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案) 牛津版

( 考试时间:100分钟 满分:120分)



( )1. Don’t eat meat. If you do so, you’ll get fat.

A. much too; too much B. too much; much too

C. much too; much too D. too much; too much ( )2. It is very important us it.

A. to; to remember B. for; to remember

C. for; remembering D. to; remembering

( )3. —Mum, can I have to eat? I’m hungry.

—Sorry, there is in the fridge. You can go downstairs to buy . A. anything; nothing; something B. something; none; anything

C. something; nothing; something D. anything; none; something ( )4. He is organized and is often . I hope he will have more at his business.

A. success; successful B. successful; success

C. successfully; successful D. successful; successful ( )5. Look at the sign! It “No smoking!”

A. write B. writes C. say D. says

( )6. “It’s too cold. Would you mind the window?” “ . But don’t do it now.”

A. to close; Sure B. closing; Good idea

C. closing; Better not D. closing; Of course not

( )7. Your school things should _____.

A. be looked after well B. be looked well after

C. be taken good care D. be taken care of well

( )8. When you feel _____ to watch TV by then, you are all right.

A. enough good B. enough well C. well enough D. good enough ( )9. ---How many boys watched the play carefully? ---_________.

A. Nobody B. None C. Someone D. Some one

( )10. He would rather ______ at home playing than ______ out shopping on Sunday.

A. to stay; going B. to stay; go C. stay; go D. staying; to go

( )11. Miss Wang is one of _________ in our school.

A. the most popular teachers B. the most popular teacher

C. more popular teachers D. more popular teacher

( )12. Mr. Wu _____ this math problem _____him many times, but he still doesn’t

understand it.

A. explains ; to B. have explained ; for

C. has explained ; to D. explained ; with

( )13. —It’s a long story, but you can hardly find new words in it.


--Good! _______(,) it will be too hard for children.

A. So B. And C. But D. Otherwise

( )14. --Why not join us in the game, kitty?

--_____, but I have to do my homework first.

A. Let’s go B. I’d like to C. Yes, please D. It’s a pleasure

( )15. “I’ll buy my friend a nice present.” What part is the underlined word?

A. subject B. indirect object C. direct object D. attributive


For several years, America have enjoyed teleshopping---watching TV and buying things__16__ phone. Now teleshopping is starting in Europe. In __17__ of European countries, people can turn on their TVs and shop for clothes, jewelry, food, toys, and __18__ things.

Teleshopping is becoming popular in Sweden. For example, the __19__ Swedish company sells different kinds of things on TV in 15 European countries, and in one year it made 100 million dollars. In France there was two teleshopping channels, and the French spend about 20 million dollars a year on buying things__20__ those channels.

In Germany, __21__ last year teleshopping was only possible on one channel for one hour every day. Then the government allowed more teleshopping. Other channels can open for telebusiness, including the largest American teleshopping company and a __22__ teleshopping company. German _23__ are hoping this new teleshopping will help them sell more things.

Some people like teleshopping __24__ it allows them to do their shopping without __25__ their homes. With all the problems of traffic in the cities, this is an important reason. But at the same time, other Europeans do not like this new way of shopping. They call teleshopping “junk on the air”. Many Europeans usually __26__ the quality (质量)of the things for sale on TV. Good quality is important __27__ them and they believe they cannot be sure about the quality of the things on the TV.

The need of high quality means that European teleshopping companies will have to be different __28__ the American companies. They will have to be more__29__ about the quality of the things they sell. They will also have to work harder to sell things that the buyers cannot touch__30__ see in person.

( ) 16. A. on B. in C. by D. up

( ) 17. A. a number B. the number C. lot D. a little

( ) 18. A. any other B. the other C. the others D. many other

( ) 19. A big B. bigger C. biggest D. the biggest

( ) 20 A. in B. through C. about D. into

( ) 21. A. after B. before C. until D. over

( ) 22. A. 24 hour B. 24hours C. 24-hour’s D. 24-hour

( ) 23. A. businesses B. businessman C. families D. government

( ) 24. A. why B. because C. for D. so

( ) 25. A. left B leaving C. leave D. to leave

( ) 26. A. worry about B. worried about C. worry D. be worried 2

( ) 27. A. with B about C to D of

( ) 28. A. to B from C with D over

( ) 29. A. careful B. carefully C. careless D more carefully

( ) 30. A. and B but C then D or



Mr Brown stood at the bus stop and watched the car go by. Many of the cars were new Beta 400s and most of them were yellow. Mr Brown always wore the same clothes as other men, ate the same food as other people, and did the same things after work. So Mr Brown bought a new, bright yellow Beta400s, too. He was very pleased with it, and drove to work in it the very next day. He was even more pleased with his new car when he saw the other Beta400s, in front of, behind, and on both sides of him. Mr Brown parked his car in a big car-park near his office, and walked the rest of the way. But when he came back at five o’clock there were so many bright yellow Beta 400s in the car-park that Mr Brown did not know which car was his. He tried his key in some of the cars, but people passing by gave him a look he did not like. So he stopped. Poor Mr Brown had to wait two hours until there was only one yellow Beta 400s in the car-park.

( ) 31. Why did Mr Brown buy a new yellow Beta 400s?

A. Because he didn’t like taking bus.

B. Because he liked the colour yellow.

C. Because he liked to do the same as other people.

D. Because he liked to be different from others.

( ) 32. When did he drive to work in the new car?

