都到齐了。

3. This is Lingling and her English name is Lucy. 这位是玲玲,她的英文名叫露西。 This is ...向别人介绍某人时说 “This is ...” 不用 “That is ...”。 如:This is Tom. Tom, this is Jack. 这是汤姆。汤姆, 这是杰克。

注意:this is 不能缩写,而 that is 可以 缩写成that’s。 打电话时, 介绍自己用this, 询问对方用 that。如: This is Lucy speaking. Is that Lucy speaking?

动词be的一般现在时: 1. 肯定句:主语+ be(am,is,are) +其它。 2. 否定句:主语+be+not+其它。 3. 一般疑问句:Be+主语+其它? 4. 特殊疑问句:疑问词+一般疑问句? 请大家看示范讲解

Model 1
肯定句:I am from America.
否定句: I am not from America.

缩写: I’m not from America.
( am not 不能缩写)

一般疑问句:Are you from America?
Yes, I am.

No, I’m not.
特殊疑问句:Where are you from?

Model 2
肯定句:He / She is my friend. 否定句: He / She is not my friend. ( is not = isn’t) 一般疑问句:Is he / she your friend? Yes, he / she is.

No, he / she isn’t.
特殊疑问句:Who is he / she?

Model 3
肯定句:We are in Beijing. 否定句: They are not my friend. ( are not = aren’t) 一般疑问句:Are we in Beijing? Yes, we are.

No, we aren’t.
特殊疑问句:Where are you?

This is Sam. He is twelve. He’s from England. He’s in Class 1. This is Emma. She is thirteen. She’s from America. She’s in Class 4.

This is Xu Kexin. She is thirteen. She’s from China. She’s in Class 3.

Complete the sentences with the pictures.
1. This is _______. Sam is twelve years old and _______ Sam he ______from England He _______ Class 1. _______. is is in

2. This ______ Emma. Emma _____ from is isn’t
England. She_____ from America. She______ is is in thirteen years old and she is _______ Class 4.

3. —______ Xu Kexin from England? Is

— No, she ______. She ____ from ______. Isn’t is China
4. —______ Xu Kexin in Class 3? Is — Yes, _________. she is

Complete the conversation.
J: Hi, my name is Jack. What’s your name? L: Hi, Jack. ______ Lingling. Where are you I’m from? J: I’m ______ England. Where ar

e you from _________________? from L: I’m from China. _________ are you? How old J: I’m thirteen. How old are you? L: I’m ________ too. I’m in Class ______, thirteen 4 Grade 7. What about you? J: I’m in Class 3. Nice to meet you. L: Nice to meet you too.

Complete the table.
China Chinese
你还能想出 更多的吗?

国名 England English 国人

America American

Japan —— Japanese Russia ——Russian Australia——Australian Canada——Canadian

国名 China Japan

国人 Chinese Japanese

语言 Chinese Japanese

America Australia Canada

American Australian Canadian

English English




Family name and Given name In Chinese, the family name is first and the given name is last. Family name + Given name In English, the given name is first and the family name is last. Given name + Family name

Chinese name Yang Liwei Family name Given name English name Bill Gates Family name Given name

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