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七年级英语上册《Unit 4 Where's my backpack Section B 1(第3课时)》课件 人教新目标版

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Unit 4
Where’s my backpack?

Section B - 1


1. 在课桌下面 ______________ under the desk

温 故 互 查

2. 在沙发上面 ____________ on the sofa

in the 3. 在背包里 ______________ backpack 4. 在抽屉里 _____________ in the drawer 5. 在椅子背后 _______________ behind the chair
6. 在卧室里 ______________ in the bedroom 7. 在图片里 _____________ in the picture

8. 在墙面上 ____________ on the wall

9. 在梳妆台上 _____________ on the dresser
10. 在地板上 _____________ on the floor 11. The book is under the desk. _______ ____ the book? Where is 12. The keys are in the drawer.

________ ____ the keys? Where are

Where is/are…? It’s/They’re… Is it/Are they…? Yes…/No…

?1.Let’s learn new words ?2.Do listening practice

New words

English book


tape player


modle plane

computer game



Match the words with the things in the picture.

a d b 1.radio___ 3.tape player____ 5.tape____ 2.clock___ 4.modal plane____ 6.hat____ e c f


a b e


1b. Look at Tommy’s room for three minutes,
and write down things you remember. notebook schoolbag pencil ID card pictures bookcase sofa radio drawer baseball tape book table hat ……

model plane clock

? If you leave homework for class at home, what will you do? (如果你来学校时,发现 作业落在家里,怎么办?)
Mom, please bring my homework to me.

Call your parents !


Listen and circle :
Tom wants

? from his room?

English books

tape player





modal plane



Listen again : Where are Tom’s things?

The English books are under the radio.

The ruler is on the bed. The notebook is under the model plane in the bookcase. The tape is in the tape player.


Ask and answer questions about the things in Tom’s room in pairs,please.

Language points

1. Please take these things to your brother. take和bring take v.“拿走”指把某物从说话人所在 的地方取走,带走。 bring v.“带来”指把某物带到说话人所 在的地方,如:

展 示 点 拨

你知道take和bring的区别吗?请仔细观察下 面的例句,然后补全结论部分所缺的内容。 【例句】 I want to take some books to the classroom. 我想带一些书到教室去。 Please take the bag away. 请把书包拿走。 Can you bring that hat to me? 你能把那顶帽子带给我吗? Take the box to the next room, and bring the book here. 把盒子拿到隔壁房间去, 把书带到这儿来。

【结论】 1). take和bring都是动词,都有“拿、带” 的意思,都可以与介词 ___ 连用,表示 to “把……带(拿)到……”。 2). take表示将某人或某物从说话者所在的 地方带到或拿到别处,意为 拿走、带到 “___________”。 3). bring表示把某人或某物从别处带到说话 拿来/ 带来/ 取来 人所在的地方。意为“_____________



1). ______ your brother here tomorrow, Bring

2). The teacher asks Paul to ____ those take
books away. 3). ____ this yellow jacket there and Take _____ bring me that blue one.

Ⅱ. Fill in the blanks. keys 1. My ______ (钥匙) are on the table. 2. —________(在哪里) is the baseball? Where —I don't know. 3. My backpack is _______(在…下面) the under dresser. 4. Please ________(带来) your dictionary to bring school tomorrow. between 5. The boy is _________ (在两者之间) Betty and Kate.

Ⅲ.Choose the correct answer. ( C )1. ______ your hat?

A. Where B. Where're A. in A. need B. at B. take

C. Where's C. behind C. bring

( A )2. Is his pencil case ____ the drawer? (C )3. Can you _____ something to school?

( C )4. The CDs ______ in the drawer. A. am B. is C. are ( A )5. I have an alarm clock. It's ____ video cassette and the computer. A. between B. behind C. under ( A )6. —Are the shoes under your bed? —_________. A. Yes, it is B. Yes, they are C. No, it isn't

Ⅳ. 句型转换
1. The books are in the bookcase.(改否定句) The books aren't in the bookcase. 2. The baseball is under the bed.(改一般疑问句)

Is the baseball under the bed?
3. The pictures are on the wall.(对划线部分提问) Where are the pictures?

4. Is the CD on the sofa?(做肯定回答) Yes, it is. 5. Are the chairs next to the table?(做否定回答) No, they aren’t. 6. on,T-shirt, the, his, is, bed(连词成句)

His T-shirt is on the bed.

My ideal room.

This is my ideal room. It’s very nice. The clock
is on the wall. The books are in the bookcase.

The plant is on the table. The football is under
the chair. Oh, where is my cat? It is on the sofa.

Design your room and draw it on a piece of paper. Talk about your room with your partner.

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