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1.I lost the dictionary I ________.

A.have bought B.bought C.had bought D.had been bought

2.The train had gone when my brother _______ at the station.

A.have arrived B.arrived C.had arrived D.am arriving

3. Mary _______ of visiting her grandmother, but the bad weather made her change her mind.

A.has thought B.thought C.had thought D.had been thought

4.------Did you meet Tom at the airport?

------No,he _______ by the time I______ there.

A.has left;got B.had left;arrived C.left;arrived D.left;had got

5.-------Why didn’t Tom attend the meeting yesterday? -------He __________ Beijing.

A.has gone to B.had gone to C.went to D.had been to

6.-------I _______ to come to help you.

------But you didn’t come.

A.have meant B.had meant C.meant D.will mean

7.Finally one of my friends _______ by Beijing University,for which she ___ five time

A.were admitted; had tried B.was admitted; had tried

C.were admitted; has tried D.was admitted; tried 1

8.------I have bought you the books you want.

------Oh,good,I _______ afraid you had forgotten.

A.was B.am C.had been D.have been

9.We _________ four thousand new words by the end of last year.

A.had learned B.have learned C.learned D.will have learned

10.Helen _______her keys in the office so she had to wait until her husband ______home.

A.has left;comes B.left;had come C.had left;came D.had left;would come

11. My father _________ to the hospital when I hurried home.

A. had gone B. went C. had been taken D. had been sent

12. ----- Jim, ________ you _________ your homework? ----- Yes, of course, but I ________ it late bed time.

A. do do; finished B. did do; had finished C. have done; had finished D. have done; finished

13. You ____ football after school. Why not go home and do your homework first?

A. always played B. are always playing C. have always played

D.have always been playing


14. Ever since Picasso’s painting went on exhibit, there ____ large crowds at the museum every day.

A. is B. has been C. have been D. had been

15. ---What do you think of my suggestion?

--- Sorry. What’s that?I _____ about something else.

A. was thinking B. thought C. am thinking D. had thought Ⅱ. Fill in the blanks according to the meanings of the sentences by using tenses of the verbs.

1. How many English songs ___________ she __________ (learn) bythe end of last month?、

2. Hardly _______ I ______ (get) on the bus when it started tomove

3. He __________________(read) the book before he was ten yearsold.

4. She said she ___________________ (see) the film before.

5. Our English teacher _________________ (teach) English inGuangxi for ten years before he came to No.113 Middle School.

6. By the end of last month, they

_________________(complete)the bridge .

7. No sooner ________ I _______ (go) out than he came to see me.


9. The classroom _______________ (clean) before we ___________(get) there yesterday.

10. ________ the boy ___________ (finish) his homework before you saw him?

11. When we got to the station, the train _____________ already_____________. (leave)

12. The book __________ by the end of last month. (finish)

13. When I got back to the shop , my bag _________________ (take)away by someone else.

14. When I arrived at the cinema, the film

_________________ (be)on for ten minutes.

15. ---What’s that terrible noise?

---The neighbors ______ (prepare) for a party.

16. The mayor of Beijing says that all construction work for the Beijing Olympics ______ ( complete) by2006.

17. The teacher, with 6 girls and 8 boys of her class, ______(visit) a museum when the earthquake struck.

18. ---Mr. Johnson didn’t turn up at the meeting yesterday morning, did he?

--- No. We __________ (wait) till twelve o’clock. A whole morning was wasted.

19. ---Why haven’t you asked her to come here? 4

---She _______ (do) an important experiment when I found her and she ________ (not, finish) it.




Ⅰ. 1-5 CBCBB 6-10BBAAC 11-15. DDBCA

Ⅱ. 1. had learnt2. had got 3. had read 4. had seen 5. had taught 6. had completed 7. had gone8. had gone 9. had been cleaned, got 10. Had finished 11. had left 12. had beenfinished

13. had been taken 14. had been on 15. are preparing 16. will havebeen completed 17. was visiting 18. were waiting 19. was doing, hasn’t finished


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