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7_04 泰坦尼克号的幸存者——哈罗德_布莱德的故事

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Length: 882.5 feet Depth: 59.5 feet Cost: $7.5 million

? the biggest and most famous ship ? “Queen of the Seas” ? the biggest and … the best ? the great ship ? a wonderful floating hotel
fancy restaurants, a library, a swimming pool, a band, lifeboats, a radio cabin to send and receive messages

? “unsinkable”

? take one’s breath away

Please read the words
? ? ? ? ? ? ? keep sleep steep sweep dive alive arrive survive fear near appear disappear save wave brave leave receive believe voyage damage message float lifeboat overcoat

Vocabulary Development

Parts of a ship
? ? ? ? radio room radio cabin rowlock lifebelts engine room bridge deck lifeboats

? rope ladder …

People on a ship
? ? ? ? ? captain radio operators passengers Crew band …

Expressions related to shipping
? ? ? ? joined the ship set off boarded docked in on board ice warning …

Reading aloud
? Read P3-P7

? Read and think
? Who? What? Where?

Chapter 2
the ice warnings the ship truck an iceberg passengers did not believe

realised the danger
message from CQD to S.O.S

Chapter 3
realised the terrible truth

kept seeking for help
every man for himself the last lifeboat

Chapter 4
being trapped half-remained ship; the playing band The Titanic was gone. waiting for rescue

Chapter 5
lights in the distance being rescued

working on


unforgetable memories

Plot Analysis
Disaster began. Disaster continued. Disaster ended.


neglected the danger

every man for himself

shipwreck disappearing and survivors waiting

? What impresses you most about the disaster? Why?

? At the very beginning, Harold mentioned that there were many heroes in the early hours of 15th April 1912. Who do you think were heroes of the Titanic disaster? Why? ? If you were on the Titanic when the disaster struck it, what would you do? Will you prepare yourself for the end? Will you try every means to survive? Or will you try hard to help others survive? Imagine and share.


? The Titanic makes its first voyage from England to the United States. But it is heading for disaster. The Titanic, which is called “Queen of the Seas”, is the “the biggest…and the best” (page 5). Harold Bride starts a new job as a radio operator on the ship. He becomes good friends with Jack Phillips, who is the Senior Radio Operator. The beginning of the disaster is on Sunday, 14th April. The Titanic strikes an iceberg and it starts sinking. Children and women are allowed to leave first. A few minutes later, they realize that it’s too late to wait for other ships, so some passengers prepare themselves for the end. However, Phillips continues to work in the radio room as water is getting into it. “Incredibly, the band still played” (page 22)! At last the Titanic is gone. Luckily, Harold Bride spends the rest of the trip to New York in the radi

o room of another ship, sending messages to passengers’ families and friends on land.

? I was impressed after reading this story because there were many brave and selfless people on the Titanic. Although most of them died in that disaster, they will encourage me forever. They gave the chance of survival to the women and children. For example, “Incredibly, the band still played” (page 22)! “The water had reached the deck outside our cabin, but still Phillips didn’t leave the wireless. He continued sending more and more messages” (page 17). He cared about other people more than about himself. They are real heroes!

? In our daily life, we are supposed to care about others more than about ourselves. And we should help others as much as we can when they are in trouble. ? I benefit a lot from reading this story. On the one hand, I know we should pay attention to everything, even though they are small. In the story, if Captain Smith had paid attention to the warnings, the disaster would not have happened. On the other hand, we should put other people’s lives above our own. During the sinking of the Titanic, many people gave the chance of life to the women and children. They were selfless. What’s more, Phillips was also brave. He cared about other people more than about himself. Because he knew his job was the most important for passengers to be alive, he didn’t leave until the last moment. I was really impressed by their good qualities. I’ m proud of them!

? Suppose you were Harold. Write a letter to Jack’s family and tell them about the disaster and Jack’s heroic deeds. Refer to the following key expressions. a good friend, shared a cabin worked hard for the passengers went on sending messages as the ship sank Jack was a hero ? Write about a disaster you know (e.g. an earthquake, a fire, a tsunami). Refer to the words and phrases you have learned in this story.

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