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1. Our English teacher is Peter Hall. His _____ name is Hall. A. first B. given C. family D. Chinese 2. --- ________? --- I think she is twenty-two. A. Where are you from B. Is she in Class 2 C. How old is Mike D. How old is Betty

3. Kate is _____ England, and she is _____ China now. A. in, in B. from, in C. from, from D. on, in 4. It’s nice _____ you all.

A. meet B. to meet C. meeting D. meets

5. ---- It’s hot. What about ______ the window? --- Good idea. A. open B. to open C. opening D. to opening 6. I have ____ aunt. She’s ____ doctor. A. an, an B. a, a C. a, an D. an, a 7. My aunt is the manager _____ a hotel. A. of B. for C. in D. on

8. --- What’s your sister’s job? --- ________.

A. She’s fourteen B. She’s a nurse C. He’s a doctor D. She’s fine 9. ______ small family! There are only tow people in the family. A. How B. What C. What a D. How a 10. I work at a bus station, and I’m a______.

A. nurse B. teacher C. actor D. bus driver 11. My dad’s parents are _____right.

A. in a B. in the C. on a D. on the

12. Are there ______ science labs behind the playground? A. some B. any C. a D. a lot 13. The library is _____ the classroom.

A. next B. in front C. next to D. in the front of 14. On the desk there is _______ .

A. a clock and some books B. some books and a clock C. desks and some books D. some books and some clocks 15. ----_____ his photos? --- ______ on the table. A. Where are, It’s B. Where’s They’re C. Where are, They’re D. How many, They’re 二、完形填空

Lucy, look __1___ the picture. It’s a ______ of our classroom. In the picture you can see some desks __2___ chairs. On the blackboard, you can see two black and white cats. A map

is __3___ the door. It’s a __4___ map __5___ Beijing. Under the ___6__desk is a ball, but you can’t see it. The __7___ in blue is my good friend Jim. He is a new student. He is ___8___ American boy. He looks __9__ Mike. But they are not __10___. 11. A. on B. to C. at D. in

12. A. room B. picture C. door D. map 13. A. or B. but C. and D. for 14. A. behind B. to C. in D. of 15. A. in B. on C. of D. at

16. A. teacher B. of teacher C. teacher’s D. teachers 17. A .girl B. woman C. teacher D. boy 18. A. a B. an C. the D. //

19. A. at B. like C. after D. the same

20. A .girl B. boys C. twins(双胞胎) D. students 三、阅读理解

A. teacher, doctor B. secretary, doctor C. teacher, manager 22. I’m ill(生病的), so I call ______.

A. 022-23504542 B. 0531-7595482 C. 029-5562549 23. Tom and Wu Qiang are in ______.

A. Xi’an B. the same city C. Taiyuan 24. Tom Smith may (可能) work at a ______. A. university(大学) B. hotel C. theatre

25. If (如果) I writer to Li Xueyan, the zip code(邮编) is ______. A. 710061 B. 030016 C. 300044


Many people in England like Chinese food very much. The Smith family like it too. Mrs Smith can cook Chinese food. What has she got for Chinese food? She has got some noodles and rice. She has got three tomatoes, tow onions and two carrots. How about meat? She has got some fish and chicken. What’s for drink? She has got some Chinese tea. It’s a healthy


根据短文内容判断所给句子的正(T)误(F) 26. People all like Chinese food a lot.

27. Mr Smith and Mrs Smith like Chinese food.

28. Mrs Smith has got some noodles and rice for English food. 29. Mrs Smith has got some fruit too. 30. Chinese tea is a healthy drink.

C 第二卷



1. / / 2. / / 3./ 4./ / 5. / / B)写出划线部分字母或字母组合的音标

/ / / 4. first // / / 四、根据首字母完成句子

1. The doctor works in the h________.

2. In the m________ of the school is a big playground.

3. There are six s__________ labs and five computer rooms in our school. 4. They are from A_________ and we are from China. 5. Beijing is the c_______ of China.

6. There are five people in her f________.

7. My father and my mother are my p__________. 8. He is a hotel m_________.

9. A policeman works at a police s__________.

10. The dining hall is next to the classrooms b_________. 五、用所给词的适当形式填空

1. _______(he) favourite colour is red.

2. I’m from from ________(English). And I’m not Engilsh. 3. ______(They) mother is thirty-five years old. 4. ______(this) aren’t Lily’s shoes.

5. Mr. Li is my _______(one) English teacher. 6. I don’t know his ________(parents) names. 7. I have a cat. ________(it) name is Mimi.

8. How many _____________(policeman) are there? 9. Mary’s grandparents are farm ________(work). 10. We ________(real) like our new school. 六、句型转换:


_______ ______ ______ are there in ______ classroom? (划线提问) _____ _____ she from?

划线提问) _____ ____ _____he?

4. I can speak Chinese. (改为否定句) _____ _____ speak Chinese.

5. I have some books. (改为否定句) I ____ ____ _____ books. 七、根据汉语完成句子

1. 在教学楼的右边是操场。 /



4. 在她旁边的那个女孩是她的女儿。





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