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1. Yao Ming is___ excellent basketball player.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

2.How about ____ football this Saturday ?

A. to play B. play C. playing D.to playing

3. ____ difficult to understand TV programme in English.

A. That B.This C. Its D. It's

4.He often asks his parents ____ some money.

A. at B. in C. to D.for

5.They ____ her to party yesterday , so she was very happy.

A. invite B. invited C. will invite D. are inviting

6. Football is so exciting that _______ people in the word play it.

A. million of B. millions of C. two millions D. two millions of

7.--____is the population of Shanghai?


A.What B. How many C.How much D. Where

8.Sally and Sam are sister and brother, but Sam is ___shorter than Sally.

A.more B. little C. much D. many

9.Good students always listen ____ in class.

A. carelessly B. carefully C. badly D. good


---I hurt my leg.

A. How are you B.What's the matter with you

C.What are you like D.What's this


Many children like __11___ TV. It’s very interesting. They can see a lot and ___12___ many things about other people.Of course, they can learn over the radio,but they can learn __13__ and more easily with TV. Why? Because they

can hear and watch __14__ , but they __15__ anything on the radio.

TV helps to __16__ children 's eyes. TV helps to open their minds, too.They

can __17__ better ways to do things.

Many children watch TV only _18__ Saturday and Sunday evening.The are very

__19__ ,because they usually have a lot of homework to do. But a few children watch TV every night.They go to bed __20__ . Be careful! Watching TV too much is bad for their eyes.

11.A.watching B.seeing

C.looking D.watch

12.A.give B.know C.talk D.buy

13.A.fewer B.a little C.better D.some

14.A.at home B.at work

C.TV and radio D.at the same time

15.A.can't watch B.aren't going to hear

C.don't get D.mustn't listen

16.A.close B.open C.wash D.clean

17.A.hear B.listen C.find D.tell

18.A.in B.on C.from D.to

19.A.free B.busy C.full D.welcome

20.A.early B.late C.quickly D.slowly



Everyone has a hobby. My hobby is keeping a diary in English.

When I was nine yeas old , I began to have my hobby.At first it seemed hard for me, but now it is easy. I know it's possible to learn English well.After school,I often go to the school library to read English stories or articles. Sometimes my English teacher introduces some interesting things to me. I collect information for my diary by doing these.

After I finish my diary every day, I always try to correct mistakes with the help of the dictionary. Now my English is very good.

I love my hobby. It helps me a lot to learn English well.

21. I began to keep a diary _____

A.when I was nine years old

B.before I was nine

C.when I was eight years old

D.for nine years

22. _____ it was not easy for me to keep a diary in English.

A.Now B.Usually C.At last D.At first

23. From the passage we know ______ is one of the best ways to learn English well

A.keeping a diary B.more reading

C.more speaking D.more listening

24. How do I collect information for my diary?

A.I often read English stories or articles.

B.My teacher sometimes introduces some interesting things to me.

C.I often go to the cinema.

D.Both A and B.

25. From the passage we can say it's ______ for us to have a good hobby.

A.bad B.useless C.helpful D.careless


Oxford is a city in the UK. It's in the west of the UK and it's famous for the University of Oxford. It's an old university — about 900 years old. It has a longer history than Cambridge University. It's the oldest university in the English speaking world.

there are about 20,000 students and they are from all over the world. Many students go to school by bike.There are 38 colleges in the University of Oxford,but Cambridge University has only 31 colleges.There are 104 libraries in the University of Oxford.Bodleian Library(博德莱安图书馆) is the second largest library in the UK. Stephen Hawking was a student of the University of Oxford. He's a great scientist. Clinton(克林顿),the 42nd American president was also a student of the University.

26.How old is the University of Oxford ?

A.About 800 years old. B.About 900 years old.

C.About 100 years old. D.About 600 years old.

27. Many students go to school by ______ .

A.car B.train C.bike D.plane

28. There are ______ libraries in the University of Oxford.

A.104 B.114 C.140 D.31

29.The underlined word “president” means ______ in Chinese.

A.总理 B.总统 C.学者 D.教授

30.From the passage we can learn ______ .

A.the University of Oxford is in the east of the UK

B.there are 31 colleges in Cambridge University

C.Bodleian Library is the largest library in the UK

D.Clinton wasn't a student of the University of Oxford


Hello!Welcome to our programme.I'm John.I'm in a health club now.I'm talking with four students who joined the club.

Hi! My name is David.I want to be healthy.Good health makes me feel good and helps me to study better. So I join the club.I come here on Fridays.I exercise thirty minutes each time.

Hello! I'm Alice.I am very heavy. My friends said I looked unhealthy. So I come here to exercise. I come here three times a week and spend fifty minutes each time. Now I look healthy.

I'm Ann. I have too much homework to do every day. I often feel tired. I think exercise can make me relaxed and help me to study better. Although(尽管)I am very busy every day, I spend forty minutes here.

I'm Bill. I always wanted to sleep in class, although I sleep nine hours each night. The doctor said I was unhealthy and needed to exercise. So I come here.I find that I have a lot of energy after twenty-minute exercises each day. Now I never sleep in class.

31.David goes to the health club ______ .

A.every day B.once a week C.once a month D.three times a week

32. Alice exercises ______ minutes each time.

A.20 B.30 C.40 D.50

33. ______ think exercise can help them to study better.

A.David and Ann B.Ann and Alice

B.Alice and Bill D.David and Alice

34. What does the underlined word “energy”mean in Chinese?

A.希望 B.活力 C.痛苦 D.惊奇

35.Which of the following is NOT right ?

A.John is talking with four students.

B.Ann sleeps nine hours each night.

C.Bill and Alice come to exercise because they are not healthy.

D.David doesn't come to the club on Saturday.

五. 词汇. 10%

A. 根据句意及汉语意思补全单词. ( 5 分 )

36.I don’t know how to learn English well. Can you give me some ______(建议)?

37.She made some _______(错误) in the exam. So she didn’t pass the exam.

38.The gate isn’t ______(宽阔) enough to gate the car through.

39.Basketball is so ______(另人激动的) that many people play it.

40.There’re many _____(小岛) in Zhoushan.

B.用所给词的适当形式填空. (5分 )

41.Jim _____(go) to the cinema next week.

42.Don’t _____(forget) to close the door when you leave .

43.Who is _____(heavy), you or your brother ?

44.The population of Shenzhen is over ten _____(million).

45.I like table tennis because it’s _____(relax).


Parkour(跑酷) is a new kind of sport. David Belle, a Frenchman,started this sport.

He is thirty-six years old. Now Parkour is more and more popular in some big cities in china.

In this sport, you can run everywhere in the city, The runners called traceurs(练习者) run quickly and they can even climb the houses.

To be a traceur, he must be strong and have good physical coordination(身体协调性). He must have great courage(勇气). Parkour is exciting but it is also a very dangerous sport. If you want to practise Parkour, please be more careful.

46.David Belle started parkour. He is _________ years old.

47.Parkour is more and more _________ in some big cities in China.

48.The runners run quickly and they can even climb the _________ .

49.Parkour is exciting but it is also a very _________ sport.

50.If you want to practise Parkour, please be more _________ .



1.What are the popular sports in your school?

2.What kind of sport do you like best?

3.Why do you like it ?

4.When and where do you play?

(exciting,relaxing,interesting,keep fit,make...strong,when...free )

My favourite sport


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