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( )1. Where did you go ______ vacation last year?

A. at B. for C. on D. with

( )2. Did your father go ______?

A. somewhere interesting B. anywhere interesting

C. interesting somewhere D. interesting anywhere

( )3. There are ______ people in the market.

A. a few quite B. a quite few C. quite a few D. a lot

( )4. The TV Program was very_____ and we all got ___?

A. bored, bored B. boring, boring C. bored, boring D. boring, bored ( )5. Traveling by air is ______ expensive.

A. too much B. too many C. many too D. much too ( )6. Tom decided ______ volleyball.

A. to play B. play C. played D. playing

( )7. Do you like to go _______________?

A. skateboard B. to skateboarding

C. a skateboarding D. skateboarding

( )8. Do you feel like ______ today?

A. having something eating B. having something to eat

C. to have something eating D. to have something to eat

( )9. I had a(an)______ in the summer and I really enjoy myself a lot.

A. enough long holiday B. long enough holiday

C. holiday long enough D. holiday enough long

( )10. Can you help me ______ my English?

A. with B. to C. at D. /

( )11. ______ do you visit your grandparents? Once a week.

A. How long B. How may times C. How often D. How many ( )12. ______ do you visit your grandparents? Once.

A. How long B. How may times

C. How often D. How many

( )13. He hardly takes ____ , so the doctor asks him to do some morning _____

A. exercises, exercises B. exercise, exercise

C. exercises, exercise D. exercise, exercises

( )14. He studies ______ at Japanese, but he can still ______ speak it.

A. hard, hard B. hardly, hard C. hard, hardly D. hardly, hardly ( )15. My mother______ up at half past six.


A. wants me to get B. want me get C. want me to get D. wants me get ( )16. ______ it is rainy today, _______ he still works outside.

A. Although, but B. But, although C. /, although D. Although, / ( )17. Eating fruit keeps me ______.

A. health B. to health C. healthy D. not health

( )18. You are too heavy. You should eat____vegetables and ______ junk food.

A. many, less B. more, less C. more, little D. many, little ( )19. I learn English by ______ English movies.

A. watch B. watching C. to watch D. watched ( )20. How many birds can you see in the tree?

______, All the birds have flown away.

A. None B. No one C. Nothing D. A few


London is such a wonderful city. It is very large. The Thames River runs __1___the city from west to east.So the city has ___2___parts,the South and

North.In the North are important buildings,shops,big parks and interesting places. The weather in Loundon is good .In winter it is not very cold and in summer it is not very hot because the city is near the ___3___.People say that London is a foggy city and it often rains. it is true. Last year. When I was in London I met one of the __4__fogs(雾) in years . Your could almost not see your hand in front of your face. Cars and buses moved along____5____their lights on .When evening fell, the weather____6____even worse. The fog was as __7___as milk .

____8____buses and cars___9___. I had an important meeting on the other side of the town. But it was hard to find a car, I had to get there ___10___.

1.A.about B.though C.in D.along

2.A.four B.six C.five D.two

3.A.sea B.six C.lake D.mountain

4.A.thick B.thicker C.thinnest D.thickest (多雾的)

5.A.and B.with C.for D.to

6.A.bacomes B.got C.turn D.grow

7.A.white B.thin C.thick D.thicker

8.A.All B. Each C. Every D. Neither

9.A.Moved on B.stopped C.were broken D.returned

10.A.by bus B.by car C.by plane D.on foot


三. 阅读理解


My name’s Mary. I am a heavy and tall girl with long hair. I like to have friends who are different from me. My best friend is Wang Fang. She comes from china. She is shorter than me. And she has longer hair than me. She is much more outgoing than me. She often tells jokes. Her favorite thing is reading books. My favorite thing is playing chess. But we have one thing in common. We both like playing ping-pang. She plays better than me. We often help and learn from each other.

( )1Mary is______ .

A heavy B thin C little D short

( )2 Mary likes to have friends who are______ .

A taller than B the same as C calmer than D different from

( )3 Wang Fang’s hair is______ than Mary’s.

A shorter B longer C curlier D darker

( )4 Wang Fang’s favorite thing is______ .

