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初三英语外研版modeul 3测试题

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Module 3过关测试

二. 单项选择

( ) 21. Gina was _______ in 1999. She is old enough to go to school.

A. bear B. bore C. born D. bears

( ) 22. —The skirt looks different from others and it is nice.

—Thanks. It _______ by my mother last month.

A. made B. is made C. has been made D. was made

( ) 23. Personal computers _______ in 1976. It has changed the whole world.

A. have been invented B. are invented C. were invented D. invented

( ) 24. As a child, I _______ to drink.

A. was allowed B. wasn’t allowed C. allowed D. will be allowed

( ) 25. —Look! The tree is growing well. When ________?

—Three years ago.

A. was it planted B. did it plant C. will it be planted D. is it planted

( ) 26. — Don’t worry. You _____ plenty of time to decide.

— Thanks a lot.

A. will give B. have given C. are giving D. will be given

( )27. —Professor Wang ______ to give us a talk next week.

—Really? That’s good news.

A. will invite B. is going to invite C. will be invited D. has invited

( ) 28. His new book___ next month.

A. will be published B. is publishing C. is being published

( ) 29. The old bridge in my hometown___ next month.

A. is going to be rebuilt B. will rebuilt C. are going to be rebuilt

( ) 30. The sports meeting ___ be held until next week.

A. doesn't B. won't C. isn't

( )31. Next Monday is Jane’s birthday. She hopes that many good presents _____

to her then.

A. will give

A. Although B. will be given C. are given B. Before C. So that D. are giving D. Now that ( )32. ______ everyone has arrived, let’s start our class meeting.

( )33. We should encourage the children affected (影响) by the earthquake ______

happy to face the life in future.

A. being B. are C. to be D. were

( )34. —Did they _____ the final game? —Sorry, I have no idea.

A. beat B. defeat C. win D. look

( ) 35. — Which team will the Chinese football team play ______?

— The Korean team.

A. for B. on C. against D. at

B. pleased C. mad D. bored ( )36. — Why are you so _____ with Tom? — He broke my newly-bought camera. A. amazed

( )37. Please give him a ______ to explain. Maybe he is right.

A. answer B. reply C. problem D. chance

( )38. What he said _______ so I went outside at once without a word.

A. gets to me B. got to me C. got to him D. gets to him

( )39. USA ______ the United States of America.

A. looks like B. stands for C. makes D. spells

( )40. The earthquake destroyed their restaurant. With the help of the government,

they have _____ a new one.

A. taken up B. set up C. found out D. got to


Have you heard of Zhou Yang? She is now well known an excellent short track speed skater (短道速滑运动员).

Zhou Yang is not an overnight on June 9th, 1991 and started at the age of 8. She fell in love with the at once when she put on her skate shoes to train for the first time. Soon her talent (天分) for short track speed skating was . Zhou Yang trained hard and made her way into In the world championships(锦标赛) in 2008, Zhou Yang set a world record in the 1,500m event. Zhou herself again at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Her gold medal in the women’s 1,500 meters in the Winter Olympics — China had never won the event before.

“Winning 1,500m is my dream, I still have one more dream, winning the relay (接力) competition,” Zhou Yang said.

Her “one more dream” when she and her teammates won the women’s 3000m short track relay with a new world record.

( ) 41. A. as B. like

B. fan C. for D. with D. prize ( ) 42. A. problem C. success

( ) 43. A. skiing ( ) 44. A. season ( ) 45. A. noticed ( ) 47. A. taught ( ) 48. A. first ( ) 49. A. so

B. swimming C. running B. sport

C. movie C. received C. at first C. allowed C. third C. or

B. refused B. proved B. second B. but

B. grew up

D. skating D. book D. forgot D. at last D. accepted D. last D. if D. ran away

( ) 46. A. some day B. as well

( ) 50. A. saw off C. came true


61. 你们上次被打败了。 You __________ last time. 62.刘翔得到了一个特殊项目的帮助。

Liu Xiang _____________ by a special program. 63.我们将被要求在奥林匹克运动会上表演

We ___________________ to play in the Olympic Games. 64.这次比赛什么时候举行。

When ______ the match _______________? 65.首先,他将应邀参加世界各地的比赛

____________, he __________________to competitions around the world.

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