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( )1.I have _____this nice watch for two years.

(A)had (B)bought

(C)borrowed (D)lend (考点:现在完成时V.的瞬间转延续)

( )2.His father _____in1990 and her husband _____for more than five years.

(A) died ,dead

(B)has died, dead

(C) died ,has been dead

(D)has died, has died


( )3.——Have

you__________learned English?

——Yes, I've ________learned a lot.

(A)never, ever (B) ever, never

(C)ever, already

(D)already, ever


( )4. ——Have you finished your homework ?

——Yes, I _______it last night.

(A)finish (B)finished

(C)have finished

(D)will finish


( )5.—— ________you ever _______to Nanjing

——Yes, I ______there last year.

(A)Have…gone, have gone

(B)Have…been , went

(C)Did…go, went

(D)Did…go, has , been (考点:3 词组的区别)

( )6.He ______finished his homework yet.

(A)doesn’t (B)haven’t

(C)hasn’t (D) doesn’t have



7. ---- Where is Mr. Liu? ----- He _______the library.

A. has been to B. has gone to C. has been in (考点:3 词组的区别)

8. We played basketball for two hours.


We _____ ______ _____basketball ______ two hours.

9. Sam has been skating for four hours. (改为否定句) Sam ______ ______ skating for four hours.

10. He has been

collecting kites


1. We __________many difficulties these years.

A. gone over B. on C. gone out D. through

have gone gone

2. When I got up this morning, it__________ .

A. is raining B. rains

C. rained D. was raining

3. There __________another English evening next Sunday.

A. are going to be

B. was going to be

C. is going to be

D. were going to be

4. Do you know what __________this time yesterday?

A. they are doing

B. were they doing

C. they were doing

D. are they doing

5. My brother __________to New York twice.

A. has gone B. has been

C. went D. goes

6.—__________ have you been skating?

—Half a year.

A. How long B. How often

C. How far D. When

7. Mother has _________for two days.

A. left B. arrived C.

been D. been away

8. He ________for three hours, and he’s still watching now.

A. has been B. watched

C. has been watching D. is watching

9. Hello, everybody! You are taking the important exam now. Don’t be nervous. It is not as difficult as you

imagine. I am sure you all will succeed. Please answer every question with great care. You know ______you are, _______mistakes you’ll make.

A. the careful; the few B. the more careful; the less

C. careful; few D. the more careful; the fewer

1. She was cleaning the room_____ she heard the bell ringing. A. so B. when C. that D. where 2. She followed the alien to see _____. A. where is it going B. where it was going C. where would it go D. where will it go

3. ____the thief was getting out of the shop, the police came here in time. A. that B. where C. while D. what 4. She felt very nervous because she really didn’t know _____ to do next. A. what B. how C. why D. where 5. She didn’t go to sleep _____ 11:40 last night because of her son’s illness.

A. until B. till C. when D. after 6. When I called uncle Li yesterday, he ____in the park with his kids. A. took photos B. rode a bicycle C. was taking photos D. taking exercises 7. The street was too crowed ____at this time of day in the old days. A. crossed B. to cross C. cross D. crossing

8. At that time she was too scared to think about ____the police. A. calling B. to call C. called D. calls 9. The dog was jumping and running with_______ dog when we found it in the park. A. other B. others C. the other D. another


1. a. There ____________ (将有更多的机器人) in the future.

b. There _______________ (将有更少的污染) in the future. c. There _________ (更少的工人) in the factory in 50 years.

2. She doesn’t like She at home.

a. She doesn’t like __________ (一个人工作) in the office.

b. People ____________(感到孤独) after retiring from work. c. She ____________(一个人居住) on the island in 10 days.

3. Computers most people. (将被使用) a. Paper money __________ (被使用) more people at present.

b. Robots ___________ (已经被用来) scientists. c. Knives_________(被用作) by police two years ago.

4. It’s difficult to early in the morning.

a. She usually _________(醒来) at 6 o’clock a.m.

b. Don’t ___________(把他吵醒). She needs a good sleep. c. She had to ___________(把孩子叫醒) on time.

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