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七年级英语上册《Unit 3 This is my sister.Period 4》课件 人教新目标版

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Unit 3 This is my sister.
Period 4

Let’s chant :Say “ hello” to my family
Family, family, here is my family! Brother, brother, here is my brother.

Sister, sister, here is my sister.
Uncle, uncle, here is my uncle. Aunt, aunt, here is my aunt. Parents, parents, here are my parents. Grandparents, grandparents, here are my grandparents Hello ,hello , say ‘hello’ to my family!

photo picture

This is Xiao Wanzi’s family photo. her

Guess : Who is he/she?

Is that her…?
Yes, .../ No, ….

Guess : Who is he/she?

Is that her…?
Yes, .../ No, ….

Xiao Wanzi’s family tree
grandfather parents grandmother



a happy family


There are six people in her family. Her grandfather, grandmother, her father , mother and her sister.
It is a happy family . Your family ?


This is Lily’s family photo..

This is a photo of Lily’s family. her


This is Lucas’ family photo..
This is a photo of Lucas’ family. his

Li Ming


This is …

Thanks for your family photos.

Here are my photos!

Look me. my husband. She is only Look isare isI’m in the park.are atpark Beijing. These ,this is my daughter.The a party. This ,this my friends. We We are in is IWe year old . Museum is big. The very happy!is eating. are beautiful. veryPalace She

Read the letter. Draw a picture 3a of Emma's family…
thanks for = thank you for Dear Mary, Thanks for the photo a family photo of your family. Here is my family photo!

a photo of a family

Your friend, Emma

Help Paul introduce his family to his friend , Nick.


I am…This is my… These are my…

Write a letter to Jimmy to talk about you and your family!
Dear Jimmy, Thanks for ... Here is my …! Look , this is…He is .. These are my…
Your friend, ….

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