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2013年秋人教版七年级英语月考试卷Starter Unit1-Unit2

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( (



( 二、单项填空(15分)

( )1. 英语字母中有两个可以独立成单词,它们是______

A. I.O B. I.A C.A.E D.B.I

( )2. Excuse me. Where is your mother? I can’t find(找到)_____ .

A. her B. she C. him D. he

( )3. – What_____ your brother’s name?

A. is B. are C. am D. be

( )4. _____ is a student from Australia. _____ name is Tina.

A. She, Her B. He, Her C. She, His D. He, His

( )5. ---Good afternoon, Eric !

---- _____ ,Frank!

A. Good morning B. Hello! Good evening

C. Good bye D. Good afternoon!

( )6.在四线三格中占格相同的一组字母是______

A.ac B.cb C.df D.bf

( )7. ---_____ color is the apple?

--- It’s_____ .

A.Which ,a red B.What’s , red

C.Which , red apple D. What , red

( )8.An orange is_______

A. oranges B. an orange C. orange D. A or C

( )9. ---What’s _____ name?

--- _____ name is Nick.

A. your, His B.her, Her C.his, his D.his, His

( )10. ---Is that your backpack?

--- _____ .

A. No, it isn’t B. Yes, it’s C.No, it not D. Yes, it isn’t

( )11. --- _____ your friend fine?

--- No, _____ .


A. Is, he isn’t B.Is , it’s C.Are, he isn’t D. Are, he is

( )12. ---What’s_____ and five?

--- It’s_____ .

A.two;six B. three;eight C. four;seven D.zero;three

( )13. Our teacher is a yong man. We call him _____

A.Mrs. B. Mr. C. Miss D. Ms.

( )14. ---Is that girl your sister?

---___________ .

A. Yes, she is B. Yes, it is C.No, she is D. No, she isn’t

( )15. --- What’s yellow and red ?

--- It’s _____ .

A. green B.orange C. purple D. brown


My name is Jack Green.Jack Green

is my last name.I am twelve.I am an English boy.There four persons(人) my family.a sister.is Mary.She is only four. girl. My father and my mother teachers(老师).They their work(他们的工作) very much.They have many .

( )16.A.am B.is C.are D.be

( )17.A.or B.and C.but D.to

( )18.A.are B.is C.have D.has

( ) 19.A.of B.for C.at D.in

( )20.A.has B.have C.am D.are

( )21.A.My B.She C.His D.Her

( )22.A.well B. interest C. good D. very

( )23.A.is B.have C.are D.not

( )24.A.does B.do C.1ikes D.1ike

( )25.A.teachers B.class C.friends D.students



Look at this. It’s a blue bag. It is my bag. What’s in it? Look, this is my English book. It’s blue, too. My Chinese book is bag. It is yellow. This is my pencil-case. It’s big and nice. I like English and Chinese. My bag is my good friend

26.My bag is______ .


A. yellow B. blue C. nice D. Big

27. —What’s in my bag?


A. My English book B. My Chinese book

C. My pencil-case D. All the three

28.. My Chinese book is also in my bag. "also" means(意思

是)______ .

A.也 B.颜色 C.不在 D.放进

29. My______. is my good friend

A. Chinese book B. English book C. pencil case D. bag

30. My pencil case is______.

A. yellow B. blue C. big and nice D. my friend


Hi! I’m a boy. My name is Jack Smith. My family name is Smith. I’m in Xinghua School. What’s this? Oh, it’s my backpack. It’s yellow. Is that a notebook? No, it isn’t. It's my white telephone. My telephone number is 487-3960. You can call me.

( )31. Jack Smith is __________.

A. a boy B. a girl C. girl D. boy

( )32. _____ is his family name.

A. Smith B. Jack C. Jack Smith D. Smith Jack

( )33. Jack’s backpack is _______.

A. blue B. white C. yellow D. black

( )34. –Is Jack’s telephone white?-- ______.

A. Yes,it is. B. Yes, he is. C. No, it isn’t. D. No, he isn’t.

( )35. We can call Jack at ______.

A. 487-3960 B. 487-6390 C. 487-9360 D. 487-3690


This is a picture of Bill’s family. The man in a car is Mr Read. He’s in his car. The woman is in the black car, too.She is in a yellow 3

sweater. She’s a worker. Mr and Mrs Read have a son and two daughters. Their son, Bill, is on a bike. He’s in a blue coat. His sister, Ann, is a teacher. She’s not here. She’s at school. Sue is Bill’s sister, too. She is behind her father’s car. She has a nice cat. It’s black and white. Look, it is on the car.

( )36. Mr Read’s car is_____.

A. red B. blue C. black D. white

( )37. Who’s Bill’s mother?

A. The one on the bike B. The one in Bill’s car.

C. The one behind the car. D. The one in a sweater.

( )38. How many people can you see in the picture?

A. Two B. Three C. Four D. Five

( )39. Who’s a school teacher?

A. Bill’s father B.Bill’s mother.

C.Sue’s brother. D. Sue’s sister.

( )40. Where can you see a cat?

A. In the bike. B. On the car. C. In the car. D. On the bike.


This is a Chinese boy. His name is Wu Yonghua. He is twelve. He is in No. 8 Middle School. He’s in Class Three, Grade Two. His English teacher is Mr. Liu. His Chinese teacher is Mr. Zhu. Bob is an English boy. He’s in No. 8 Middle School, too. His English teacher is Miss Wang. His Chinese teacher is Mrs. Fang. Wu Yonghua and Bob both like basketball. They are good friends.

( ) 41. Wu Yonghua is _____ boy.

A. an American B. a Chinese C. an English D. a Japanese

( )42. How old is Wu Yonghua? _______.

A. He’s 10 B. He’s 11 C. She’s 12 D. He’s 12

( ) 43. Bob’ English teacher is ______.

A. Miss Wang B. Mrs.Fang C. Mr. Liu D. Mr. Zhu

( )44. What class is Bob in? _______.

A. Class Three B. Class Two

C. We don’t know D. Class Three,Grade Two

( ) 45. Which is NOT right(正确)?

A. Mr. Zhu is Bob’s Chinese teacher.


B. Mr. Zhu is Wu Yonghua’s Chinese teacher.

C. Bob is Wu Yonghua’s friend

D.They are in the same (相同的)school.


1.______am a boy. _______name is Eric.(我)

2.______ is Cindy. That backpack is ________..(她)

3. Hello. Nice to meet ______.Is this _______watch?(你)

4.______is my pencil. ______color is red.(它)

5.______is Frank. That computer game is ______..(他)

六. 补全对话 (10分)

A: Good morning!

B: __________ ___________!

A:What’s your name?

B: _________name is Jack.

A: ____________it ,please.

B: J-A-C-K.

A: What’s your _________ ________?

B: It’s Smith.

A: Spell it, please.

B: ____________.

A:What’s your_________ __________?

B: ___________015-358466



















41、_______42、_______43、________44、_________45、__________ 请将一~四题答案写在答题卡上,五~七题写在题中横线上。


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