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Grammar Focus

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Unit 4 What would you do?

Section A Grammar Focus

If I Have a Boat
If I had a boat I'd go out on the ocean And if I had a pony I'd ride him on my boat And we could all together Go out on the ocean Me upon my pony on my boat If I were roy rogers I'd sure enough be single I couldn't bring myself to marrying old dale It'd just be me and trigger We'd go riding through them movies Then we'd buy a boat and on the sea we'd sail

What would you do if you had a million dollars?

I’d give it to charity.

If I were you, I’d wear a shirt and tie.

If I were you, I’d take a small present.

if条件句分两种: 真实条件句和虚拟条件句, 如 何区分则看假设的条件是否能实现。

真实条件句指假设的情况是能够实现的或实现 的可能性很大。
非真实条件句表示的假设只是说话人的主观愿 望或假想,是不可能实现的或实现的可能性不 大, 此时要用虚拟语气。

虚拟语气可以表示过去,现在和将来的情况,它的 基本特点是从句中谓语动词的时态“退后一步” 。 ◆与现在事实相反的假设

此时从句通常用过去时, 主句用should / would / could / might + 动词原形。 If they were here, they would help you.
如果他们在这里, 他们会帮助你。


此时从句通常用过去完成时,主句用should / would / could / might + have + 动词的过去分词。 If you had come here yesterday, you would have seen him. 如果你昨天来这里的话, 你就会见到他。

◆与将来事实可能相反的假设 此时从句通常用过去时/ were to +动词原形/ should + 动词原形,主句用should / would / could / might + 动词 原形。 If you succeeded, everything would be all right.

If you were to succeed, everything would be all right.
If you should succeed, everything would be all right.

如果你能成功, 那一切都会好起来。

注意: 在虚拟语气的从句中, be动词的过去式一律 用were, 不用was。 If I were you, I would go to ask him.

如果我是你, 我就会去问他。

时间 将来




would / should / 动词过去式(be用 were) might / could + 动 should + 动词原形 词原形 were to + 动词原形 would / should / 动词过去式(be 用 were) might / could + 动 词原形


had +动词过去分词

would / should / might / could have + 动词过去分词

曾经有一段真挚的爱情摆在我面前,但我没有珍 惜,等到失去的时候才后悔莫及,尘世间最痛苦 的事莫过于此。 如果上天再给我一次机会的话,我会对那个女孩 说“我爱你”,如果要给这份爱加上一个期限, 我希望是一万年 。

如果上天再给我一次机会的话,我会对那个女孩说 “我爱你”,如果要给这份爱加上一个期限,我希望 是一万年 。

If God gave me another chance, I would say " I love you" to the girl.

If there were a time limit, I wish it would be ten thousand years.

1. I’m very busy now. If I ____(have) time, had
Iwould go go) to the movies with you. ______ (

2. If it is fine tomorrow, we______( go ) for a walk. will go
3.Today is sunny. If it rained , they would stay stay ) at ________ ( home. 4. If I were ____(be) you , Iwould go ______ (go) home. 5. If you study(study) hard, you will get good grades. ____

6. What a pity I haven’t got my car. If I had, I _________( would take take ) you to the airport.

1. 如果我有一百万美元,我就会买一栋大房子. had a million dollars __________________. If I ____________________, I would buy a big house 2. 如果我是你, 我就会去那里. were you would go there If I __________, I _______________. 3. 如果我有一架飞机,我就会环游世界

would travel all over the world had a plane If I ____________, I__________________________.

【2011?四川成都】46. A student in my class said to me, " If I our math teacher, I make math learning easier and more interesting instead of giving the kids much homework to do every day. "

A. were; would B. am; will

C. was; could

【解析】考查虚拟语气及真实条件句与虚拟条件句 的区别。因为“我”不可能是“我的数学老师”, 故本题应该用虚拟语气。依据初中阶段学过的两种 虚拟语气代表句式:①“If I were...,I would/could do...”②“If I did...,I would/could do...”,选A. 注意本 题非“主将从现”。

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