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8A Unit1导学案 Welcome

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无锡市太湖格致中学目标达成学案 编号001


班级_____________ 姓名_____________

课题:Unit1 Friends Welcome to the unit 课型:新授课 主备:浦 俪 审核:初二英语备课组 使用时间:2012. 09


1. 谈论人的外貌个性,复习描述人的单词和表达法.

2. 谈论各自的朋友,掌握描述人物相貌和品质的知识.



(tall, short, fat, slim, pretty, strong, big, small, clever, good-looking, hard-working, brave, honest, friendly, helpful, polite, kind, shy,musical)

1. What does your friend look like?

2. What kind of person is your friend?


1. have something to drink/eat 有一些喝的 / 吃的

e.g. 我有些事要告诉你. I have _______ ________ ________ you.

我有许多作业要做. I have ___________________________________.

2. Can I have some more food? 我能再吃点食物吗?

e.g. 我想再要些蛋糕. I want _______ _______ cakes.

3. There is nothing else: 意思是There is no other things

e.g. 我不需要别的东西了. I need ________ _________.

I don’t need _________ _________.

4. share sth. with sb. 和某人分享……

e.g. 我和妹妹住一个房间. I _________ a room _________ my sister.

5. have problem with…..有……的问题

我在英语上有些问题.I have some ________ ________ my English.

6. believe what he /she says =believe his /her words 相信他所说的

7. make sb. do, 使得我大笑 make ______ _______

make sb.+ adj. (make + 宾语 + 形) make 作使役动词

使得我开心 make _______ _______



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无锡市太湖格致中学目标达成学案 编号001 _____________________________________________________________________________


一. 根据中文或首字母完成句子

1. Don’t talk to him, please keep____________ (秘密)

2. The present is very _____________(特殊的), I’ll keep it for ever.

3. I bought a _____________(杂志)named Reader.

4. Toney is m______________. He can play the piano very well.

5. She is an h______________ girl. We all believe her.

6. Daniel is a g___________ boy. He is very handsome.

二. 单项选择

1. It’s getting hot. You need to drink ____________ water.

A. one more B more some C some more D any more

2. I’m hungry. Can I have something _______ , please?

A. eat B. to eat C eating D. eats

3. Let Tom play with your toys, Jack. You must learn to_________.

A. work B. make C. save D. share

4. Lily is _______ honest friend. She shares happiness and worries with me.

A. the B a C. an D. /

5. I don’t think there is _________ we need to do tonight.

A anything else B else anything C. something else D nothing else

6. Grandfather died last week. That made us __________.

A happily B sadly C sad D happy





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