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( )1.The boys are having great fun ______ in the waves.

A.play B.to play C.played D.playing

( )2、Thank you very much for _________us so well.

A .teach B. teaching C. teaches D. taught

( )3. How’s the weather in Shanghai ? _________.

A. It raining. B. It is rain C .It is rainy. D. It rainy.

( )4.—When _______ a sports meeting? ---Last Monday.

A. had you B.do you have C.did you have D.will you have ( )5、How is it going? ______.

A. It's sunny. B.It's hot. C.It's right. D.It's pretty good

( ) 6.He didn’t have_____ money for a taxi, ____he walked back to the hotel.

A. any, and B. much, because C. any, so D. some, so

( ) 7. On Sunday morning I helped my mother ____ the cooking.

A. do B. to doing C. does D. doing

( ) 8. ---__________ ? ---He did some reading at home.

A. What does your father do yesterday evening

B .What does your brother do in the school

C. What did your brother do on the weekend

D. Where did your brother go last Sunday

( ) 9. ---What ______ you doing at this time yesterday ?

---I _____studying.

A. are, was B. is, is C. were; was, D. were, am

( )10. My friend is much ______ than me.

A. smarter B. smart C. more smarter D. more smart

( )11. My parents ______ quite friendly.

A. both are B. are both C. are all D. all are

( )12. I like making friends, ______ I am a little quiet.

A. but B. although C. so D. however

( )13. Holly likes to do the same things ______ .

A. likes me B. as me C. as I do D. B and C

( )14. My sister is ______ more outgoing than me.

A. more B. most C. a little D. little

( )15. Li Ming and Lin Tao ______ black eyes.

A. has B. have both C. both have D. both has

( )16. I ______ a primary school student two years ago.

A. am B. was C. be D. were

( )17. An elephant is ______ than a tiger.

A. more heavy B. very heavy C. the heaviest D. heavier

( )18. He is not as ______ as his younger brother.

A. strong B. stronger C. strongest D.the strongest

( )19. Usually Xiao Li spends ______ time doing homework than Xiao Chen does.

A. little B. less C. few D. fewer

( )20. Which do you like ______,apples or oranges?

A. best B. good C. well D. better

( )21.We all like Tina,so she is very ________ in school

A. pretty B. beautiful C. funny D. popular

( )22. Mary likes to have friends who are different ______her.

A. at B. of C. from D. for

( )23. Sandy is ________ at ________ soccer than Simon.

A. better; playing B. good; playing C. well; playing D. better; play

( )24. He was too tired,so he ______.

A. stopped resting B. stopped to rest

C. stopped to work D. stops working

( )25. Tom is ______ than Jim.

A. short B. very shorter C. shortest D. a little shorter

( )26. You must drive ______ next time.

A. more carefully B. carefully C. careful D. more careful

( )27. Betty didn’t come to school yesterday ______ she was ill.

A. Because B. Though C. When D. As

( )28. Would you like ______ to eat?

A. something healthy B. anything healthy

C. something health D. healthy something

( )29. —Did you enjoy ______ on your vacation?

—Yes, I enjoyed ______ very much.

A. yourselves, ourselves B. yourself, myself

C. yourselves, myself D. yourself, ourselves

( )30.—Where did they go on vacation?— ______ .

A. She stays at home. B. She visited her aunt.

C. They went to New York City. D. She wants to go to Hainan.

( )31. —How often does Kate go hiking? — ______ .

A. I guess she’s OK. B. About an hour.

C. Once the week. D. Twice a week.

( )32. There are 50 students in our class.75% students like going hiking. What does “75%”


A. None of the students. B. All the students.

C. Most of the students. D. Some of the students.

( )33. — ______ did you watch TV? —About two hours.

A. How far B. How often C. How soon D. How long

( )34. He is a good student. He ______ late for school.

A. isn’t never B. is often C. is always D. is hardly ever

( )35. My mother told me ________ you anything.

A. tell not B. not tell C. to not tell D. not to tell



Last month we ______ our students about their free time activities. Our questions ______ about watching TV and use of the Internet. Here are the results. We were ________ that ninety

percent of them use the Internet every day. ________ ten percent use it at least three or four times a week. Most students use it ________ fun and not for homework.

( ) 36. A. ask B. spoke C. asked D. said

( ) 37. A. was B. are C. was D. were

( ) 38. A. surprised B. surprise C. surprising D. to surprise

( ) 39. A. other B. the other C. others D. another

( ) 40. A. at B. on C. about D. for


Yesterday was Saturday. Mr. King __41__ his family to the People’s Park in the __42__. They got up early and had __43__ quickly. After that they went to the park __44__ their car. It was nine o’clock when they got there. There were many __45 in the park. Lily __46__ the hill in the middle of the park. Lucy flew a kite __47__ some other children. Mr. King and his wife were tired after five days’ __48_. They sat under a tree and had a __49__. The King family had a __50__ time there.

( ) 41. A. told B. took C. called D. brought

( ) 42. A. morning B. afternoon C. evening D. night

( ) 43. A. meal B. supper C. lunch D. breakfast

( ) 44. A. on B. by C. with D. in

( ) 45. A. people B. cars C. buses D. kites

( ) 46. A. saw B. climbed C. left D. found

( ) 47. A. behind B. after C. with D. before

( ) 48. A. time B. home C. work D. game

( ) 49. A. rest B. look C. work D. swim

( ) 50.A. hard B. good C. long D. short



Tom and Mike were good friends. Sometimes they were kind to each other, sometimes they were not. But all of their classmates said they were like brothers.

