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七年级英语上册《Unit 4 Where's my backpack Section A(第1课时)》课件 人教新目标版

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Unit 4

Section A






bedroom 卧室

e] ne]


?: ]

A: What’s this? B: It’s a/an…




bookcase sofa

chair dresser


drawer plant


What’s missing? 什么东西不见了?

What’s missing?

What’s missing?

What’s missing?

What’s missing?

What’s missing?

What’s missing?

on the case

under the case

near/next to the case

behind the case

in the case

A: Where’s my key?
B: It’s on the sofa. A: Where’s my baseball? / How about my baseball? B: It’s in the drawer

A: Where’s my English book? / How about my English book? B: Oh, it’s under the chair.

A: Where’s the…?

B: It’s on the…

A: Where’s the…?

B: It’s in the…

A: Where’s the…?

B: It’s under the…

Pair work

--What’s this? --It’s a/an…

--Where’s the/my/his/her/your…?

--It’s in/on/under the

A: Where’s the clock/plant/dictionary? B: Is it on/in/under the…? A: No, it isn’t./ Yes, it is. It’s on/in/under the…



English books




A: What are these? B: They’re…

A: What are these? B: They’re books.

A: Where are the books?
B: They’re in the bookcase.

A: What are these? B: They’re keys. A: Where are the keys? B: They ’re on the bed.

A: What are these? B: They’re clocks. A: Where are the clocks?
B: They’re under the chair.

Pair work

--What are these? --They’re… --Where are the/his/her/your…? --They’re in/on/under the…

Match the words with the things in the picture. 1.table____ e 2.bed ___ j 3.dresser ____ c 4.bookcase ____ d 5.sofa____ i 6.chair___ h g 7.backpack____ 8.books _____ a 9.keys _____ b 10.baseball_____ f 11.drawer _____ l 12.plant ______ k

Listen and number(1—5)the things in the picture (按听到的顺序编号)





根据所听到的内容填空 are ? Tommy: Where ____my books?
? Mother: They’re _____the sofa. on

? Tommy: How about my pencil case and my baseball?
? Sister: They’re _____your backpack. in ? Tommy: OK. And ________ my computer game? where’s ? Sister: Your computer game? It’s _______your bed. under ? Father: Great. Now where are my keys?

they’re ? Tommy: Oh,________ on the dresser.

2 5

6 3 4

6 5




Look at the picture for 2 minutes and try to remember where the things are.

1.Where’s the baseball? 2.Where’s the cup? 3.Where’s the cat?

It’s under the desk. It’s on the table. It’s on the sofa.

4.Where’re the pictures? They are on the wall. 5.Where’s the backpack? 6.Where’re the CDs? 7.Where’re the keys? It’s under the table. They’re in the drawer. They are on the desk. No, it’s under the table.

8. Is the dog on the chair?

9.Are the books on the table? No, they’re on the sofa/in the bookcase.

Here is my room. My backpack is under the table. My keys are on the desk. My baseball is under the table. The plant i

s on the tea table.

Fill in the blanks.

This is Lucy’s room. It’s very nice(漂亮). The on computer is ___the desk. The baseball is under ______ the chair. Her books __ are in the ____ bed bookcase. Near(在 … 旁边) the ____ ,you can see Where’s her plant. _______ her red hat ? Oh, it’s behind(在…后面)the door.

3a :Put these sentences in order to make a conversation (将下列句子重新排列,组成一段对话)

__ 2 __ 3 __ 4 __ 1

I don’t know. Is it on the dresser? No, it isn’t. Where is the bag?

A: Where is the bag? B: I don’t know. Is it on the dresser? A: No, it isn’t.

Make up your conversations:(编对话)

A: Where is the …? B: I don’t know. Is it …? A: No, it isn’t./Yes, it is.

Put these sentences in order to make a conversation (将下列句子重新排列,组成一段对话)

__ 3 __ 2 __ 1 4 __

Are they on the bed? I don’t know. Where are my books? No, they’re not.

A : Where are my books? B : I don’t know. Are they on the bed? A : No, they’re not.

Make up your conversations:(编对话)

A : Where are my …s? B : I don’t know. Are they …? A : No, they’re not./Yes, they are.

Make up your conversations:(编对话)


on 1.There are some pictures ____ the wall.
in 2. There are eight windows ___ the wall. on 3. There are some pears ____ the tree. in 4. What’s that ____ English? on 5. What can you see ____ the wall?
We can see a map ____ Beijing. of 6. What’s ______ the door? behind

There are some brooms.

1.- ____ my ruler?
A Where’s; It’s C What’s; It’s

- ____ in your desk.

B Where’re ; They’re

2.The ball is __ the floor . A in B on C of 3.Where ___ my keys ? ___ on the table . A C is ; It’s B are; They’re are; It’s

Picture 1

Picture 2

Find the differences

Sentences 重点句子
Where’s my…
where’s=where is

It’s in/on/under the… 它在……里面/上面/下面。 Where are my…
我的……在哪里? They’re in/on/under the… 他们在……里面/上面/下面。

they’re=they are

1、Recite the conversations on P19-1a. (背诵) 2、Make your own conversations with

your partner. (和同桌一起编对话。)

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