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九年级英语上册 Unit 2 Saving the earth.Topic 2 All these problems are very serious.Section C导学案

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Unit 2 Saving the earth.Topic 2 All these problems are very

serious.Section C






二、 在文中找到并划出下面的短语


3.全世界____________________ 4.数以百外计的树木________________


7.致癌___________________ 8.增加了许多_________________________

9.燃油______________________ 10.来自太阳的热量___________________


13.全球气候__________________ 14.涉及,有关,提到___________________

【探究案】 在文中划出下面的句子并分析

1.Some things we’ve done are very good for the earth while some are bad. 点拨:①Some things we’ve done --- 我们已经做过的事情,在句子中作主语

the films they’ve seen---____________

②while 并列连词,“而,却”,表示对照关系。 while--- 一会儿,一段时间 --- 名词 常用短语:for a while --- 一会儿

拓展:与take 有关的词组

脱下,(飞机)起飞______________ 把?带到?去________________________

发生 ______________________ 乘公交车,轮船,火车___________________ 轮流,替换 __________________ 照顾,照看_____________________________ 拍照 __________________________ 休息一下 _____________________

坐下 __________________________ 吃药 _____________________________

吸毒 ____________ 花费某人时间做某事________________________


2.点拨:rise --- 升起,上升 (不及物动词)

拓展:raise ①举起,提起,抬起 ; ② 筹集 (及物动词)

练习:1)太阳从东方升起。The sun ________ in the east.


2)河水在慢慢地上涨。The water in the river ______ ________ ___________.

3)让我们为友谊干杯。Let’s ______ glasses to _________ ____________.


I. 用所给单词的适当形式填空 1. Do you realize the ____________ (important) of studying English? 2. Liu Yu is working for some __________________ (organize) of the young.

3. Human beings have destroyed the environment, so it has _________ (punish) us.

4. The pet dog’s ___________ (die) made my sister very sad.

5. We must save the animals in _____ (dangerous).

II. 汉译英

1. 树木和草能阻止水把土壤冲走。 Trees and grass can ____________________________.

2. 请按时交作业。

Please hand in your homework _________________.

3. 务必让他知道在几点钟开始。

________________________ to let him know when the meeting begins.

4. 你明天可以乘公共汽车或小汽车去那儿。

You can take ________________ to go there tomorrow.

5. 我们明天有许多作业要做,所以我们要早起。

We have ___________________________ tomorrow, so we need to get up early.

6. 我认为我们中没有人喜欢污染。

I think __________________ likes pollution.

7. 窗户能让阳光进入房间和阻止风吹进房间。

Windows can let the sunlight into the room and ____ the wind ______ into the room.

8. 这个工厂每天排放大量废水流进河中。 Plenty of waste water in the factory _____ the river every day.

9. 结果,在老师的帮助下。他们取得了很大的进步。 __________, they have made great progress with the help of the teacher.

10. 我们每个人都在竭力学好英语。

Every one of us _____ learning English well.

III. 根据首字母提示完成短文。

Trees are very useful to us. They can help p________ the wind from b_____ the earth away and stop the s_____ from moving towards the rich land. Trees also s______ 2

the water from running away. They can keep a l______ of water. So we must stop people from c_____ down too many trees. Otherwise a lot of rich land will change into d_______ . T_______ we are doing something to p______ the environment, we still have a l_______ way to go.


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