A reading books B drawing C playing basketball D singing

( )5 Mary and Wang Fang both like to______ .

A play soccer B dance C play ping-pang D tall jokes


There is an old English saying. It tells us that we must go to bed early and get up early in the morning. Then we shall be healthy. We shall also be rich and clever. This is true. The body must have enough sleep to be healthy. Children of young age should have ten hours' sleep every night. Children who do not have enough sleep cannot do their work well and they may not be healthy. The body also needs

exercise. Walking, running, jumping and playing games are all exercise. Exercise keeps the body strong.

Exercise also helps the blood to move around inside the body. It is very important. Our blood moves to all parts of our body. The head also needs blood. Exercise helps us to think better.

( )1. If we want to be healthy, we must________.

A. eat more B. sleep more C. play more D. go to bed early and get up early

( )2. Children of young age should have ______ hours' sleep every day.

A. ten B. nine C. eleven D. twelve

( )3. If children don't have enough sleep, they will not________.

A. work well B. healthy C. eat well D. A and B

( )4. The body also needs________.

A. jumping B. running C. exercise D. playing


( )5. Does exercise help us to think better?

A. Yes, it does. B. No, it doesn't. C. No, it does. D. Yes, it doesn’t.

(C )

Life is like the four seasons. Now I am very old, but when I was young, it was the spring of my life. I was born, I played a lot, and then I started school. I learned many new things. Like a flower, I grew bigger every day. There were happy days (悲伤的)days: some days the sun shone(闪耀), and some days it didn’t.

In my twenties, I had a good job. I was strong and happy. Then I married and had a child. In those days, I didn’t have much time to think. Every day I was busy and worked very hard. And so, I started to get some white hairs. The summer of my life passed quickly.

Then the days got shorter. Leaves fell from the trees. My child was a university student, and then an engineer. My home was much quieter. I started

walking slowly. One day I stopped working. I had more time. I understood this was my autumn, a beautiful time when the trees change color and give us delicious fruits.

But the days kept getting shorter and colder. Winter has come, I am older and weaker. I know I do not have many days left. I will enjoy them to the end.

( )1. The writer was very busy in the ______ of his life.

A. spring B. summer C. autumn D. winter

( )2. According to the passage, which of the following ages is during the autumn of his life?

A. 15 B. 33 C. 62 D. 87

( )3. What does the word “sorrowful” mean in this passage?

A. sad B. exciting C. wonderful D. pleasant

( )4. Which of the following statements is true?

A. The writer was an engineer. B. The writer had a garden with flowers.

C. The writer was always happy as a child.

D. The writer now is old and weak, but still he enjoys his life.

( )5. The best title for the passage would be _____

A. Four seasons B. My life C. Four seasons in a year D. when I was young


答 题 卡 一 选择


8 11 二 完型 4 8 三 阅读 ( A ) 2 4 ( B ) (C ) 2 4 5

四 词汇(10分)

1. M_______ of the parents hope their children have a healthy life.

2. There are some d_________ between American English and British English.

3. I don’t like movies, and I h________ ever go to the movies.

4. She goes shopping t_______ a week.

5. Exercising more is good for our h_________.

6. Animal World is one of my favorite TV _________( program).

7. Eating vegetable _______ (be) a good habit.

8. It’s bad for students (spend) too much time on computer games.

9. We should try ________ (do) everything well.

10.Mom often tells me _______( not play) computer games too much.

五 根据汉语提示完成句子,每空一词(10分)

1. 我父亲通常在晚上6点钟到家。

My father _______ ________ home at six in the evening.

2. 他们经常一周熬夜三次。

They often _______ ________ late three times a week.

3. 或许我有点不健康。

________ I’m unhealthy.

4. 约翰每天都喝很多咖啡。

John _______ lots of coffee every day.

5. 他因为重病而没有看全运会。

He didn’t watch the National Games _______ ________ his serious illness.

六 句型转换(10分) ________ ________ _________ she _______ to the movies? ______ _______ ________ does he sleep every night? _______ _______ she ______ on vacation?

4. I bought something for my father? (改为否定句)

I _______ ________ ________ for my father.

5. There are over one hundred teachers in our school.(改为同义句) There are _______ ________ one hundred teachers in our school.




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