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a pest

dog food

Pronunciation practice
? ? ? ? ? 1 say play spray snails 2 fear near hear spear 3 dirt squirt skirt shirt 4 kind mind behind rewind 5 light bright delight tonight

? Please pronounce these words according to them

? Expecting expert hedgehog groaned librarian snapped sniffed politely cassette repeated poison promised fantastic biscuits

Reading aloud
? P29-P31

Chapter 1 Miserable Mr Peck Chapter 2 Hedgehog talk Chapter 3 The amazing hedgehog girl

Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verbs.
? Amy _____(want) to become a hedgehog expert, so he _____(borrow) a book and a cassette but Mr Peck ____(hate) hedgehogs. Amy ____(make) hedgehog noises at night in the garden and a hedgehog _____(come) up. Mr. Peck _____(find) this out. He ______(try) to make money out of Amy and the hedgehogs. Amy ____(fix) him by ____(make) him donate money to the hedgehog hospital. Amy ____(feel) sorry and ____(ask) the hedgehogs to patrol Mr Peck’s garden. Mr. Peck ____(win) third prize for his vegetables and ____(thank) Amy with presents. They were civil again.

Character Analysis

How do you describe Mr Peck’s unpleasant behaviour? What was Mr Peck prejudiced against? What changed him at the end of the story? Do you think Amy could really communicate with the hedgehogs?

Do you find yourself having any prejudice against something? What do you do with it?

Good phrases :
? ? ? ?
? ? ? ?

1 rush in 2 give sb. a talk on sth. 3 risk doing 4 over and over again 5 as loudly as sb. Can/could 6 keep doing sth 7 as soon as 8 dash out 9 go down on one’s knees 10 at once 11 be delighted 12 eat up 13 in one’s dressing gown 14 from now on 15 step into 16 promise to do sth. 17 have one’s mouth open 18 make a noise 19 manage a smile 20 feel sorry for sth. 21 thanks to 22 win the third prize 23 at the local show 24 be busy doing sth. 25 kneel down

Good sentences
? 1 Her mum was in the kitchen when Amy dashed in. ? 2 If you must study the horrid things, this is the best I can do. ? 3 It looked as if nobody had ever played it. ? 4 I’d put poison down if I were you. That is the only way to deal with animals. ? 5 What’s going on ? ? 6 Mr. Peck was too shocked to answer. ? 7 I wish I had known before how useful they are. ? 8 There is something I must tell you.

Write a story about you and an animal you love. Refer to what you’ve learned in this story to make your writing touching. Read carefully the illustrations and dialogues in the story. Write a description of Mr Peck, including his residence, his job, his character, ect..

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