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pour door team steam right slight hand stand mean green sink think goal hole

floor score scream polite brand machine drink

the bully: Hilda a tea lady

“Oh, no!”

Reading aloud
Chapter 1 (P3-P7)
… …

?Ssh. She'll hear you.?

?She certainly will hear me.? ?Fancy. A bunch of men, scared of a little old tea lady.?

?She's not little. She's not that old. ?Where will I find this Hilda?? And we're not scared of her. We're terrified.? Terrified Not scared and unbelieving

?Good luck.?

strode towards the door to meet Hilda

Chapter 2 (P8-P20)


What did she do?

How did he feel?

How did Hilda appear? At the tea stand

What did Hilda do?

How did Ray feel?

On the pitch

In the changing room

? Events 1 ? Someone in the crowd yelled, ‘That’s not a proper goalkeeper...’(P21)
? Hilda's feelings ? angry, unhappy

? Events 2 ? ran at a City player who rushed to the goal and stopped him scoring(P23)
? Hilda's feelings ? impatient

? Events 3 ? scored and finished the game(P25)

? Hilda's feelings ? happy, excited, proud of herself

? Events 4 ? fixed the door back on the caravan; dabbing her eyes with a hankie(P29 )
? Hilda's feelings ? sad, unwilling to leave the team

? Events5 ? got a new job to be in charge of a tea machine(P30)
? Hilda's feelings ? happy

Hot Seat
Chapter 3 (P21-P31)
My story…

Hilda?s Feelings
happy, excited, proud of herself


angry, unhappy

impatient sad, unwilling to leave the team

Chapter 3



Chapter 2

Chapter 3


Chapter 1


Chapter 3

? During the half-time of the game, Ray found his players pouring their tea down the sink secretly. He wanted to tell Hilda about her terrible tea. But the players were terrified. ? Ray went to meet Hilda but he saw Hilda bully the man who complained about her tea. He decided to wait until the end of the game. After talking to Hilda, Ray went back with a tea urn rammed on his head. He was angry and embarrassed. Suddenly, Nick broke his leg. Hilda threatened Ray to let her play in the team. Ray finally agreed unwillingly.

? Hilda became a goalie but someone made bad comments on her. She was very angry. However, she stopped City from scoring a goal and she herself did in the game. The whole team clapped for her. ? Nick's leg was better and wanted to play again. So Hilda had to be back as a tea lady. She was very unhappy.

? Ray put Hilda in charge of the new tea machine. Hilda was satisfied with her new job and had never bullied others ever since.

Character Analysis
What kind of person was Hilda?

A bully?

A nice lady?

What was Hilda?s ?big chance??

Do you think the players were happy the moment Ray allowed Hilda to play as a goalie? Why?

If you were Ray, what would you do to help Hilda out?

Do you know any bullies in you

r life? How do you deal with them?

? Write a story about bullies. What did they do? What made them stop? Write your own experience or others?. Refer to the words and expressions you have learned.

? Suppose Hilda became polite and patient after taking the new job. What would happen if someone still complained about the tea? What would she do if someone jumped the queue or threw the paper cups everywhere? Create a new story based on these questions.

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