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Module 5 Unit 2It describes the changes in Chinese society 学案 第二课时

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初二 上册 英语学科导学案









一、自主学习(一)课前预习Step 1.Phrases

1. 19世纪末 2. 20世纪中

3. 普通百姓的生活 4. 中国社会

5. 50多年 6. 出生于

7. 小学校长 8. 5年后

9. 人民艺术家 10. 中国最伟大的作家之一

11. 魔术表演 12. 热忱欢迎

二、导学达标Step 2. Revision of the passage

Teahouse is one of Lao She’s most famous plays. He ______ it in 1957. The play has three acts and shows _____________in China from the end of__________ to the middle of the _________ century.It tells us ___________ Wang Lifa and the _________ of his teahouse in Beijing. It ____________ in Chinese society over fifty years.

Lao She ___________ in Beijing in 1899. His mother ______ him _____ a teacher’s school in 1913. After ______ school in 1918, he became ______________ of a primary school. In 1924, Lao She ____________ and went to England. He _______ Chinese at a college in London and ____________ China five years _______. He wrote many plays, ________ and ____________ about people’s lives, and ____________ “the People’s Artist”. Lao She is one of ______________________ of the twentieth century.

At Lao She Teahouse today, customers can ___________ and ___________. If you like ___________, ___________ or ____________, you can enjoy them at the teahouse. Lao She Teahouse ___________________ everyone from all

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初二 上册 英语学科导学案

over the world.

Step 3. Writing

2. Write a passage about Teahouse with the information in the table.

3.Write a passage about your favourite play or film.



Jack and I are friends. We have the same hobbies. Last weekend we planned ______(watch) a ballet. My father offered _________ (take) us there by car. But we decided __________(go) there by bus. It didn’t take us a long time _____________(get) there. We were happy ________(do) it by ourselves. We had a good time.



2.能力提高:1)完成作文 2)阅读理解


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