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“Colden Yellow”

Where? Who?

What? Why?

Page ? 2

Phonics practice ? 1 dash smash crash splash ? 2 ring swing darling wrestling ? 3 stream scream ice-cream dream ? 4 hall tall wall call ? 5 tell sell yell well ? Pronounce these words by yourself ? Competition referee crowd opponent corner ? Completely meanwhile mumbled jogged chasing manager frightening customers giggled moaned shoulders enormous ridiculous

Tonight’s Star Fight The darling of the ring: Fairplay Fiona ? The doors of the dressing room swung open. Terrible twin sister: Big Bertha the Bone Cruncher


? The dressing room doors smashed open. One door came off its hinges. ? dressed in black ? She took a flying leap into the ring. ? She shook her fist. The crowd booed. They wanted Bertha to lose.

? dressed in pink
? With one leap she jumped over the top rope and landed in the ring. ? She waved to the crowd and blew them kisses. The crowd stood and clapped. They wanted Fiona to win.

Reading aloud



Chapter 1
Chapter 2 Chapter 3





Page ?6


Chapter 3
cheered Bertha and booed Fiona; Fiona won the fight.

BuildChapter up
rinsed hair with blonde 2 hair colour and filled the bottle with red hair colour; went jogging; misunderstood Fiona


Chapter 3
happy, excited but then very disappointed

Introductio n Chapter 1
red and blonde; wrestlers; cheered Fiona and booed Bertha

Resolutio n Chapter 3
toss a coin to see who dyes hair red and who dyes hair blonde


Character Analysis
Bertha was…

rough and rude

nice and friendly


Fill in the blanks with suitable words
? Bertha and Fiona were ________ sisters. The only way twin tell color to ____ them apart was their hair _____ .Bertha dyed blonde red her hair ____ and Fiona dyed her hair _______. On Friday _________they wrestled against each other at the evenings booed cheered Town Hall. People always ________ Fiona but ______ Bertha. So Bertha secretly _______ her hair blonde dyed while she made Fiona’s hair red. When they wrestled, people treated Bertha _____ Fiona and cheered her, but as Fiona was treated as Bertha and was booed. At last, coin they made an agreement that they tossed a _______to who see who dyed hair red and ______ dyed hair blonde. And nobody in the crowds that came to watch them fight had ever noticed.

Good phrases
? 1 tell apart 2 set off for work ? 3 dressing room 4 be dressed in ? 5 pick up 6 be upset about ? 7 in such a bad mood 8 be skilled at sth ? 9 tidy up 10 fill…..with….. ? 11 nearly finished 12 in a hurry ? 13 pass by 14 be due ? 15 run away 16 be pleased with ? 17 keep everybody happy 18 in that case ? 19 get paid 20 toss a coin

Good sentences ? 1 There was only one way to tell them apart. ? 2 Bertha dyed her hair red and Fiona dyed her hair blonde. ? 3 I haven’t done anything wrong. ? 4 That’s because I am Fairp

lay Fiona. ? 5 You could teach me how to be good. ? 6 Besides, you are good at being bad. ? 7 They tossed a coin to see who should tidy up. ? 8 She was in such a hurry that she did not look in the mirror.

Hot Seat

? What was Bertha’s secret battle? Do you think Bertha did the right thing? Was the ending fair for everyone? ? What would you do If you were Bertha? Can you think of a different way to solve Bertha’s problem? ? Why did people prefer Fiona to win every time even when it was actually Bertha? ? Should we judge a book by its cover? ? Do you have a similar unhappy experience of being judged by appearance only like Bertha? Tell your story.

Language Appreciation
About Wrestling
? The doors of the dressing room swung open. (P4) ? With one leap she jumped over the top rope and landed in the ring.(P5) ? The dressing room doors smashed open.(P6) ? She took a flying leap into the ring.(P6) ? Bertha grabbled Fiona and threw her against the ropes.(P7) ? Fiona bounced back with a flying drop kick. (P8) ? Bertha picked up Fiona and spun her above her head. (P8) ? …

? Write about your experience when someone was praised while you were criticized. Try to describe your feelings and the way you coped with your feelings. Refer to the words you have learned in this story. ? Write a poster for the wrestling match supporting one of the twin sisters (Bertha or Fiona).
Tips: Include in your writing what the person looks like, what her stage name is, what her character is like, etc.. Then give the reasons why she should be supported.

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