One day they went out for a walk together. At noon they were very hungry and they went into a restaurant to have lunch. The waiter came up to them and asked,"What can I do for you?" "Please bring us two apples first.” said Tom.

When the waiter put two apples on the table. Mike took the bigger one at once. Tom got angry,

“You are impolite,Mike. Why don’t you take the smaller one?" Tom said.

“But I am right.”said Mike with a smile,“if I let you take first, which one will you choose?" “Of course I’11 take the smaller one. " said Tom.

“Yes.”Mike said,“If you take the smaller one,the bigger one will still be mine. Don’t you think so?"

“Oh!"Tom couldn’t answer.

( )51. Tom and Mike were______

A. always kind to each other B. sometimes kind to each other

C. dear brothers D. friends of different school

( )52. Mike thought only about_______ when they were having lunch.

A. himself B. Tom C. his parents D. his friends

( )53. The waiter gave them_______

A. two eggs B. two apples C. three oranges D. some milk

( )54. Tom took the_______ apple.

A. better B. bigger C. smaller D. worse

( )55. Who took the apple first? ______

A. Mike B. Tom C. Both Tom and Mike D. The waiter


Once upon a time, there lived a rich man. He had a servant (仆人). He and the servant loved wine and good food very much. Each time the rich man left his home, the servant would drink the wine and eat up all the nice food in the house. The rich man knew what his servant did, but he had never caught his servant doing that.

One morning, when he left home, he said to the servant, “Here are two bottles of poison (毒药) and some nice food in the house. You must take of them.” With these words, he went out. But the servant knew that the rich man had said was untrue. After the rich man was away from his home, he enjoyed a nice meal. Because he drank too much, he was drunk and fell to the ground. When the rich man came back, he couldn’t find his food and his wine. He became very angry. He woke the servant up. But the servant told his story very well. He said a cat had eaten up everything. He was afraid to be punished(惩罚), so he drank the poison to kill himself.

( )56.In the story, _______ liked wine and good food very much.

A. the rich man B. the servant C. both A and B D. neither A and B

( )57.The rich man knew that it was _______ that drank the wine and ate up all the nice food.

A. the cat B. himself C. nobody D. the servant

( 58.The rich told the servant that there was poison in the two bottles, because ________.

A. there was in fact poison in the bottles

B. did not want the servant to drink his wine

C. he wanted to kill the cat

D. he wanted to kill the servant

( )59.In fact, _______ ate all the nice food and drank the wine.

A. the servant B. cat C. the rich man D. nobody

( )60.From the story, we know that the servant is very _______.

A. lazy B. bad C. clever D. kind


The Blacks live in a big city, Last summer they went to the countryside for their vacation. They enjoyed it very much, because it was a quiet and clean place.

One day, they went for a walk in the morning and met an old man. The old man lived on the farm and he was in the warm sun in front of his house. Mr. Black asked him, “Do you like living in a quiet place?” The old man said yes. Mr. Black said, “What are the good things about it?” The old man answered, “People here know each other. People often come and see me. And I often go and see them. There are lots of children here.” Mr. Black said, “That sounds interesting. And what are the bad things?” The old man thought for a while and said, “The same things, in fact.”


( )61. The Blacks enjoyed their vacation.

( )62. They went for a walk with an old man.

( )63. The old man feels lonely(孤独的).

( )64. Sometimes the old man likes to meet people but sometimes he doesn’t.

( )65. The Blacks often meet the old man in the countryside.


( )66. If you want to join a sports team, what should you do?

A. Call 3854922. B. Call 8358939.

C. Send an e-mail to sports@ yahoo.com.

( )67. Lacy can dance well. She wants to find a job. Who should she call?

A. Victor. B. Tom. C. Mary.

( )68. What does Mr Wang teach?

A. Chess. B. Japanese. C. Basketball.

( )69. Alice wants to learn Japanese . When should she go to the club?

A. Every Saturday afternoon.

B. Every Sunday afternoon.

C. From2: 00p.m.--5: 00p.m on weekdays.

( )70. Betty speaks Japanese. She wants to work from Monday to Friday. Where can she work?

A. At the Japanese club,

B. At the dance club,

C. At School's P.E.Building.


71. A lot of vegetables help you ____________ (keep) in good health.

72. My mother wants me ____________ (drink) some milk every day.

73. His ____________ (eat) habits are pretty good, so he’s very healthy.

74. It is very necessary for us ____________ (read) English in the morning.

75. He can hardly make the baby ____________ (stop) crying.

76. Both of ____________ (they) are outgoing.

77. He sings ____________ (well) than his sister.

78. My brother and I (not be) in Beijing last month.

79. My father plays basketball ____________ (two) a week.

80. He ____________ (watch) TV every night.


81. We can’t draw on the wall.(改为同义句)

_________ _________ on the wall.

82. (就划线部分提问)

_________ _________ hours do you sleep every night?

83. The book cost me 20 yuan.. (改为同义句)

I __________ 20 yuan __________ the book.

84. Ann is 13 years old, Sally is ten years old.(合并为一句)

Sally is __________ __________ __________ than Ann.

85. Why don’t you go to the park with me ? (改为同义句)

__________ __________ going to the park with me ?

六. 短文改错(10分) 86_________ 87_________ 88 _________ 89_________ . And there weren’t too many visitors. 90_________ 91_________ 92_________ 93_________ 94_________ 95__________



1. 在学校学习很努力,各门功课都很擅长。经常在家看书,有时上网。

2. 身体很健康,每周锻炼三四次,每天步行上学。

3. 饮食习惯很好,每天吃很多蔬菜和水果,从不吃垃圾食品,每天喝牛奶。

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