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试题 人教新目标版

第一节 听音选图


( )

1. A. B. C. ( )2. A. B. C.

( )3. A. B. C.

( )4. A. B. C.

( )5. A. B. C.

第二节 情景反应


( )6. A. It’s a pleasure. B. It’s rainy. C. It’s big.

( )7. A. Three times a day. B. 2 pills at a time. C. For 4 hours. ( )8. A. I’m 14 years old. B. I like apples. C. I had a fight with my brother.

( )9. A. Yes, I do. B. No, I can’t. C. No, I won’t.

( )10. A. They’re Jack’s. B. They’re beautiful. C. They’re 40 yuan.

第三节 对话理解




( )11.What’s Jenny going to do?

A. She is going to the park. B. She is going to the movie. C. She is going to finish

her homework.

( )12.What will happen if Tom copies Jenny’s homework?

A. His mother will be mad at him. B. His mother won’t take him to the park. C. His mother won’t take him to the movie.

听第二段对话,完成13—15 小题。

( )13. Who borrowed money from Cindy?

A. Allen. B. Mary. C. Alison.

( )14. What will Cindy buy for her mother?

A. A dictionary. B. A dress. C.A scarf.

( )15. Why will Cindy buy a gift for her mother?

A. Because her mother’s birthday is coming.

B. Because Mother’s Day is coming. C. Sorry, I don’t know.

第四节 短文理解

听短文,选择所给问题的正确答案, 短文读三遍。(每小题1分,共5分)

( )16. Mr. Wang was two years ago.

A.60 years old. B.58 years old. C. 62 years old.

( )17. Mr. Wang is now.

A. ill B. busy C. free

( )18. Mr. Wang grows some flowers .

A. in his office. B. in a field. C. in a house.

( )19. In the morning Mr. Wang .

A. does some cleaning. B. does some washing. C. does some walking.

( )20. Does Mrs. Wang love the flowers?

A. Yes, she does. B. No, she doesn’t. C.I don’t know.



( )1. -Why didn’t Jenny come to school today?

- Sorry, I don’t know____ come and later I’ll give her a call.

A. why didn’t she B. why she didn’t C. why did she D. why she

( )2. Would you mind ____________ the lights? It’s dark inside.

A.turn on B. turning on C. turn off D. turning off

( )3. If Mg ________ in O2, we _______MgO, and it_________ chemical change.

A. will burn, get, calls B. burns, will get, called

C. will burn, can get, is calling D. burns, will get, is called

( )4. Few of them hurt themselves in the accident last night_____?

A.don't they B.didn't they C.did they D.do they ( ) 5. . My sister as well as my friends _____ playing ping-pong now .

A .is B .are C .was D. were


( )6. His father wanted to have him _____ the radio, but he had had it _____ already.

A. repair, repair B. repair, repaired C. repaired, to repair D.to repair, repair

( )7. ______hot weather! I prefer to stay at home rather than_____out to play.

A.What; to go B.How; go C.What;go D.How;to go

( )8. His parents don’t _______him______ watch TV on school nights. A. allows; to B. allow; with C. allowed; with D. allow; to

( )9.Sam_______stamps since he was 11 years old and now he has 200 of them.

A. collected B. had collected C. was collecting D. has been collecting

( )10.The color seems green _________ blue.

A. rather to B. prefer to C. more than D. rather than

( )11.They have worked in this city for___________. A. two year and a half B. two and a half year C. two years and half a D. two and a half years

( )12. _______careful you are, ________mistakes you’ll make.

A. The more; the more B. The fewer, the more C. The more; the fewer D. The less; the less

( )13.Why not ________boating with us in the park?

A. go B. going C. to go D. goes

( )14. We’re looking forward ______________ the movie star.

A. to see B. seeing C. to seeing D.see

( )15. He’s used to _____ in the afternoon .

A. play B. plays C. playing D. played

( ) 16. Yesterday Dick made me ____ for a long time.

A. to wait B. wait C. waited D. waiting

( ) 17. All the clerks went home ____ Mr Wang, for he had to finish his work.

A. except B. besides C. without D. beside

( ) 18. —Which park would you like to visit, People’s Park or West Hill Park? —_____ . I would like to visit Seaside Park.

A. Both. B. Either C. Neither

( ) 19. Australia is ________ country.

A. an English-speaking B. a speaking-English C. a speaking English’s

( )20. Mrs Green is a ___________ woman.

A. 30 years B. 30 year C. 30-year-old D. 30-years-old


We asked some people what annoyed them. Here is what they said: Larry doesn’t like 1 when shop assistant has a long conversation. When that 2 , she usually says “Would you mind 3 me?” And she doesn’t like it when shop assistants follow her around. Then she often says, “Could you please 4 me around? I will ask you if I need 5 .” Usually the shop assistants say they are sorry, but sometimes they get mad. If that happens, she 6 back to that store again. Nick 7 when someone talks to him while he is reading. This happens to him all time in the school library. When it happens, he usually talks to the person 8 3

he wants to be polite. But because he’s polite, people don’t know he gets annoyed. So they do 9 thing again. Perhaps in the future he should try 10 so polite. ( ) 1.A. wait in line B. waiting in line C. waited in line D. waits in line

( ) 2.A. happens B. happen C. happened D. happening

( ) 3.A. helps B. helped C. help D. helping

( )4.A. follow B. not follow C. follows D. don’t follow

( ) 5.A. some help B. some helps C. some helping D. any help

( ) 6.A. didn’t go B. doesn’t go C. don’t go D. won’t go

( ) 7.A. get annoy B. gets annoyed C. get annoying D. gets annoy

( )8.A. and B. so C. because D. but

( )9.A. the different B. the same C. the difference D. same

( )10.A. not to be B. be C. don’t to be D. not doing


A: ____1____

B: I’m looking for a present for my sister’s birthday.

