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U4 Period 2

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Unit 4
What’s the best movie theater?

period 2

最高级的 构成规则
1. 加-est。 tall——tallest short—— shortest small——smallest 2.以e结尾的, 加-st。 nice—— nicest large —— largest close—— closest 3. 双写尾字母,再加-est. thin——thinnest big—— biggest

fat—— fattest

4. 先改“y”为“i”,再加-est。 heavy——heaviest happy— happiest friendly—friendliest 5. 在前面加most。 popular——most popular beautiful—— most beautiful comfortable—— most comfortable

Good , better , best,
Never let it rest , Till good is better , And better is best .


Bad , worse ,worst ,
Never fight against , Get better and better,

We’ll try to do everything the best ,not the worst.(尽 力把所有事情 做到最好.)

And you’ll be the best.

Town Cinema

Screen City

Movie World

MovieCinema the most popular. ScreenWorld has the biggest screens. Town City is is the closest to home. It has the shortest waiting time. most comfortable seats. best sound. You can buy tickets the most quickly here.

Listening Radio stations
carefully The DJs choose songs the most _______.

107.9 interesting FM They always play the most ________
music. worst 970AM It has the ______ music.

97.9 FM

popular It is the most _______.

boring They play the most _________ songs.

Listening Clothes stores
best It has the _______ clothes. You can buy clothes the most cheaply ______.

Blue Moon

fun It's in a ______ part of town. expensive It’s the most _________. worst It has the _______ service in town.

Dream Clothes It is the _________ store. worst


Blue Moon

Dream Clothes

the best clothes the most cheaply

the most expensive

the worst service

What is the best supermarket in Xiamen? Why?

I think … is the best, because … .

What is the best supermarket in Xiamen? Why?
I think … is the best, because … .





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