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lesson 29 Don't smoke, please!

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Lesson 29 Don’t Smoke, please!

Guo Hongmei Xidong middle school


Who isn’t in school today?
How did Brain feel on Monday and Tuesday? What did he do on Wednesday?

What was the matter with Brian’s grandfather? Why?
What should we do to stay healthy?

Listen to the tape and read one sentence by one sentence.

Language notes: 1. Smoking is also bad for your heart.

be bad for sth./sb. be good for sth./sb.
Drink Read in bed Eat too much sugar Get up early Practice

“对……有害” “对……有益”
stomach our eyes your teeth health your study

Language notes: 2. He must be ill.

①must做情态动词,可表示“一定,准是”,表 推测,用在肯定句中,否定句中用can’t。
eg. It____ be his book. His name is on the cover. It ________be her book. Hers is in her desk. ②must情态动词,还可表示“必须、不得不”。 此时must引导的一般疑问句肯定回答用:must, 否定回答用:needn’t或don’t have to. eg. --- Must I leave here now? --- Yes, you ______./ --- No, you ____ .

Language notes: 3. Some people drink too much beer and wine . eg. ①The sweater is __________expensive. I can’t afford it. ②Don’t spend_________time playing the computer games. ③There are _________ children in her room. 口诀:too much, much too, 去掉前词看后头; much可接不可数, too则修饰形或副。

1.be bad/good for...... 2.must... can’t...

3.too much, much too, too many….

1.smoke(现在分词)_________2.ill(名词)_____ 3.health(形容词)_______ 4.say(单三)_____ 5.terrible(副词)________6.tomato(复数)_____ 7.bad(比较级)_________8.drink(过去式)_____ 9.well(最高级)_________10.long(比较级)________ 11.对……有害处_______________ 12.too much beer_______________ 13.have an idea _______________ 14.保持健康_______________

1.(2010贵阳)Smoking is bad ____ your health . A to B for C with D at
2. (长春中考)We should take more exercise. It’s good ______

our health.(用适当的介词填空)
3. (重庆中考)----What bad weather ! ----Yes. The radio says it will be even ______this afternoon.

A. bad

B. badly

C. worse

D. worst

4.(兰州中考)The shoes ______ belong to Tom , because they are _______ big for him.

A. mustn’t ; much too
C. can’t ; too much

B. mustn’t ; too much
D. can’t ; much too

1. Read the new words and the dialogue. 2. Help Jenny to finish her poster. 3. Finish the exercise book Lesson29.

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