A: What does she like?

B: I’m not sure.____ 2_____

A: _____3_____

B: No. That’s too common, not creative enough.

A: ___4___She can put her photos in it. That can keep her memories.

B: That sounds good. She’ll like it

A: How much is it?

B: 25 yuan.

1._______ 2. ________ 3._________ 4. __________ 5._________




( )1. You can play basketball there at _______.

A. 3:00pm B. 11:00pm C. 8:00am D. 11:00am

( )2. If you want to take part in some swimming races, you can call _______.

A. 518—1286 B. 518—5626 C. 518—8159 D. 518—7628

( )3. Free classes include(包括) _______.

A. basketball and tennis B. ball games and swimming

C. dancing and roller-skating D. swimming and singing

( )4. If children want to play games, they can go to _______.

A. Ball Games Center B. Swimming Pool C. Free Classes D. Kids’ Corner

( )5. People can’t ______ in the club.

A. play tennis B. swim C. make friends D. play the piano

( B) Mum went to Peter’s bed and said, “I want to borrow Tim’s radio for you?” Peter touched the letter in his pocket (口袋) and said, “Thanks, Mum!” “Today I want to send you a special gift on the radio. It’ll surprise you. I will come back soon,” she said and quickly left in the heavy snow.

Peter took out the letter. He got it this afternoon. Mum didn’t know about it. Mum wrote in the letter: The 26th of this month is my son Peter’s birthday. Could you bless(祝福)him? He has been ill for one month. The radio station wrote in the top: I’m sorry that we have cancelled(取消) this program.

Mum came back with a radio. There was lots of snow on her clothes. And the program began quickly. Next, Peter got very surprised. “At first, we planned to cancel this program, but lots of people like it very much. Now, let’s bless the following(下列的) people together. Kate, Martin, Linda┅” The list was very long. Mum was too tired and she fell asleep. Peter didn’t hear his name to the end. But he was quite moved. He woke up Mum, “Mum, I heard my name just now. Thank you for your gift, Mum!” Mum smiled with tears. Peter also smiled with tears. He believed it was his best gift.

( )1. It was ____________ in Peter’s birthday.

A. rainy B. snowy C. windy

( )2. What was Mum’s special gift to Peter?

A. She wrote a letter to him. B. She blessed him in the radio. C. She asked the radio station to bless him.


( )3. Why didn’t Peter give the letter to his mother? Because _________________.

A. he was ill for a month B. his mother was very tired C. his mother would be disappointed

( )4. How did Peter’s mother feel after the program?

A. Moved B. Tired C. Surprised

( )5. What do you think of Peter?

A. He is a brave boy. B. He likes telling lies. C. He loves his mother.


Schools of Nangtong, Jiangsu Province start the morning classes an hour later than before. That’s, they begin the first class at about 8:30 a.m. This helps students feel less tired. The students are happy about the change.

Liu Ming said, “I’m glad that we don’t have to get up so early.”

Wu Hongli feels the same. She said that would be good for her health. “I used to get up at 6:30 a.m. I had to drink coffee every night, or I would feel too sleepy to finish my homework, ” said Wu.

Many teachers agree that the change helps students learn better. “Students used to doze(打瞌睡) in the first two classes in the morning,” said Huang Shan, an English teacher. “But now they are full of energy in class and learn much better than before.” However, some parents are worried that more sleep means less learning. There used to be five classes in the morning. Now there are only four. In fact, every coin has two sides. So does the change in the school timetable. 根据短文内容,判断下列句子正误,正确的涂“T”,错误的涂“F”。(10分)

( )1. Schools of Nangtong used to begin the first class at about 7:30a.m.

( )2. Some students and parents feel worried about the change in the school timetable. ( )3. Wu Hongli enjoys drinking coffee at night.

( )4. The English teacher thinks the new timetable does good to the students’ study.

( )5. “Every coin has two sides” means “凡事皆有利弊” in Chinese.


1. Jane is very glad to r___________________ a letter from her pen pal.

2. In _____________ (south/southern) part of China, people eat a lot of rice.

3. Maria arrived ___________ (early/earlier) than me.

4. Armstrong is the greatest cyclist, but his way to _________ (success/successful) wasn’t smooth.

5. Shall we sell flowers to _____________ (筹集) money for the picnic?



提示:1. 单词很重要,而记单词的一个很好的方法就是通过读英文杂志

2. 学习语法也是学好英语的一个途径 3. 参加学校的英语俱乐部是提高英语口语的好方法

4. 总而言之,多听、多说、多读、多写一定能提高英语水平

要求:1. 短文须包括所有提示内容,可适当发挥 2. 词数在60左右

参考词汇:提高 improve 总而言之 in one word


How can you learn English well?




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