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初中英语导学案8A Unit3(7)

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初中英语导学案8A Unit3

课题: Integrated Skills


1. 根据上下文以及关键词了解课文的主要内容

2. 学会如何从海报中得到有用的信息。

3. 听取细节,提炼信息。

4. 学会如何向他人提出建议。




1. She took a boat trip and went passed the Opera House.

2. Jim, likes his father, enjoys the view of the River Seine _________

3. The Fragrant Hills are 20 kilometers far from here. _________

4. He invited me to join their school trip to the world Park. _________

5. Yesterday Millie met Sandy and I at the school gate. __

6. The trip from the world Park spent about three hours by bus. _________

7. Travelling by taxi is expensive and fast. _________

8. The pyramids and the Golden Gate Bridge looked like the really ones. _________

9. He put his things on the Internet to everyone to look at. _________

10.Take a look the things people used in the past _________


1. 各队的支持者都在为他们的球队大声喊加油。

The________of each team ________ ________ their teams loudly.

2. 在球迷们的支持下, 我们在决赛中获胜了。

________ the basketball fans’ ________, we ________ the ________.

3. 那个男孩够幸运的,能看到那场篮球决赛。

The boy was _______ ________ to _______ the ________ of the basketball final.

4. 请计算出旅游的费用。

Please _______ ________ the ________ of the trip.


Step 1. Warming-up:

Present the students some pictures of all kinds of games,

introducing the names of the games, such as a football match,

a basketball match, high juump, long jump, etc. And ask the

students some simple questions about sports. Of course, here

the answers should be according to their own lives.

Step 2. Presentation:

A. T:When I’m free, l like watching ball games. Basketball

is my favourite. I think the final is usually the most exciting. Have you ever watched the final of a basketball match?

Present a picutre of a basketball match and say “This is

the final of a basketball competition, Beijing Sunshine Secondary Scholl goes to the final. We are going to watch it, but I’m not sure of the time, the place, and the price of the ticket. Would you please help me find the information?

Step 3. Reading comprehension:

A: The students go through the poster on page 50 for specific

infirmation, and then answer the questions

1. Who will read the poster?

2. What does the basketball team need?

3. Where will the final take place?

4. When will it take place?

5. When does the match start?

6. Where do they have lunch?

7. What is the cost of the trip?

B: In order to get better understanding of the poster, group the students to ask each other questions about the poster after going through the poster.

C: Ask the students to try their best to fill in the blanks with as much information as they can.

Step 4. Listen comprehenson:

A: Here, it may be hard for the less able students to get some related information from the poster. So I play the tape for them, and ask them to listen for the specific information. After that, ask the students to complete the timetable on page 50.

B: Listen to the tape once again, and tell true or false

in Part A3 on page 51.

C: Overall understanding for listening:

Step 5: Interaction:

A: Part B on page 51. Ask the students to go through

the converstaion. And I'll ask: I would like to visit somewhere

in our city, but I don’t know where to go. Do yoou have any good

ideas? Can you give me some suggestions? Then I’ll aask them to

sum up the expressions:

1). Would you like to…?

3). What / How about…?

5). Why don’t we…?

7). Let’s …

B: Guide the students how to make correct suggestions with the

above patterns. And then ask them to make up converstaions, and get

ready to act it out before the class.

Step 6: Class work design:

A: In order to master how to make suggestion that they’ll invite

others to go out for a visit, ask them to make up a conversation with

the forms of the making suggestions; 2). Shall we …? 4). Why not…? 6). Would you please…?



1. Millie felt sick after _________ (get) on the bus.

2. The match was _________(cheer) because our team won.

3. Do your teachers tells you to spend as much time as you can ________ (speak) English?

4. The c________ of the trip is 30 yuan per person. The bus f________ is about 15 yuan.

5. The score at h__________ was 2-2. But I don’t know the f__________ result.

6. Is he one of ____________(win) in the competition?

7. They are in the final of the basketball c_____________.

8. Don’t be afraid. We are all your ____________(support).

9. The teacher says, “$10 p _______ person if you want to go there.”

10. When the winners r________ the cup and m________, many people took photos of it.


( )1. I hope Millie ________to my birthday party tonight.

A. to come B can come C comes D coming

( )2. Who took the __________boy to the hospital?

A. ill B. sick C. better D. iller

( )3. The boat trip __________about 3 days and 3 nights.

A. spend B took C used D cost

( )4. Finally, please __________ the cost of the trip per person.

A. work out B. put out C. take out D. look out

( )5. They looked _____ each other and kept their secret __________ themselves.

A . to; to B at; for C at; to D at; at

( )6. ---Please don’t tell anybody about this, Linda. ---Ok, I ________ .

A . will B won't C am D don't

( )7. I felt food was going to _______from my stomach.

A. come out B come up C get out D go up

( )8. It was interesting to see so ______places of interest _____ all over the world.

A. many ;from B much ;from C many ;for D much ;for


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