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Module 6

Animals in danger

Unit 2
The WWF is working hard to save them all.

Talk about something about pandas.

1. What do pandas look like? Do you like them?
2. Where do they mainly live?

3. How do they live now?

Words and expressions
research n. 研究;探讨

situation scientist produce

n. n. v.

形势;情况 科学家 生育;繁殖

government nature nature park develop feed symbol

n. 政府 n. 大自然;自然界 自然公园 v. 研制;制定 v. 喂养;饲养(fed) n. 象征;标志


Say what you know about pandas.

live in the Wolong Panda Reserve

like to climb

like to have a walk

like to eat bamboo

Something else about pandas?
? The panda is in danger.

? It has less and less land to live on. Only about
1,600 pandas live in the wild today.

? Our government and the World Wide Fund
for Nature are trying to save the panda.


Read the passage and match the headings with the paragraphs.

3 A Nature parks for pandas
4 B WWF and animals in danger 2 C The panda’s home 1 D An animal in danger


Complete the sentences.

1. Pandas eat bamboo to live. 2. Scientists do a lot of research to help pandas produce more babies and ____________________________________ help baby pandas live ___________________. 3. The government is setting up nature parks to protect pandas in the wild __________________________. to save them all 4.The WWF is working hard_______________.

Language points
1. There are only about 1, 600 pandas living in the wild today. 如今只有大约1 600只熊猫生活在野外。 There be+sb./sth+doing sth. 意为“有某人/物在做某 事”。

doing sth.作前面名词的后置定语,动词和前面的名词 之间是逻辑上的主谓关系,且该动作正在发生。 Eg. There is a girl singing in the classroom. 教室里面有一个正在唱歌的女孩。 There is a dog lying on the floor.

2. ...is developing other plans to help them.
??正在开发其他的计划来帮助它们。 句中的plan是名词,make a plan 是“制订计划”。

plan 还可作动词用,plan to do sth.“计划做某事”。

Write a passage about an animal in danger. Use 6 your answers in Activity 5 and the following example to help you. Pandas live in the southwest of China. They are in danger and the situation is getting very difficult. First, pandas do not have many babies, and baby pandas often die. Second, pandas eat bamboo, but the bamboo forests are getting smaller. So the

government is setting up nature parks with a lot of
bamboo to help protect pandas.


I. 根据句意及汉语提示完成单词 symbol 1. The Statue of Liberty is the _______ (标志)of New
York. 2. Tigers are becoming fewer and fewer for many

different _______ (原因). reasons
3. The members of the club are _______ (主要地) mainly young people. research 4. She is doing the ________ (研究)about pandas.


用所给单词的适当形式填空。 flying 1. There is a kite ______ (fly) in the sky. 2. He’ll come _______ (visit) his uncle next week. to visit to hand 3. Please tell the children _______ (hand) in their homework on time. animals 4. A panda is one of the _______ (animal) I like best. killing 5. People must stop _______ (kill) pandas.

Please write a passage about the animal you like.

A man becomes learned by asking questions. 不耻下问才能有学问。

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