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人教版初中英语七年级上册 第二模块 Unit 2

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bus station



police station



Do you like these pictures? Who works in it? Your father or your mother?
Yes, I do. My mother works in a ... My father works in a ...

This is a policeman. He works in a police station.

These are nurses. They work in a hospital.

When you see a man or a woman, What jobs can you think of? manager actor

bus driver


Label the places in the pictures with the words and expressions from the box.
bus station hospital hotel police station school theatre

Label the people in Activity 1 with the words and expression from the box.
actor bus driver manager nurses policeman teacher


bus driver





Read the passage and write the letters of the pictures in Activity 1.
1. These are Betty’s parents. ______ c 2. These are Lingling’s mother and Daming’s mother. ______ a 3. This is Tony’s father. _______ f 4. This is Tony’s mother. _____ d 6. This is Daming’s father. _____ e 5. This is Lingling’s father. _____ b

Complete the table.
Betty Daming police Father actor theatre policeman station Mother manager theatre nurse hospital

Father Mother

Lingling driver bus station manager hotel
teacher school nurse hospital

Ask and answer

about Activity 3.

Where is Betty from?

She’s come from America.

What is her father’s job?

He’s an actor.

Is Tony’s father a manager?

Yes, he is.

Is Daming’s father a driver?

No, he isn’t. He’s a policeman.

What is your father’s job?

My father’s a ...

My name is Tony Smith and I’m English.

capital letter

full stop

提示: 英语句子的首字母; 姓名的首字母; 第 一人称I以及国家名称的首字母都需要大写。 英语中句号用实心小圆点表示。

Now underline capital letters and full stops.
1. These American teachers are in China. capital letter full stop 2. I’m Betty and I’m thirteen years old. capital letter full stop

3. This is a photo of Ms Li. capital letter full stop

Answer the questions. Write sentences.

1. What’s your father’s name? _________________________ My father’s name is … 2. What’s your father’s job? _________________________ My father’s job is … 3. What’s your mother’s name? __________________________ My mother’s name is … 4. What’s your mother’s job? __________________________ My mother’s job is …

1. These are Betty’s parents. 这两位是贝蒂的父母。 Betty’s 意为“贝蒂的”。这是一个名词所 有格形式,表示人与事物的所有和所属关

It’s Daming’s bike.

They are Tom’s and Tony’s bags.

2. My mother is a manager of a theatre. 我的妈妈是一位剧院的经理。 本句中of 是名词的所有格形式,表示无生

命的所属关系时,要用介词of 所构成的短

the legs of the table 桌子腿

3. What is your father’s job? 你父亲做 什么工作

? 这是询问职业的常用句式, 是一个特殊

What is your brother’s job?

He is a policeman.

拓展:询问职业的句型还有: What +be +主语? What do/does +主语+do?

What is your mother?
What does your mother do?

She is a nurse.

1. —____ is your father’s job? —He’s a driver. A.Can B. What C. Where D. How 2.These are some ___ of my family. A. photoes B. photos C. photo 3. —What is your brother?—_____. A. He’s a student. B. He is at work. C. My friend D. He’s my brother.

4.—Is your mother a teacher?

—______. She teaches English.
A.Yes, she can B. No, she can’t C. Yes, she is. D. No, she isn’t.

5.The girl is Mr Green’s ____ daughter.
A. friend B. Friend’s C. a friend


1.我姐姐是医院的一名护士 My sister is ___ _____ at the ________. a nurse hospital

Li Ming is _____ _____ __________. a hotel manager

3.格林先生是托尼的父亲。 Mr Green is _______ _______. Tony’s father 4.这是一张我的全家福。 This is a ______ of my ________. photo family 5.我的父母来自英国。他们都是老师。 ____ _______ are from England. They are My parents both _________. teachers

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