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八年级英语周周清 2013.1017



1.Liven is _______than I am.

A.funny and outgoing B.more funnier and outgoing

C.funnier and more outgoing D.more funny and outgoing

2.Tina is ______taller than Tara, but Tara is _____serious than Tina.

A.more ; much B.much ; more C.little ; much D.much ; a little

3.Li Lei and Li Ming ______black hair.

A.have both B.both have C.has both D.both has

4.William enjoys ______stamps. And now he has 360 stamps.

A.to collect B.collecting C.collects D.collected

5.This city isn’t the same ______that one.They are different ______each other.

A.from ; at B.as ; with C.as ; from D.with ; as

6.She likes talking to others,singing and dancing, but I like staying at home. So she is ______than I am .

A.funnier B.quieter C.more outgoing D.more quietly

7.Lily is not _____good at _____sports as her sister.

A.as ; play B.as ; playing C.so ; play D.so ; plays

8.My cousin is very funny. He often makes us ______.

A.laugh B.to laugh C.laughing D.laughs

9.I’m a little heavy so it’s not easy for me _____fast.

A.run B.running C.runs D.to run

10.It’s not necessary _____the same.

A.be B.to be C.being D.been


1.My best friend is ______ ________(更勤奋刻苦)than me .

2.The twin brothers are quite ________ ________(与.....不同)each other.

3._______ _______(实际上),I’m very serious about my school work . But my mum always thinks I’m lazy.

4.As for friends,I think it’s necessary to be the same.So my friends are all______________ ____________(与.....相似,类似)me.

5.My parents ______________ ______________ ________________(真正很关心)me.I love them.

6.For me,a good friend likes to do___________ ________________things_______________(和....一样)me.

7.He comes from the best_______________ _________________(小学)in that town.

8.You are the happiest person in this world________________ ______________ _________________(只要)your mum is with you.

9.This girl is very______________ ________________(与......相处融洽,善待)kids.She wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

10.I have______________ _________________(更多朋友)than Jim because I’m very outgoing.


A:Tina,do you think you are different from your sister Tara?


A:Really? In what ways are you different?

B;I’m friendlier and funnier.________________________.


B:I am. I can run faster and jump higher.

A:Who is better at music?

B:Oh,Tara is very good at music. She can sing and dance better than me.


B:Yes,She sings more loudly than me.

A:Who is lazier?

B:I’m lazier than her. She is smarter than me.____________________.She always gets good

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