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2013-2014学年度第一学期第一次月考试卷 八年级英语

一、单项填空。(每小题1分,共15分) ( )1.It was rainy, so we decided _________at home and watched TV. A. stay B. to stay C. stayed D. staying ( )2.There’s_________special in the book,so _______is interested in it. A. something , nobody B.nothing , somebody C. anying, anybody D. nothing , nobody ( )3.Does he have _________to tell us at the meeting? A. important something B.important anything C.anything important ( )4.We didn’t go to the movies__________the bad weather. A. so B.because C.because of D. but ( )5.The hall is___________seat 2000people A. enough large B.large enough C.not large enough D. large enough to ( )6.Eating some fruit every day is good _________you. A. with B.for C. at D.of ( )7.— _______fine day it is today! —Yes,the sunshine is _______beautiful that I’d like to go swimming in the sea. A. How, such B.What a ,very C.how ,so D. What a,so ( )8.Her mother wants her_______the guitar every day. A. practice B. practices C. practiceing D. to practice ( )9.________junk food is unhealthy,_______lots of children like eating it. A.Although; but B.Although;/ C.Because ;so

D. Because;/

( )10.Next week is quite ________for me. I can’t go to Beijing

with you.

A. free B.happy C. full D.fun

( )11. The answers_________our questions________watching TV

were interesting.

A. of , about B. of, to C. about , to D. to , about

( )12.A child must sleep ________nine hours every night

A. less than B. more than C. few than D. little than

( )13.My mother likes watching many programs, ________Happy


A.such as B.so as C. such for D .so for

( )14. Running is a good way ________healthy

A. keeps B. to keep C. keep D. kept

( )15. —How often do you play the piano at home?


A.One hour B.All night C.Once a day D.Half an hour


A lot of students are having all kinds of sports on the sports field.

A football game is going on right now Class 3 and Class 4. We don’t know which team will there! Some students of Class 1 are practicing the jump. One of them is the best high jumper in the school. He practices hard every day. Many people think he will the school record (记录) in the sports meet next spring. Not far away from them, some girls are preparing for a race. They have a 600-meter race in ten minutes. Now on the corner of the field, you can see another group (群) of students. Their teacher is telling them to throw discus (铁饼).

In schools, students love sports now. Sports help people to keep y. And doing sports on the sports field, many people will good friends, too. Do you think so?

( ) 41.A. in B .between C. from D. of

( ) 42.A .win B .winning C. fall D .falling

( ) 43.A. long B. far C .high D. tall

( ) 44.A .break B. turn C .leave D. name

( ) 45.A were B . going to C. were going to D. will

( ) 46.A. what B . how C . which D. that

( ) 47.A .much and much B . most and most

C. many and many D . more and more

( ) 48.A. health B .tired C .healthy D. happy

( ) 49.A .in B. before C .after D .over

( ) 50.A .become B .change C .get D. bring



Most people make their living(谋生)with their hands, but Bob makes his living with his feet.

Bob’s story began in a small city in England. His parents were poor. Seven people lived in a small house. Bob had no place to play but on the street.

Bob’s father often played football. Little Bob wanted to play football, too. So his father made a soft (柔软的) ball for him to kick. It was a sock full of old cloth. He kicked it every day.

At last Bob learned to kick a real football. And after a few years he could play football very well.

( )1.People usually make their living _______.

A.by learning by themselves B.with their feet

C.by playing football D.with their hands

( )2.Which of the following is TRUE?

A.Bob was born in a small village.

B.Bob’s house was very big.

C.There were eight people in the family.

D.The little boy often played on the street.

( )3.Why did the father make a soft ball for his son?

A.Because the family all liked football.

B.Because Bob also liked to play football.

C.Because they had lots of old cloth.

D.Because he didn’t want to throw the sock away.

( )4.The word“kick”in the story means _______.

A.踢 B.玩 C.射门 D.弹起

( )5.From the story we can see _______.

