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8A Unit1导学案 Reading 2

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无锡市太湖格致中学目标达成学案 编号003


班级_____________ 姓名_____________

课题:Unit1 Friends Reading 2 课型:新授课 主备:浦 俪 审核:初二英语备课组 使用时间:2012. 09


1 学习用形容词描述朋友的外貌和个性





(1) She is as slim as I am.

( as +adj+ as 一样/ not as … as不及/比不上/不如)

他象我一样细心. He is ________ ________ _______ me.

Hobo没Eddie胖。Hobo is not as fat as Eddie.

(2) be willing to do =be ready to do 乐意做某事

He is willing to stay with us for the holiday.

Many people are ready to live in the country today.

(3) someone in need 需要帮助的人们


We will ______ ______ for the people ________ _________.

(4) travel around the world when she grows up她长大时想周游世界

你长大时想干什么 What do you want to do ______ ______ ______ ______.

(5) because of doing / because of sth. = because + 句子

He didn’t come to school on time because of ______ (有雨).

He didn’t come to school on time because of _______ _______ (有雨).

He didn’t come to school on time because ________ _______(天下雨).

(6) have a sense of humour/time/duty/beauty……有幽默/时间/责任/美感

Our teacher has a sense of humour, and often makes us laugh.

He is often late, and he has no sense of time.

(7) something worries me = something makes me worried

(8) say a bad word about sb.说某人坏话

It’s not polite to say a bad word about someone behind him.

He never says a bad word about anyone.

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无锡市太湖格致中学目标达成学案 编号003

(9) keep a secret保密

Nobody else knows it. Keep it a secret.

(10) knock over 撞倒=knock off

He knocked over the cup on the table.

A bus knocked him over when he crossed the road.

(11) walk past 路过/经过

walk through 穿过/穿越(中间) walk across 横过(表面)




一. 根据中文和首字母完成句子。

1. Jack practises singing every day because he wants to be a s__________.

2. I’m w__________to help you if you have any problems.

3. He often tells us funny stories. He really has a good s_______ of hunour.

4. My brother is good at Maths. How s_________ he is!

5. How boring the film is! I feel b_____________.

6. V________ for me, please. I want to be your friend.

7. Elsa is tall and she has ___________(直的) hair.

8. Father Christmas is ________ (慷慨的) and all the children like him very much.

9. He often tells me _________(笑话) when we have dinner together.

10. We can often see ______________ (广告)on Newspaper.

二. 句子翻译。

1. 李小姐极富幽默感。

Miss Li _______ a ______ ________ of humour.

2. 男孩子们正在那边看广告,女孩子们呢?

The boys ______ ______ the ______ over there. What ______ the girls?

3. 每个人都认为她很聪明,但他学习不刻苦。

Everyone ________ he is very________. But he doesn’t ______ ______.

4. 我们的数学老师视力不好,带着眼镜。

Our Maths teacher _______ _______ _______ and _______ round glasses.

5. 他从不说别人的坏话。

He never ______ ______ ______ about anyone.

6. 贝蒂长大后想成为一名歌手。

Betty wants _____ ______ a singer when she _______ _______.

7. 由他和我在一起,我从不感到无聊或不开心。

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无锡市太湖格致中学目标达成学案 编号003 I never feel _______ or _______ when he is together with me.

8. 我们成为好朋友已经很长时间了。

We have been good friends ________ _______ ________ ________.





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