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? 1.归纳本单元的重点知识点。 ? 2.重温并掌握从属连词because的 用法。 ? 3.提升综合能力,直击中考。


1.Find out the key phrases we learnt in this unit. 2.Talk about the key points.

because 引导的原因状语句: 1>.because是从属连词,常用于回答why引导的 疑问句。 2>. because引导的原因状语从句既可以放在主 句之前,也可以位于主句之后。 Eg. I won’t go there because I want to do my homework. Because he was ill, he was late for school.

1.在汉语中,关联词“因为…... 所以……”经常是成对 出现,但在英文中,只能用其一。即:because不能与 so 连用。 Eg. I didn’t catch the bus because I got up late.

=I got up late so I didn’t catch the bus.
2.because 引导的原因状语从句有时可以与because of 短语互换。 Eg. Mr. Green didn’t come because it was raining heavily.

= Mr. Green didn’t come ________ the heavy rain.


A 1.___it rained hard, ___I stayed at home. A.Because; / B. Because;so C.Though; but D. Though; / 2.She was very tired because she walked twenty miles.(划线提问) Why was ____ _____she very tired? 3.Tina got lost yesterday afternoon, because ____ she is new here.(用because或so 来填空) so 4.English is very inportant,____ we must learn it well. (同3)

omplete 1.I will c_______my map of our neighbourhood in a minute. weeping 2.She is busy s_____ the floor now. entrance 3.I met my classmate Lucy at the _____ (入口处) of the cinema last night. perfect 4.I don’t think it is a _____ (完美的) plan. 5.The new MP4 _____ (花费) me 200 yuan. cost

6.The reporter wanted to______ (采访) the farmer. interview

has been 1.He ______ (be) a work for 12 years. to close 2.Don’t forget _____ (close) the window when you leave. 3The train arrived ____(arrive) last night. 。 4.David, follow your mother in the lost street, or you’ll get ___ (lose) 5.His grandfather has been dead _________ (die) since 1998. has been on 6.How long___the film ____ (begin)?

1.Mr.Zhao goes to see his son once a week.(画线部分提问) How often ____ go ____ _____ does Mr.Zhao ____ to see his son ? 2.She has already finished her chart.(改为否定句) yet hasn’t She _____ finished her chart____ 3.She didn’t come to school because she was ill.(同1) Why didn’t ____ ___ she come to school ? 4.Jim has been in Shanghai for two days.(同1) How ____ ____ Jim been in Shanghai? ____ long has 5.This neighbourhood is about five miles from my home. (同1) How ____ is this neighbourhood? ____ far 6.Bring your new photos to school. (改为否定句) Don’t ______ your new photos to school. ____ bring

? 1.从属连词bcause的用法。<1><2>

? 2.forget to do sth.与forget doing sth. ? 3.现在完成时态的时间状语for+时间, since+时间,以及终止性动词不能与短时间 状语搭配等。 ? 4.祈使句的否定。 ? 5.对段次数,时间,距离进行提问用 ___,___

1. Make five sentences using key prases . eg: carry …into… My father carried the cake into the room. 2.Finish off Unit4, Exercise I and II in your book.


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