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Module 6

Unit 1 It allows people to get closer to them










1 Look at the pictures and do the quiz. Use the words in the box. 1. I am tall and I have a long neck. 2. I am the tiger’s cousin. 3. I am long and thin. 4. I am big and I have a very long nose. 5. I am brown and I live in the forest. bear elephant giraffe lion snake

2 Listen and answer the questions. 1. What is this week’s Animal World about? This week’s Animal World is about snakes. 2. Which animals are in danger? Animals such as pandas, lions, elephants and bears are in danger.

3 Now complete the table.
Why many animals are in danger What we can do to help

1. Raise some 1. Many animals don’t have a safe place to live, money at because villages and farms school. are growing bigger and are 2. Find out what taking away their land and else we can do forests. to save as many animals 2. Often there isn’t enough clean water. as possible.

Work in pairs. Discuss and add more information to the table.

4 Complete the passage with the words and expression in the box.
allow danger enough in peace protect raise

Many wild animals, such as pandas, are in (1) danger We ______. need to (2) protect them! ______

Often there is not (3) _______ land enough or forests, so the animals do not have a safe place to live.
The Wolong Panda Reserve (4) allows _____ people to get closer to pandas. in peace And the pandas live (5) ________ raise there. We can help (6) _____ money to protect pandas and otherwild animals.

一、根据句意及首字母提示, 完成下列句子。

1. You are no longer a child and you rotect should learn to p_____ yourself. 2. It’s better for the animals to live in the w____. ild nough 3. 15 minutes is e______ time for you to have a coffee. 4. Giraffes have very long n____. ecks otice 5. That n_____ on the wall says “No smoking”.

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