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agree 同意, begin 开始, decide 决定, forget 忘记, hate 憎恨, hope 希望, learn 学会, like 喜欢, love 喜爱, need 必要, offer 提供, remember 记得, start 开始, try 设法, want 想要, wish 希望, would like想要, wish 希望, ask 问, tell 告诉, order 命令, beg 乞求, help 帮助, allow 允许, call 叫, wait for 等待, invite 邀请


1. It is / was + kind / good/ nice/ clever + of sb. + to do + sth.

It’s very kind of you to help me. 你帮助我真是太好啦。

2. It takes ( took ) +sb.+ St + to do sth (做某事花费某人时间)

3. 主语+ find / think + it +形容词 + (for sb.) + to do

I find it easy to read English every day. 我发现每天读英语和容易的。

I think it very interesting to learn English. 我认为学英语很有趣。

4. My dream is to be a teacher. 我的梦想是当一名教师

5、主语+tell/ask/order+sb + to do sth.


1、A. 一感feel ,二听 hear, listen to ,三使have, let, make, 四看see, watch, look at, notice He made me 他让我去那儿。

2、. had better 后不接to . You’d better go to the mountains with me

3. 不定式的否定式是在不定式前加not 4. 动词不定式可以和疑问词who, what, which, when, how, where(why除外)等连用,构成不定式短语。 I didn’t know what to do next.


enjoy doing sth, mind doing sth ,practice doing sth ,finish doing sth, feel like doing sth , keep doing sth, be busy doing sth , spend…(in) doing sth , have fun doing sth, have a good time doing sth , can’t help doing sth ,like doing sth,

二、特殊用法:1、there be +sb\sth +doing +介词短语

2、see\watch\hear\find+sb+doing +sth. (正在做某事)


1)stop doing sth(停止做某事),stop to so sth(停下来做某事)

2)forget doing sth(某事已做过)forget to do sth(某事还没做)

3)try to do sth 尽力去做某事try doing sth 试一试,试试看

4 go on doing sth 继续做某事(同一动作) go on to do sth 继续去做某事(不同的事)

5)stop doing sth 把某事停下来 stop to do sth停下(手中事)去做另外的事


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