A.Bob’s age

B.it’s about an American boy

C.Bob’s mother’s name D.the boy became a good football player at last


Dr. Clarke was a very busy man. He always worked hard. He often forgot his family’s birthday.

Yesterday afternoon he remembered it was his wife’s birthday. He loved his wife. He wanted to give her a present. On his way home he bought some flowers in a shop.

When he got home he gave his wife the flowers and said," Happy

birthday, It's September 28th today. I remembered your birthday this year."

She laughed and said," My birthday was the day before yesterday, but thank you all the same. Better late than never! "

( )6.Dr Clarke_________. A. was a free man B. was often very busy

C. didn't like his work D. worked in a factory

( )7. He often forgot___________.

A. when to work B. how to work

C. his family's birthday D. which shop to go

( )8.He bought some___________ in a shop on his way home.

A. books B. apples C. a birthday cake D. flowers

( )9.Mrs. Clarke was___________ to get his present.

A. not glad B. happy C. not pleased D. angry

( )10.Which of the following is right?

A. Dr. Clarke loved his wife.

B. He often gave his wife a present on her birthday.

C. He remembered his wife's birthday this year.

D. Mrs. Clarke's birthday was on September 28th.


Everyone wants to be healthy. Food is very important. There are a lot of healthy foods. You can eat more bananas, apples, oranges and tomatoes because fruit and vegetables are good for your health. But don’t eat too much chocolate. It’s not healthy food. Healthy food can make you grow and make you strong and happy. Remember there is a saying“An apple a day keeps the doctors away.” Sports can also keep you healthy. Get up early and play sports every day. Don’t be lazy! You will be healthy and happy.

( )11、Which is right?__________ A. No person wants to be healthy. B. We want to be healthy.

C. We are important. D. Eat more chocolate.

( )12、 What are healthy foods?_____________

A. Vegetables and chocolate. B. Bananas, apples and chocolate.

C. Fruit and chocolate. D. Fruit and vegetables.

( )13、Why is healthy food good for you?

A. It can make you happy. B. It can make you grow strong.

C. It can make you grow.

D. It can make you grow and make you strong and happy.

( )14、“An apple a day keep the doctors away” means(意思


A. The doctor goes away when he sees an apple.

B. The doctor runs away when you give him an apple.

C. You eat an apple every day and you can be healthy.

D. You can only apples, and the doctors will go away.

( )15、What keeps you healthy?____________

A. Fruit and vegetables B. Healthy food

C. Healthy food and sports D. Only apples.


A good way to pass an exam is to work hard every day in a year. You may fail in an exam if you are lazy for most of the year and then work hard only a few days before the exam. If you want to be good at English, you have to read stories in English, and speak English as much as possible.

A few days before the exam you should go to bed early. Do not go to bed late at night. Before you start the exam, read carefully over the question paper, and try to understand the exact meaning of each question. When you have at last finished your exam, read over your answers. Correct the mistakes if there are any and be sure that you have not missed anything out.

( )16. If people want to do well in an exam, they have to work hard_____

A. every day in a year B. for most of the month

C. for only a few days D. late at night

( )17. If people want to learn English well, they_____

A. only need to learn grammar B. must often practice English

C. have to go to England D. should go to bed early

( )18. It's important a few days before the


A. play too much B. have a good sleep

C. read the question papers D. have a good drink

( )19. When people have finished the exam, they should______

A. stand up and leave at once

B. answer .a few more questions

C. make sure that they have not missed anything out D. leave some mistakes on the question paper

( )20. The best title for this passage is______A. An Important Exam B. An Easy Exam

C. Get Ready for an Exam D. How to Pass an Exam

四. 补全对话(10分)

B: I usually go to movies. What about you? B: Once a week. B:It’s hard to say. But I like American movies. A:Who do you usually go to movies with? B: My friend, Sally. A: Are you going to the movies this weekend? A: I’d love to, but I have to look after my little sister this weekend. B: Thank you.




1. Where did you go ? 2.What did you do there?

3. How was the weather there? 4. How were the people there?

5. How was the food there? 6. How do you like your vacation? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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