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1.用Let's...?表示“让我们”做某事,这一建议时要用以Let's 开头的祈使句。如:Let's go and see the pandas.

2.用Why not...?Why don’t you...?意思是:为什么不???后加动词原形。如:Why don't you try again?=Why not try again?

3.用How/What about...?意为“??怎么样”后可接名词、代词和动名词。

如:How/What about going out for a walk? 其肯定回答一般可用:All right, OK, Good idea等。

4. 用had better 意为“最好”,“还是??好”,常用于口语,后接动词原形。如:You had better stay at home. You'd better go now.

5.用Don't...来表示建议,通常用于祈使句的否定形式中。如:Don't play in the street. Don't throw it like that.

6.Would you like...?这个句型意思是“??怎么样?”后接sth. 或to do sth.如:Would you like another cup of tea? Would you like to go with me ?

7.Will you please+动词原形???它的意思是“请你??好吗?”如:Will you please come tomorrow? Will you please pick it up?

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