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-How do Potato chips taste?

-They taste…

crispy and salty

-How do lemon s taste?

-They taste…


-How does the cake taste?

-It tastes…


-How does the beer taste?

-It tastes…


-How do the peppers taste?

-They taste…


1.Can you tell me five tastes?
Sour orange apple tea salt coffee pizza sweet yogurt banana bitter hot salty

2. Which food is sour? 3.Which food is sweet?

4.Which food is bitter?
5.Which food is salty ? 6.Which food is hot ?
pepper onion

-What kind of food do you like?
-I like food that tastes… crispy salty sour sweet





apples candy cakes honey

potato chips Grapes biscuits cookies popcorns oranges potato chips salty egg





? 1. I don’t like eating chocolate. The sweet taste is too _______. ? 2. Mom added salt but it still wasn’t salty _____ enough. ? 3. I prefer lemons to oranges. I like the _______ taste. sour crispy ? 4. She likes ________ cookies. They are hard, dry and easily broken.

Dou you think how to make potato chips? What are needed? The potatoes are cut into slices. The slices are fried in the oil. Some pepper and salt are sprinkled on the slices.

Listen and circle “T” (for true) or “F” (for false).

1.The potato chips were invented by T mistake. 2.They were invented in 1863. T 3.The customer thought the potatoes T weren’t thin enough. 4.The customer said they weren’t salty T enough. 5.George wanted to make the T customer happy. 6.The customer was happy in the end. T





The history of chips
Did you know that potato chips were

invented by mistake? Chipswere invented by a chef called George Crum. They were invented in 1853 .George Crum cooked them for a long time until they were crispy . And he sprinkled lots of salt on them so they were really salty .

What will you do if you are really thirsty?
I’d like to drink these beverages.
[ 'bev?rid? ] n. 饮料

What’s the most traditional beverage in China? Tea has a long history. Tea was discovered 3000 years ago. There’s an ancient legend about tea.

black tea 红茶 green tea 绿茶 milk tea 奶茶

It smells pleasant. It tastes bitter and sweet.

Who invented tea?
Did you know that tea, the most popular drink in the world (after water), was invented by accident? Although tea wasn’t brought to the Western world until 1610, this beverage was discovered over three thousand years before that. According to an Ancient Chinese legend, the emperor Shen Nong Discovered tea when he was boiling drinking water over an open fire. Some leaves from a nearby bush fell into the water and remained there for some time. The emperor noticed that the leaves in the water produced a pleasant smell. Later he decided to taste the hot mixture. It was quite delicious. And in this way, one of the world’s favorite drinks was invented.

Read the article and write answers to the questions.

1.What is the article about ?
It is about

the invention of tea.

2. When was it invented?
It was invented over three thousand years ago.

3.Who was it invented by?
It was invented by the emperor Shen Nong.

4.How was it invented?
It was invented by accident.

Fill in the chart according to 3a
What: Shen Nong tea

When: over three thousand years Where: ancient China How: by accident Today: one of the world’s favorite drinks

Did you know that ___, the most ___ ___ in the world (after water), was invented by accident __ ___ ? wasn’t brought western world Although tea ___ ____ to the ___ ___ until 1610, beverage discovered this ___ was ___ over three thousand years According to ancient Chinese legend emperor before that. ___ __ an ___ ___ ___ , the ___ Shen drinking Nong discovered tea when he was boiling ___ water nearby ___ over an open fire. Some leaves from a ___ bush ___ ___ the water and remained there for some ___ fell into _____ noticed time. The emperor ____ that the leaves in the produced Pleasant decided to water ___ a ___ ___smell . Later he ____ __ taste the in this way __ ___ . hot mixture It was quite delicious. And __ ___ ___ , one of the world’s favorite drinks ___ invented was ____.


popular drink

Write an article using the notes in the box.
Who: college students What: new toy, flying disk When: 1950s Where: bakery Bridgeport, Connecticut How: students eat pie, throw pie plates Today: clubs, magazines, festival

From pie plate to flying disk.
The flying disk was invented by college students . It was invented in the 1950s.The original flying disk was really a metal pie plate from a bakery in Bridgeport,Connecticut. The students there liked to eat the bakery pies. And then they threw the pie plates around. Now this game is very popular around the world. And there are flying disk clubs,a flying disk magazine and even a national flying disk festival in September.

music candle
activity glasses

temperature cup

Find out when these invented and write something about them.

_________________________________ The abacus was invented in the sixth _________________________________ century by Chinese people. The umbrella _________________________________ was invented about 4000 years ago in _________________________________ Assyria, China and Egypt. In Italy in _________________________________ 1854 , Ignatio Porro invented the _________________________________ binoculars. The Camera was invented by _________________________________ Joseph Nicephore in 1827 who took the _________________________________ first picture. The bicycle was invented in ________________________ the 1880s in England.

calculator 1.We use the ________to count. is used for counting. The calculator____________ 2.We use ___________________to make the the microwave oven food hot. is used for The microwave oven_________ making the food hot. ________________ 3.The telephone used for _______is talking with people _______________. (talk with people) were invented 4. Who_____light bulbs________

_by? 5.The computer________________ 1976. was invented in

? 一、双宾语 buy/make sb sth=buy/make sth for sb give sb sth =give sth to sb
1.My father bought me a computer. A computer was bought for me by my father. I was bought a computer by my father. 2.He gives me a book. A book is given to me by him. I am given a book by him

Sth+be+ 过去分词+ for/to sb+ by sb. Sb + be+ 过去分词 sth + by sb


? 一感 feel 二听 listen to.hear ? 三让 let.have.make ? 四看 watch. see.look at. notice

eg. We often see him play basketball. He is often seen to play basketball by us. The boss made the children work for long. The children were made to work for long by the boss.

三、注意动词短语的 完整性
? 常考到的动词短语有

? take care of ? look after ? listen to ? speak to eg. 1.We should speak to the old politely. The old should be spoken to politely. 2. The nurse takes good care of the baby. The baby is taken good care of by the nurse.

? 不及物动词及系动词 ? happen ? take place ? die ? rise ? come true ? come out eg.1. An accidenthappened (happen) just now. 2. I’m sure that my dream will come true. (come true) some day in the future

看出原材料 be made of 由--制成的 看不出原材料 from into 原材料制成成品

eg. 1.Paper is made from wood. 2.Tables are made of wood. 3.Wood is made into paper and tables.
be used to do 被用来-for doing as 被用作 be filled with 用--充满 be covered with 被--覆盖


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