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七年级英语上册《Unit 4 Where's my backpack Section A(第2课时)》课件 人教新目标版

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1.书包 2.帽子 3.时钟


6.在书桌附近 near the desk 7.在门后


behind the door

8.在桌子上 on the table

4.一些钥匙 some keys 9.在床下 under the bed 5.一些书本 some books 10.在书柜里in the bookcase 11.书包在书桌附近 The schoolbag is near the desk. 12.帽子在门后 The hat is behind the door. 13.时钟在桌子上 The clock is on the table 14.一些钥匙在床下 Some keys are under the bed. 15.一些书本在书柜里 Some books are in the bookcase.

A: What is this ?

B: It is a /an ….. A: Where is the…...? B: It is in / on / under the…..

--What are these? --They’re… --Where are the…..? --They’re in/on/under the…

----Where is the clock ? ---Is it under the chair ? ---No, it is. ---Yes, it isn’t. It’s on the chair


----Where is the cat? ----Is the cat on the table ? ----No, it isn’t. It’s under the table. ---Yes, it is.

----Where is the bag ? ----Is it on the sofa ? ----No, it isn’t. It’s behind the sofa. ---Yes, it is.

---Where are the clocks ? ---Are they under the chair ? ---No, they aren’t. They’re on the chair. --Yes, they are.

---Where are the cats? ---Are they on the table ? ---No, they aren’t. They’re under the table. ---Yes, theyare.

----Where are the bags ? ---Are they on the sofa ? ----No, they aren’t.They’re behind the sofa.

----Yes , they are.

A: Where is the bag ? B: Sorry , I don’t know. Is it under the bed ? A : No, it isn’t . B : Is it on the bed ? A: Yes, it is .

A: Where are the bags ? B: Sorry , I don’t know. Are they under the bed ? A : No, they aren’t . B : Are they on the bed ? A: Yes, they are .


Be + 主语 +介词短语?

当某物是单数时, be动词用is;
回答为Yes, it is. No, it isn’t. 当某物是复数时, be动词用are; 回答为Yes, they are. No, they aren’t.


(P20 2a):







(P20 2b):




2 4

Make up conversations:(编对话)
Jack’s room is messy(杂乱的),He throws (扔)the things everywhere . Now he can’t find his bag ,map and hat . He is asking his mother for help .

This is my room. It’s very nice(漂亮). The on computer is ___the desk. The baseball is under books ______ the chair. My ____ __ are in the bed bookcase. Near(在 … 旁边) the ____ ,you can see Where’s my plant. _______ my red hat ? Oh, it’s behind(在…后面)the door.

Keep the room tidy and clean!
Please take away rubbish!


请根据图片提示完成对话,每空一词 (含缩写)。 1. A: Where’s your computer? _______ B: It’s __________ . on the desk 2. A: ____ the baseball on the table? Is B: No. It’s ______________ . under the table

Are 3. A: _______ the keys on the dresser? B: No. They are in _________ the drawer. 4. A: __________ her Where are dictionarie

s? B: They are on the chair ___________ .

5. A:Where is the cat? _______ B:____ is _______ the tree. It under

( C)1. ______ your hat? A. Where B. Where're

C. Where's

( A )2. ____ his pencil box in the drawer?

A. Is B. are C. It’s ( C)3. The CDs ______ in the drawer. A. am B. is C. are ( A )4. I have an alarm clock .It's ____the radio and the computer. A. between B. behind C. under ( B )5. —Are the shoes under your bed? —_________. A. Yes, it is B. Yes, they are 幻灯片 13 C. No, it isn't

1. Recite the conversations on P20-2d. (背诵) 2. Finish exercises .

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