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Unit 5 Do you have a soccer ball

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Unit 5 Do you have a soccer ball?

Section A (2a-2d)

Zhang Yaning

Learning Aims:
1.Knowledge Objects: Key vocabulary:does,doesn't Target language: Do you have a tennis ball? Yes ,I do. /No, I don't. Does he /she have a baseball bat? Yes ,he does./No, she doesn't. 2.Ability Objects:Listening & Role -playing. 3. Moral Objects:Do sports in your spare time.It's good for your health.



中文、英文互译。 play 1.排球 ____ volleyball 2.踢足球____ soccer ball basketball get 3.篮球 ___ 4.得到,取到 ____ 去 5.we____ 6.go____ 我们 7.let 's____ 让我们

2a Listen to the conversations andNumber the pictures [ 14 ].

3 4 1 2

2b Listen again. Match the people with the balls.





?1. Read the conversation in pairs in 2c. ?2.Practice the conversation in the picture,and try to remember it. ?3. Share the conversations.

2c Ask and answer questions about the people in 2a.

Does he have … ? Yes, he does. /No, he doesn’t.

a baseball

a soccer ball

a volley ball

a basketball

a tennis

a ping-pong



?1.Ask students to read the conversation in 2d by themselves and translate it in chinese. ?2.Ask students if they have any questions and give them help. ?3 Ask students to role-play the conversation.

2d.Role-play the conversation.
? Cindy: Hey,Helen.Let’s go! We ’re late! ? Henlen: OK. ? Cindy: Do you have a baseball bat? ? Henlen: Yes,I do.It’s in my bag. ? Cindy: And where’s our baseball bat? ? Henlen: Bill has it. ? Cindy: Oh,yeah.And do you have your jacket? ? Henlen: Oh,no,I don’t.It’s on the chair.Let me get it. ? Cindy: And your hat,too! ? Henlen: OK,I have my jacket and hat.let’s go!

?1.同学们自己总结今天的学习内容。 ?2.然后与老师总结的相比较。

Does he/she have … ? Yes, he /she does. No, he /she doesn’t. let’s=let us doesn’t=does not

1. Complete the conversation: A: Excuse me, do you have a soccer ball?

B: No, I don’t B: Yes, he does .


A: Does Jim havea soccer ball? ____

1.-______Peter ___a volleyball? B -Yes, he does. A. Do;have B. Does;have C. Do;has D. Does;has 2.-Do you have a basketball? A -______. A. Yes, I do. B. Yes, I have. C. I do. D. Yes, I don’t. 3.-Does he have a computer? B -______. A. No, she hasn’t B. No, he doesn’t. C. No, he does B D. Yes, he has 4. Do you have______? A. baseball bat B. baseball bats C. Base ball bats D. a baseball bats

- you have a baseball? 5.Do - ______ But I have a basketball. D
A.Yes,you do. B.No,you don’t. C.Yes I do. D.No, I don’t. 6.Does she have a tennis racket? - ______ C A.Yes, she has. B.No,she hasn’t. C.Yes, she does. D.No,she doesn’t. 7.let ’s- ______ TV A A.watch B.watchs C.watches D.see D 8.- ______ your mother have a ping-pong bat? A .Do B.does C.do D. Does


?Write an article with the things of sports. ?Do your exercises book (SectionA2a -2d).

Thank you ,bye-bye.
Ok! Let’s say goodbye!

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