A. The day after he bought it. B The day he bought it.

C. A week after he bought it. D. On the day he first saw the car.

( ) 33.What was Mr Brown?

A. He was a teacher. B He was a doctor.

C He was an office worker D We don’t know.

( ) 34. To the others’ surprise,________________.

A. Mr Brown had a nice new car

B Mr Brown could not open the door of his car

C Mr Brown was in the wrong car-park

D Mr Brown was trying to open more than one car


Many young people want to be pop stars. They think it would be a wonderful life. In fact most pop stars have very hard lives. They spend much of their time on tour ,and although this can be fun, it can also be boring. The following is a day in the life of a pop star on tour.


A a day in the life of many young people B a day in the life of a pop star

C a day in the life of a reporter D a day in the life of a manager

( ) 36. The pop star gave interviews______

A from 5:00a.m to 1:00p.m B from 7:45a.m to 10:15a.m

C from 8:30a.m to 10:15a.m D from 9:00a.m to 12:00p.m

( ) 37. How many hours, do you think, could the pop star sleep in the day?___

A 12hours B 8hours C 7 hours D 6 hours


There is a saying that the British like a nice cup of tea in the morning and a

nice cup of tea at night .And at half past seven, their idea of heaven is a nice cup

of tea. They like a nice cup of tea with their dinner and a nice cup of tea time .and

before they go to bed, there is a lot to be said about a nice cup of tea!

Sometime it seems that no one like tea as much as the British do. But in fact,

tea is liked in countries around the world .In China and Japan tea was first used as

a medicine ;many years later, people there drank tea as a beverage(饮料)

People in the world like to drink different kinds of tea. Green, black or red

as some people call it. Served in different ways. But they all know that drinking tea

is good for one’s health.

( )38, The main idea of the first paragraph(自然段)is

A, how many cups of tea the British drink each day

B, that the British like talking about tea

C, that the British can’t live without drinking tea

D, that tea is very important in the life of the British

( )39, The phrase “their idea of heaven” means

A, the happiest thing for them B, their thoughts

C, their God D. the worst thing for them

( )40. The sentence “there is a lot to be said about a nice cup of tea” means

A. they enjoy drinking a nice cup of tea B. there is a lot of tea

C, they talk much about a nice cup of tea D, there is a talk while drinking tea

( )41. This passage mainly tells us

A. people in different countries like drinking different tea

B. something interesting about tea


C. how many kinds of tea there are in the world D. drinking tea is good for our health (D) The Internet can show you lots of jobs all over the world. If you want to find a job on the Internet, use the words “job search” or “employment (职业)” to find the websites you need. Type in what you want and where you want to work. In a few seconds, a list of jobs will appear on the screen. You can also type in the name of a company to learn about jobs there. Many websites list full-time and summer jobs. Job search websites can help you in other ways, too. They show you how to write a good resume(履历) and how to get ready for an interview(面试). They also tell you what to say to an interviewer on the telephone. Some websites give you interview conversations to practise. One website even has a dictionary of interview words. A good employment website can be a big help in your job search. Good luck with your job-hunting. ( )42. What should you do first if you want to find a job on the Internet? A. To type in “job search” or “employment” to find the websites. B. To write a good resume. C. To get ready for an interview. D. To get an English dictionary. ( )43. Some employment websites tell you how to have a job interview ____________.. A. face to face B. in an e-mail C. in a letter D. on the telephone ( )44. The underlined word “job-hunting” means ____________. A. searching a job B. giving a job C. doing a job D. changing a job ( )45. What’s the main idea of the passage? A. The Internet lists a large number of companies. B. You can find many websites on the Internet. C. It’s about how you can use the Internet to find a job.

第II卷(非选择题,共60分) 四、单词拼写.(1’*10=10’) 46.What clothes should I wear? It’s hard for me to make a _______________(决定). 47.Colour therapy makes us feel _____________(放松的). 48.Look! The __________________(蝴蝶) are flying up and down among the flowers. 49.“Strong” has the same meaning of p__________. 50.This pair of jeans l__________ nice on you. 51.Don’t be i_______________, because he’s only a five-year old boy. 52._________________(wear) blue clothes in a blue room is good for the mind and body. 53.All of us think David is a boy of _________________(wise). 5

54.I am too _________________(sleep) to keep my eyes open.

55.It’s ____________(fair) for me to do the whole work alone.


56.The doctor asked Dad ______________________smoking at once.

57.Do as you are told. Don’t _______________________me.

58.He is imaginative and likes ________________________ everything.

59.Many girls want to join the dancing club, ______________________, Millie and Elsa.

60.I believe China’s development would __________________the whole world.

61.Do you believe colours can______________________.

62.Light music can ___________us ___________ happy and relaxed.

63.I__________________ your parents that it is better for you to go home earlier.

64.The problem is too difficult for anybody to ________________.

65.We must ___________________ quickly and stop the fire spreading(蔓延).


66. Daniel _____________________(心情不好) and didn’t talk to anyone all the afternoon.

67. The story __________________(提醒我) that we should help each other.

68. I _________________________(有困难) learning English.

79. Jim has success at school, but he never __________________(炫耀). 70. A year ______________________(被分成)12 different star signs.






1. 星座(Aries),性格

2. 他喜欢的颜色,与黄色相比更喜欢红色,它代表什么

3. 他能搞好班级活动,学习刻苦,是班里最优秀的学生之一

4. 当我很难做出决定时,他会给出我许多的帮助



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