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1. Alan, what’s this in English?

2. Are these your friends?

3. How are you, Lily?

4. Does Mike have a soccer ball?

5. How old is your brother, Tom?

6. Can you play chess?

7. Thanks very much. .



8. M: Hello! I am Tony Brown

W: Hello! I am Rose King

Question: What’s the girl’s family name?

9. W: A white dog is under the desk. Is it your dog, Ben?

M: No, my dog is black.

Question: What color is Ben’s dog?

10.W: Are your keys on the desk?

M: No, they’re in my backpack

Question: Where are the keys?

11. W: I like this blue sweater and that red hat. How much are they?

M: The sweater is 20 dollars and the hat is 11 dollars

Question: How much are the sweater and hat?

12.W: Let’s watch TV, Jim.

M: That sounds boring.

Question:Does Jim like watching TV?

13. M: Helen, please tell me about your morning.

W: OK.I get up at 6:20.I run at 6:40.And.I eat breakfast at 7:10.And Then I go to school at 7:30.

Question: What time does Helen run in the morning?

14. W: Do you like Chinese, Mike?

M: Yes, it’s very interesting. And I also like P.E. because it’s exciting.

Question: What subjects does Mike like?

15. M: What kind of movies do you like ,Ann?

W: I like comedies. They’re funny. But I don’t like thrillers. They’re scary.

Question: Why does Ann like comedies ?



I’m an English boy. My name is Tom King. I can speak English and a little Chinese. I’m in China with my parents. I like Chinese people and Chinese food. My mother and father are English teachers. They work in China. They like to learn to speak Chinese . On weekends, they play with some Chinese friends and learn to speak Chinese.

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